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  • Kaimuki Neighborhood Board - Minutes Of February 17, 2010 Posted

Courtesy of Neighborhood Commission Office
Source Neighborhood Commission Office
CALL TO ORDER:  Chair Vernon Tam called the meeting to order at 7:20 p.m. with a quorum of 8 (eight) members present.  Note – This 11-member Board requires six (6) members for a quorum and to take official Board action.
Members Present – John Cater, Abigail Leong, Ginny Meade, Sharon Schneider, Leonard Tam, Lori Yamada, Daniel Carvalho, and Vernon Tam.
Members Absent – Daniel Carvalho and Daniel Nahoopii.
Vacancies – One (1) vacancy in Subdistrict 1 (Waialae Avenue, Koko Head -12th Avenue, and Luawai Street).
Guests – Glenn Yamasaki, Sgt. Roy Hayamoto and Sgt. Maurice Asato (Honolulu Police Department); Capt. Hashimoto (Honolulu Fire Department); Caron Wilberds; Lydia Chock (Leahi Hospital); Lorna Heller (Board of Water Supply); Stanley Chang; Michele Sansone and Torin Ching (Councilmember Ann Kobayashi’s Office); Julia Allen; State Representative Barbara Marumoto; Ken Amazaki (Councilmember Charles Djou’s Office); State Representative Calvin; State Senator Les Ihara; Katie Kastner (Historic Hawaiian Foundation); Jim Morris (St. Louis School); Dan Gilmore (Chaminade University); Jerilyn Hanohano and Gene Yong ( Belt Collins Hawaii, Ltd.); Dr. Deon Richards, Dr. Louise Pagotto, Dr. Carol Hoshiko,  Maynard Young, Melanie Wong, Vincent Shigekuni and Grant Murakami (Kapiolani Community College); and Gloria Gaines (Neighborhood Commission Office Staff).
FILLING OF VACANT BOARD SEAT:  No nominees at this time.
Honolulu Police Department (HPD) – Sgt. Hayamoto distributed a report for period January 17 through February 17, 2010 and provided the following information to prevent from becoming a victim of identity crimes:
·         Identify Theft – Identify thefts occurs when personal information is used to commit certain crimes including theft, fraud, forgery, etc. It is also a crime to possess confidential personal information of another person without authorization.
·         Personal Information – Personal information is anything that confirms a person’s identity and not limited to driver’s license number, social security number, bank account numbers, and passwords. Do not give out your personal information on the phone unless you initiated the contact.
·         Prevent Identify Theft – Designate one credit card with minimal limit for online shopping.  Do not go outside of the online store website to complete transactions.  Use a firewall and virus protection to protect data.  Do not give out your financial account passwords or PIN numbers. Ask questions and tell the caller you’ll call them back.
Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) – Capt. Hashimoto reported no major or unusual incidents for the month of January 2010. 
·         Fire Safety Tip – Install smoke alarms in the homes and practice a fire escape plan with household members.
·         Fire Extinguishers – The HFD is not familiar with a spray can type of fire extinguisher being sold at Costco stores.  Residents were also informed that fire extinguishers for commercial businesses are inspected annually by HFD and that it is a good idea for homeowners to have their fire extinguishers inspected annually also.
Board of Water Supply (BWS) – Lorna Heller distributed a report for the month of January 2010, stated that there were no main breaks reported, and highlighted the following outdoor water conservation tips:
·         Xeriscaping – Xeriscaping involves growing unthirsty plants, using mulch, and installing proper irrigation. A household can save 30 to 80 percent in water consumption a month.
·         Rainwater Catchment – The BWS promotes the use of rain barrels to collect rainwater to use for non-drinking activities such as landscape irrigation.  The BWS hosts Rain Barrel Water Catchment workshops that teach people how to build, install and maintain rain barrels at home.  For more information on xeriscaping and rain barrels, log on to website at
·         Workshops – Workshops are held each month at the Halawa Xeriscape Garden and are geared toward community education about considering water outdoors.  The upcoming scheduled workshops are:
·         February 20, 9:40 a.m. to 12:00 noon – Learn how worms can turn food waste into organic            fertilizer at the worm workshop.
·         March 20, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon – Visit with a “Plant Doctor” for plant care and gardening         tips.
·         April 3, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon – Xeriscape egg decorating workshop with garden egg hunt.
 To register for these classes, call Diane Moses (748-5363) or email
Update on Kapiolani 2020, Long Range Development Plan for Kapiolani Community College (KCC) in 2020 – A handout was made available to the residents.  Melani Wong gave a visual presentation and a map of KCC identified within the boundaries of Leahi Hospital, Diamond Head Theater, KCC Campus, and the Hawaii Film Studios. Wong explained in detail that through the community meetings and using the master plan as a guide resulted with three vision and strategic outcomes.
The next phase the group will incorporate comments and continue conversations with all landowners involved.  Comments may be forwarded to Bob Franco at   or call 734-9514.
Questions, comments, and concerns followed:
1.       KCC Staff – A resident questioned whether the staff of KCC will be around when the project is completed in 2020.  Dr. Richards assured residents that he will still be at KCC in 2020 and he will see the project until completed.
2.       Student Parking Fees – A concern that the new parking structure will be too costly for students and the community will again be faced with students parking their vehicles within the community. In the new plan, students are not expected to pay for parking.
3.       Walkway or Archway Student Paths – A concern was whether a walkway or archway is planned for student path.  A paved walkway or possibly a bridge-over is being considered. The purpose of the walkway is to slow down traffic for pedestrians.
4.       Dr. Richards Comment – Dr. Richards was appreciative of the community’s support of KCC’s campus; in that KCC is part of the community; KCC’s goal is for the students to stay, be educated, and seek jobs in Hawaii.
Historic Hawaiian Foundation (HHF) – Katie Kastner reviewed the residents about HHF. The HHF is a membership-based, statewide non-profit organization. HHF was established in 1974 to encourage the preservation of historic buildings, sites, and communities on all the islands of Hawaii.  HHF works to preserve Hawaii’s unique architectural and cultural heritage and believes that historic preservation is a critical element of the present and future quality of life, economic vitality and environmental sustainability of the islands
Questions, comments, and concerns followed:
1.       Building or Archeological Site – Any building or archeological site with historical significance can be registered and listed in the historic register.
2.       Nominating a Historical Site – For the State Registry, anyone can nominate a site for the historic registry. A review Board will review all nominees whether each meets the criteria. For the National Registry, it must be the property owner to initiate the nomination.
3.       Repairs or Changes – There were many questions on how property owners are affected when repairs, maintenance, or changes are either needed or required by HHF. Private property owners are not required to maintain, repair, or restore properties listed on the Hawaii Register.  If owner elects to make repairs, those repairs should follow the Secretary of Interior Standards for Rehabilitation. 
4.       Property Rights – A concern rose about property owners’ rights and restrictions. Being listed on the register does not restrict the rights of private property owners in the use, development or sale of private historic property.  No government agency assumes any property rights as a result of designation.
5.       Open to Public – Residents were concerned if the property must be open to the public. Owners of buildings on the historic register have no obligation to open their properties to the public.  If choose to take a county property tax exemption for a listed residence, the public should have a “reasonable view” of the property.  A “reasonable view” does not include entering onto the property and is usually satisfied by a view from the street or sidewalk.
6.       For more information, contact Kastner at 523-2900 or log on to website at
At this time, the Agenda was taken out of order.
Neighborhood Commission Office Conference of Chairs – Chair V. Tam informed that the tentative date for the Neighborhood Commission Office (NCO) Conference of Chairs is Saturday, April 10, 2010. Chair V. Tam asked Board members of possible topics of discussion to be forwarded to the NCO.  This item will be on next month’s agenda.
The Agenda resumed order.
St. Louis School and Chaminade University Renovation and Expansion – Gene Yong of Belt Collins, Hawaii, Ltd. represented the lease owners’ (St. Louis School, Chaminade University and Marianist Center of Hawaii) Plan Review Use (PRU) application.  Currently, each lease owner has its own land use permit; and to make it easier during the coordination of  planning the renovations and expansions for St. Louis School, Chaminade University, and Marianist Center of Hawaii, a single land use permit or a master plan permit needs to be in place first.
Yong presented several maps which identified current description and proposed changes for the St. Louis School’s, Chaminade University’s, and Marianist Center’s campuses. Proposed changes included the following:
·         Planned Projects – Construction of three resident halls, pool/locker room, and maintenance office for Chaminade University; an Athletic Field House (replacing the Gerber field House), a baseball practice field, Ching Learning & technology Center, and renovation of McCabe gym for St. Louis School; and  replacing the Clemens Center will be a six-story parking structure for the Marianist Center of Hawaii. Also, two lanes will be created for the main oval road entering St. Louis and the roads will be directed towards the new parking structure.
Questions, comments, and concerns followed:
1.       Traffic Impact – The Board’s main concern is the traffic impact.  The traffic is being managed on campus by creating more parking during events, by promoting ridesharing, and by coordination of courses for students; and anticipates no change in traffic.
2.       Pile Driving – Pile driving might disturb the dancing activities occurring 6:00 a.m. at the Goddess Temple nearby. Pole ramming will be necessary if the project encounters blue rock at the site for poles. The geotechnical boring study has not been done yet.
3.       Boulders – A resident raised concern of boulders getting loose and may become a threat to residents’ homes downhill.
4.       Parking Structure – It was suggested a separate 3-story parking structure be built for St. Louis School.
5.       Lighting Issues – A concern was that the lighting might disturb Mauka neighbors.  Yong explained that low level or embedded lights in asphalt are planned for areas Mauka of resident halls.
Mayor Mufi Hannemann’s Representative – Jay Ishibashi reported on the following:
·         State of the City Address – The Mayor will be presenting the State of the City Address on Monday, February 22, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. at the Mission Memorial. The public is invited and seating is limited.
·         Maunalani Park – There is no full-time staff at Maunalani Park, due to budget cuts.  After the lengthy discussion of the various types of City sponsored events allowed for the Maunalani Park facility, the Kaimuki Park is the preferred park for the community because the park is staffed and can be supervised in case of an emergency.
·         Request for Bench at 12th Avenue – The bench that was removed from 12th Avenue was not safe and is not expected to be replaced in the near future.  However, if the City acquires donated benches, the request for a 12th Avenue bench will be considered.
·         Request for Resurfacing Ekaha Avenue – The Department of Facility Maintenance identified the above segment of Ekaha Avenue, and other streets in the same neighborhood, as in need of rehabilitation.  The resurfacing work under Rehabilitation of Streets, Unit 57, is tentatively scheduled to be advertised for bid with construction to proceed in 2010; subject to the availability of appropriations.
Questions, comments, and concerns followed:
1.       Surface Water Runoff – A resident requested the City’s assistance with diverting the surface water runoff from flowing into her driveway at 837 29th Avenue when it is raining.
2.       Request for Bike Rack – Owner of BC Burrito is requesting a bike rack be installed on the sidewalk at 3607 Waialae and Koko Head Avenue.
3.       Report of Damaged Tree – A resident reported the tulipwood tree located in front of the Collector Maniacs, Makai side of Waialae Avenue, between 11th and 12th Avenues has been chopped and broken off, causing branches to die on the tree. 
Ishibashi will respond to residents’ concerns at the next meeting.
City Councilmember Ann Kobayashi – Torin Ching distributed a report and was available for questions.
City Councilmember Charles Djou – Ken Amazaki distributed a report and informed that:  1) Bill 7 prohibiting tents in parks passed second reading; 2) Bill 8 prohibiting shopping carts in parks, also passed second reading; and 3) Bill 78, the $500 violation fee was removed from the bulky item bill and the bill is moving along.
Governor Linda Lingle’s Representative – No report.
State Senator Les Ihara – Sen. Ihara reported on the following issues:
·         Care Homes – Senate Bill 2287 allows the counties to address additional concerns in the placement of licensed group homes in neighborhoods, including parking, traffic, commercial deliveries, and noise.  A hearing on the bill scheduled for Tuesday, February 23, 2020 at 2:30 p.m.
  • • Confirmation of Ed Kubo – Sen. Ihara explained his opposition to the confirmation of Ed Kubo as circuit court judge. Sen. Ihara voted against the confirmation because during the confirmation hearing Mr. Kubo improperly revealed medical information on an employee who submitted testimony against the confirmation.
  • • Pre-Need Funeral Plans – Sen. Ihara has introduced a bill to require additional reporting by pre-paid funeral plans and require all payments for the plan to be placed in a trust account. Instead of funeral companies taking the first 30% of payments for these plans, the bill would allow the companies to get paid when funeral services are provided.
·         Elections Bill – A bill would require campaign spending reports to be filed before voters cast their ballots in the upcoming mail-in ballot vote for the May 2010 special election to fill an expected vacancy in Neil Abercrombie’s congressional seat. 
State Representative (House Speaker) Calvin Say – Rep. Say distributed a report and was available for questions. There was a lengthy discussion about Rep. Say concerns addressing the $1.2 billion shortfall, taking a stand, making a hard decision of proposing cuts and tax increase; and taking criticism by the public.
State Representative Barbara Marumoto – Rep. Marumoto also distributed a report and was available for questions.
1.       KCC Chapel Renovation – There is $500,000 Capital Improvement funds for the renovation of the KCC Chapel.  Rep. Marumoto encouraged community support for the Chapel renovations which will be used as a community center when completed.
2.       Guardrail – Rep. Marumoto will follow up a resident’s suggestion for a wall to be constructed between 21st and 17th Avenues at Ekaha Street near the Waialae Avenue off ramp. 
3.       12th Avenue Residents Beat City Hall – 12th Avenue residents fought the re-zoning of a residential lot to business use (R-5 to B-2).  According to City’s Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP), the applicant was engaged in “light manufacturing processing” which is not allowed in business or residential zones but permissible only in industrial areas.  The applicant was manufacturing canvas material for tents.
State Representative Scott Nishimoto – A report was available.
State Representative Lyla Berg – A report was available.
·         Kaimuki Grill – Located at 1108 12th Avenue, Suite C, applied for a category change from a restaurant beer and wine license (category 1 – Standard Bar) to a restaurant general license (category 2 in which live entertainment or recorded music is provided for dancing).  A public hearing will be held on Thursday, March 25, 2010, at 4:00 p.m., at the Liquor Commission, sixth floor of the Pacific Park Plaza, 711 Kapiolani Boulevard, Honolulu, Hawaii.
APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM JANUARY 20, 2010 MEETINGThe January 20, 2010 regular meeting minutes were APPROVED AS CIRCULATED, (8-0-0), (Aye:  Cater, Leong, Meade, Schneider, L. Tam, V. Tam, and Tybuszewski).
TREASURER’S REPORT:  Previous operating balance was $2,572.32.  Current expenses were $51.22 for postage and printing of agenda and minutes; leaving a current balance of $2,521.10. Due to absence of the Treasurer, the report was deferred until the next meeting.
ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 9:29 p.m.
Submitted By:  Gloria Gaines, Neighborhood Assistant                             
Reviewed By:  Vernon Tam, Chair

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