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  • Kaimuki, Hawaii
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  • Waikiki Community Center June Weekly Schedule

  • Type: Community
    Date: 6/1/2011-5/30/2011
    Waikiki Community Center
    310 Paoakalani Avenue
    Honolulu, HI 96815
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 9:00 am—10:30 am

Hula w/ Nalani

$5 & $10      Auditorium


9-10am  $5/$7      202E

Pilates Made Easier

July 11-Aug. 29, 8 week

$32/$48 for 8 weeks.


9-11am $15/$180  206E

Let’s Speak English Beg-M/Tu/W/Fr. Ongoing


10-11:30am $2/$5 203A

Beg. ‘Ukulele w/Stan

+ material fee


10 am—11:00 am $1/$3

Art, Art, Art    Lanai                   


10:30-noon $2/$4    202E

Gentle Yoga w/John


11am-1pm $15/$180 206E

Let’s Speak English Intermediate (M/Tu/W/F)



1:45-12:45pm  #203A

New Freedom (AA)



12:30-1:30pm $6/$8  Aud.

NOHO Hula w/Susan   Prepay $42/$64 for 8 wks.

(NO class in June, resumes July 11)



12:30-2pm  $1/$3 Lanai

Sit & Stitch w/Carol

1st & 3rd Mondays



2-4 p.m. $1 Auditorium

Big Band Dance w/Waikiki Swingers

Live Music


2-4:30pm  $2/$4   203A

Writers’ Club 6/14 only


5:00 pm—7:00 pm  Aud.

Okinawan Karate*

Children & Adults


6-7pm                     205E

Japanese Karate*


6-7:30 pm.      202E

Tae Kwon Do*


8-9 p.m.         Auditorium

Waikiki Men’s Stag (AA)


8-9pm  Daily            203A

Ohua Street Group (AA)





7:00 am—11:30 am

Farmer’s Market


 WCC Social Worker

8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


9-10:30am    202E (also Fr.)

Yoga w/Franklin*


9-11am $15/$180  206E

Let’s Speak English Beg-M/Tu/W/Fr. Ongoing


9:15-10:45 am $5/$10  205E

Hula Aloha w/Ali’i Manu


11am-noon   $2/$4   Chapel

Book Club 6/14 & 6/28


11am-1pm   $15/ $180  206E

Let’s Speak English Inter (M/T/W/F) On going.


11:30-12:30 pm    Aud.

Low Impact Aerobics

$3/$5 per class; also on Fri. (Bring towel & mat)


12:30-1:30 p.m.  203A

Kaiser Step &Tradition AA



 1-3pm                        Aud.

Tap w/Jack Cione*



2-3:30pm  $2/$4    203A

Writer’s Club  (2nd Tues.)


3-5 p.m.          Aud.

Ping Pong.  $1/$3 & Fri.


3-4 pm  $2/$4         Lanai

Spanish w/Doris

(note new time)


5:30—7:30 pm   202E

Muay Thai Kick Boxing*    


5:30-6:30pm           Aud.

Salsa 102 w/Abron Toure

$7/$9 each class.  No class 2nd Tuesday of each month.


5:30-6:30pm $2/$4       205E

HulAerobics w/Pamela


7-9 p.m. (6/14/11)  Aud.             

Neighborhood Board, 2nd Tues. ea. Month


8-9pm   (Daily)   203A

Ohua Street Group (AA)


*See instructor for fees




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9-10am $2/$4   Lanai

Japanese Arts & Crafts

2nd & 4th Wednesdays


9am-1pm. July 6    Chapel

AARP Safe Driving*

(1st Wed. every other month)


9-11am $15/$180  206E

Let’s Speak English Beg-M/Tu/W/Fr. (6 week sessions, ongoing)


10-11:30am $4/$7 203A

Inter. ‘Ukulele w/Stan  No classes last Wed.


10:00 am—noon  Lanai

Painting   $1/$3

Bring own supplies


 10:30-noon  $2/$4  202E

Gentle Yoga with John


11am-1pm $15/$180 206E

Let’s Speak English Intermediate (M/Tu/W/F)


11:45—1:00 p.m.  203A

Just for Today (AA)


11-12:30pm          Auditorium

Hula w/Nalani Too $7/$15



1:00 pm  $1/$3  Lanai



1:00 p.m. Last Wed. Aud.

McBingo   Free!  Fun!


1-3 pm             Chapel

Piano with Bruce

Group lessons $3/$5



5:30-6:30 pm        Aud.

Zumba Fun w/Toni*


6-7pm            205E

Japanese Karate*


6-7:30 pm             202E

Tae Kwon Do*



8-9pm   (Daily)     203A

Ohua Street Group (AA)



*Pay instructor directly


Need a meeting room?  Banquet Hall?  Chapel services?  Call 923 1802 for more info and rental fees.                  



8am-5:00pm           205E Massage w/Fred  $30/$40 hour or $20/$25 1/2 hour.  By app’t only



9:15-10:45am    205E

Hula Aloha w/Alii Manu




Thrifty Treasures

WCC Thrift Shop

10am-1pm M/T/W/F

Closed Sat., Sun. & Thur.

Donations welcome!

Note new store hours

WCC Office Hours


Mon. , Tue., Wed. & Friday

WCC closed Thursdays  and Friday, June 10, 2011


Phone (808) 923-1802

Fax: (808) 922-2099



June 16-23

Father’s Day Sale! 

½ off Men’s Wear


5 -7:00 pm        Aud.

Okinawan Karate Classes* for Children & Adults


5:30-7:30pm        202E

Muay Thai Kick Boxing*


8-9pm                   205E

Mahetia Productions Tahitian Dance*


8-9pm   (Daily)   203A

Ohua Street Group (AA)



Aloha United Way WCC Agency designation #96540


Please renew your membership before your expiration date.  Call 923.1802 to renew via phone.



1-3pm                    205E

Hula with Ali’I Manu*
8-9pm   (Daily)   203A


Ohua Street Group (AA)


WCC Closed Friday, June 10 for Kamehameha Day Holiday



7 am Farmer’s Market 

9-10am $2/$4  205E

HulAerobics  w/Pamela


9-10:30am (Tue. too)  202E

Yoga w/Franklin*


9-11am (til 7/29)      Aud.

Haw’n Ukulele w/John $4/$7 or $28/$49 for 8 wks Buy He Mele Aloha Book (No class on 6/10 or 6/24)


9am-12pm  $2/$4 Lanai

Bridge w/Daniel


9-11am $15/$180  206E

Let’s Speak English Beg


10am  New Member Coffee Hour, 1st Friday   Lanai


11am-noon $2/$4       203A

Adv. French  w/Lysianne

(Resumes 9/9/11) 


11am-1pm $15/$180 206E

Let’s Speak English Intermediate (M/Tu/W/F)


11:30am-12:30pm   Chapel

Hawaiian Lang. & Culture w/Palakiko (Until 7/29)

$5/$7  per class


11:30-12:30pm   $3/$5 Aud.

Low Impact Aerobics. 

Bring towel or mat


12:15pm  $1/$3    Lanai

Mah Jong


1-2:30 p.m.    Aud.

Ping Pong w/James $1/$3


5:30-6:30 pm        Aud.

Zumba Fun w/Toni*


7-8p.m.      202E

Tahitian Classes*


7-8:30pm        205E

Hula w/Ali’i Manu*             


8-9pm   (Daily)   203A

Ohua Street Group (AA)



7:30-10a          203A

Weight Watchers*


9-10am               Aud.

E Ho`onani o ke Akua Hula Halau *


9:30am-12:30pm 205E

Hula w/ Ali’i Manu*  


9:30-10:30am    202E

Tae Kwon Do*


11:30-1pm  202E (7/30 free)

Belly Dancing  $7/$14 per


4-5pm      202E

Muay Tai Kickboxing*


8-9pm   (Daily)   203A

Ohua Street Group (AA)

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