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Kaimuki Hawaii Maps and Guides

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Kaimuki Hawaii Maps and Guides

Welcome to our new interactive map feature! We have maps of many popular categories on our website. A great tool for you to print and take it with you. Enjoy!

Check out any of the restaurants below using our interactive geo map and discover a new way to savor Kaimuki, one great meal at a time.
Fine Dining in Kaimuki, Hawaii
Interactive map of fine dining restaurants in Kaimuki. More...
Family and Casual Dining in Kaimuki, Hawaii
Interactive map of family and casual dining restaurants in Kaimuki. More...
Bakeries in Kaimuki, Hawaii
Interactive map of bakeries in Kaimuki More...
Fast Food in Kaimuki, Hawaii
Interactive map of fast food restaurants in Kaimuki. More...
Cafes, Delicatessens and Snacks in Kaimuki, Hawaii
Interactive map of Cafe, Delicatessens and Snacks restaurants in Kaimuki. More...
Farmers Markets in Kaimuki, Hawaii
Interactive map of Farmers Markets in the Kaimuki, Hawaii Area with their location, hours and more More...
HI (View Map)
Grocery Stores in Kaimuki, Hawaii
Interactive map of grocery stores/supermarkets in the Kaimuki, Hawaii Area. More...
Interactive map of pizza restaurants in Kaimuki. More...
There are many other great opportunities in Kaimuki, Hawaii. Check out the following maps.
Geo Map of Kaimuki Homes for Sale!
View Interactive Google Map of Kaimuki Home for sale! 4/1/2015 More...
Ongoing Events and Activities
Interactive map of ongoing events and activities in Kaimuki More...
Grocery Stores
Interactive map of grocery stores in Kaimuki More...
Kaimuki Parks Map
Interactive map of parks in Kaimuki. Over 21 parks featured. View activities and amenities for each park. More...
Clothing Stores
Interactive map of popular clothing stores. More...
Recycle Bins in Kaimuki Area
Some schools in the Kaimuki area have set up Community Recycling Bins that you can help support. Each month, these participating schools receive a check from City Department of Environmental Services for the recyclable materials collected in their bins. By taking your recyclables (aluminum cans, glass bottles & jars, plastic containers, newspapers, cardboard, etc) to these Recycling Bins, you also help support the school's fundraising efforts. More...
Redemption Centers In Kaimuki Area
Redemption Centers accept various recyclables like beverage containers, waste paper, cardboard, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, appliances, and plastic. Going to these centers not only help our efforts in going green, you also get some of your money back for recycling. More...
Sports and Recreational Facilities
Interactive map of sports and recreational in Kaimuki More...
Interactive Map WiFi Hotspot in Kaimuki, Hawaii Area
Find out where Free WiFi Hot spots are in the Kaimuki area. More...
Interactive Map of Churches in Kaimuki, Hawaii Area
Find out where churches and spiritually centers are located the Kaimuki area. More...

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Oahu Transit Services Inc. - Information on routes, schedules, fares, passes, and access to popular attractions on the island of Oahu.
Cab Companies
  • Aloha State Cab (808) 847-3566
  • Charley's Taxi & Tours (808) 531-1333
  • City Taxi (808) 524-2121
  • Coast Taxi (808) 261-3755
  • Hawaii Kai Hui/Koko Head Taxi (808) 396-6633
  • Royal Taxi & Tour (808) 944-5513
  • Sida Taxi & Tours (808) 836-0011
  • Star Taxi (808) 942-7827
  • TheCab (808) 422-2222

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