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Hawaii Chinese Immersion School Location / Contact:
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Honolulu, HI 96816
Phone: 808 7790001

Ms. Lily
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Hawaii Chinese Immersion School (HCIS) offers Chinese classes in a long-term progressive environment where foreign speakers of Chinese can convene to work towards successful acquisition of the Mandarin language.

Designed for those with a visionary perspective who take a keen interest in Chinese Language and Culture, Hawaii Chinese Immersion School (HCIS) offers Chinese classes in a long-term progressive environment where foreign speakers of Chinese can convene to work towards successful acquisition of the Mandarin language.

We have our children drawing the hair of the violin bow across its strings, mastering foot drills at soccer, and chopping for black belts at Karate... all these are good, very good. But have we forgotten to make one of the best investments in their future?

By now, we've all heard that China is the fastest growing economy in the world, experiencing an economic expansion 3x as fast as the United States', 4x as fast as Europe's, and 9x as fast as Japan's.

Some of us might even know that Mandarin is spoken by 1/4 of the world's population, classified as a vital skill in demand by MNC's and designated by U.S. State Government as a critical language.

Yet, our system remains a bit out of sync with global realities. Let's not hurl exasperated stones, but channel our energy positively towards rendering our children the opportunity to take responsibility for their own learning, their own future.

~ Ms. Lily
Founder of Hawaii Chinese Immersion School

HCIS Children Class Schedule

Panda = Beginners
Dragon/Qilin = Intermediate
Pixiu = Advanced

Pixiu students also receive opportunities to serve as Teaching Assistants (TA) as part of their advanced coursework.
Tier-1 TA receives partial tuition scholarship.

 TIME Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  TIME  Sat  Sun 
 3 pm  Dragon Panda  Dragon  Panda  1 pm  Dragon Pixiu
4 pm  Dragon  Panda  Dragon  Panda  2 pm  Dragon Pixiu
 5 pm  Qilin Pixiu  Qilin  Pixiu  3 pm  Qilin Panda
 6 pm  Qilin  Pixiu  Qilin  Pixiu  4 pm  Qilin Panda

In addition to our partnership with Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC), with whom we collaborate to better pediatric health in the developing regions of the world, HCIS representative has conducted site visits to China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Panama to deliver supplies for the less privileged in crèches, orphanages, clinics and schools.

In the near future, we look to expand our reach into South America and Africa as well.

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"She has excellent command of the English language (which may be a rarity compared to many language tutors I have learned from in the past) and was able to easily explain to me the differences in grammatical usage of the language that might be rather hard to understand reading from a textbook. As a true test of what I had been taught, I went a Chinese restaurant near my home where the workers there barely understand English, and I was able to communicate with them easily when it came to basic conversation and ordering my meal, they were truly impressed with my ability to speak, which only inspires me to continue to learn more. Thank you, Lily, for taking the time to teach me how to speak "quality" (for lack of better term, that I can think of) Chinese." ~ P.O. (Adult Student)

"Once, maybe twice, in a lifetime do you find a crown jewel of a treasure - a dedicated, caring, brilliant teacher who knows how to bring the best out of "her" kids. She cares about each child as if they were her own, and kids, who cannot be fooled like adults, respond in kind - they just love to learn from Ms. Lily because she makes it fun and challenging - she adjusts the speed so it's not too easy so that it's boring, and not too hard so that her kids become frustrated and quit. You should know and realize, however, that she is not a pass everyone, feel good, no competition and everyone gets a trophy teacher. She really wants your child to be able to read, write and speak Mandarin. She takes her kids as young as 3, and has devoted her life to her kids and their pursuit of Mandarin excellence and learning about China, its language, and its culture." ~ "A Grandpa who was so grateful and happy the day his 3-year-old was accepted into Ms. Lily's program"

"You have motivated me to study Chinese more seriously!" ~ S.Y. (Adult Student)

"Most afterschool Chinese teachers teach students the way they learned the language back in China. Unfortunately, those methods are not as effective for students of Chinese as a foreign language as they are for native learners. Generally, people in the US do not know how to learn another language, and especially not an East Asian language. I think the children learn efficiently at HCIS because it provides an environment focused on learning Mandarin where English is understood very well but avoided except when absolutely necessary." ~ E.W.

"Ms. Lily definitely has her own special style... because she is very special!"~ A.L.

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