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  • Kaimuki Neighborhood Board Minutes Posted for January 18, 2012 Meeting

Next meeting is 2/15/2012 - Read the agenda. . Click here.
Courtesy of Neighborhood Commission Office
Source Neighborhood Commission Office
CALL TO ORDER: Chair Vernon Tam called the Kaimuki Neighborhood Board (Board) meeting to order at 7:06 p.m. with a quorum of 10 members present. This 11-member Board requires six (6) members to establish quorum and take official Board action.
Members Present: Lyle Bullock, Paul Hoe, Abigail Leong, Russell McGuire, John Perez, Sharon Schneider (arrived at 7:12 p.m.), Lisa Shorba, Leonard Tam, Vernon Tam, Lori Yamada, and Jonathan Young.
Members Absent: None.
Vacancies:  There are no vacant seats at this time.
Guests: Lieutenant Carl Thorstad (Honolulu Police Department); Captain Lester Hashimoto (Honolulu Fire Department); Tim Steinberger (Mayor’s Representative); Director Wayne Yoshioka, Kelly Cruz, Chris Sayers (City Department of Transportation Services); Russell Kokubun (Governor’s Representative); Councilmember Stanley Chang; Councilmember Ann Kobayashi, Karen Yorimoto (Councilmember Kobayashi’s Office); Lorna Heller (Board of Water Supply); Candace Van Buren (Representative Nishimoto’s Office); Lydia Chock (Leahi Hospital); S. Sonoda; Darrell Young; V. Chock; Willie Iaila; Glenn Yamasaki; Catherine Hughes; Dustie Nelson; Gordon Tam; Kathy Higa; Samuel and Carolyn Ng; Jonathan Lee; Steve Uyeno; a number of residents did not sign it; Theona Kapoi (Neighborhood Commission Office).
Honolulu Police Department (HPD) – Lieutenant Thorstad reported the following:
·       December 2011 Statistics – Included 21 burglaries, 41 thefts, and 15 unauthorized entries to motor vehicles.
·       Home Security Safety Tip – It was noted that residents should always lock all exterior doors an windows before leaving, never leave keys hidden outside your home, and get license plates of suspicious vehicles and descriptions of suspicious people. For more Information visit the HPD website at
Board Member Schneider arrived at 7:12 p.m.; Quorum of 11 members present.
Questions, comments, and concerns followed:
1.       Road Closures – Lieutenant Thorstad noted that HPD does a thorough investigation which is why it may take longer than other states to reopen roads after an accident.
2.       Feral Chickens – It was noted that feral chicken issues are better directed to the Hawaiian Humane Society.
Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) – Captain Hashimoto reported the following:
·       December 2011 Statistics – There were no major incidents in December 2011.
·       Fire Safety Tip – In an emergency, it is critical that first responders quickly identify the correct location. Fire, building, U.S. postal codes, and City ordinances state that property owners shall place their house numbers so it is legible and readily visible from the street. This will assist HFD and other first responders to quickly locate the home in the event of an emergency. If your property is difficult to locate and/or access, provide 911 dispatchers with additional information to assist them in locating your property during an emergency.
Board of Water Supply (BWS) – Lorna Heller reported the following:
  • • Calendars – Heller distributed calendars to the members of the Board and extra calendars were available for audience members. The calendars contain the 34th annual poster contest winners and the 4th annual poetry contest winners. Oahu students are encouraged to enter the contest as a way to learn and better understand the value of water conservation. The contest entry deadline is Wednesday, March 7, 2012.
  • • New Year’s Resolution to Save Water – The following are simple reminders of how you can help save water:
  • ◦ Turn off the water when you brush your teeth. Using a cup of water to rinse can save seven gallons of water a day.
  • ◦ Save water in the shower by limiting shower times to less than five-minutes and installing water-saving showerheads.
  • ◦ Fixing leaking faucets or toilet leaks can save hundreds of gallons of water a day.
  • ◦ For more water saving tips visit
  • • Follow Up – Heller noted that she will follow up with the concern raised about feral chickens breeding on BWS property adjacent to Mau'umae Nature Park.
Oahu Farm Alliance – A resident noted that the Save Oahu Farm Alliance will get together on February 21st and February 25th. It was requested that residents support the food security for Oahu.
Complete Waialae Avenue – A resident noted that the streets of Waialae have to be complete so that residents can enjoy living in the area. The resident noted that there are many people who are passionate about the need for complete streets and noted that everyone will benefit from it.
Traffic Signal Timing – It was requested to know why the traffic signal timing for Hunakai and Waialae Avenues have been adjusted. Director Yoshioka noted that he will make in inquiry as to why that was adjusted and it is more than likely due to responses from public comment.
Ward Rafters – Concern was raised about a resident holding jazz concert performances in their home. It was noted that this is against court order and the resident owner had already made a settlement with the City. Other residents have noted that Ward Rafter goers have sometimes vandalized neighboring properties. Some residents requested that the noise be reduced. The Ward Rafters has performances every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Another resident noted that people are allowed to have music and that Ward Rafters has done some sound proofing to reduce the noise. Mayor’s Representative Steinberger will follow up with the City Department of Planning and Permitting regarding this matter.
Recent Traffic Fatality and Review of Safety at Intersection of Kilauea and 18th Avenue – City Department of Transportation Services (DTS) Director, Wayne Yoshioka introduced staff that was present. He noted that the he is aware of the resolution the Board passed regarding the removal of the traffic signal at Kilauea and 18th Avenues. Director Yoshioka noted that DTS will have to look at the area before removing anything. In 2001 residents in the area equally lobbied for the installation of a traffic signal mainly for the safety of the students at the nearby school. The traffic signal was installed in 2007. Since the installation of the traffic signal, there have been four accidents, two car accidents and two that involved pedestrians. DTS is waiting for the accident report from HPD to begin careful and thorough analysis while keeping in mind the pain members of the public have gone through recently. DTS will continue to ask for everyone’s patience and is not able to guarantee any changes, but will keep the public informed.
Questions, comments, and concerns followed:
1.       4-Way Flashing Red – Board Member McGuire inquired about possibly using a 4-way flashing red light. This may help to promote a more safe flow of traffic than a 4-way stop. Director Yoshioka noted that DTS is not sure if that is a conclusion DTS can come to yet, however, a 4-way stop was thought to be unsafe by residents.
2.       Traffic Signal – Board Member L. Tam noted that when the traffic signal was installed, the entire intersection was reconfigured.
At this time Chair V. Tam relinquished the gavel to Vice Chair Schneider.
3.       Proposed Resolution – Board Member V. Tam distributed a resolution to the Board which he read aloud. Board Members noted some changes that should be made to the resolution.
4.       Appreciation – Appreciation was expressed to the Board for doing what they are for the community. It was noted that something needs to be done to prevent future accidents. It was noted that the road narrows at the bottom of the intersection and that something does need to happen and to please find the money to do it.
5.       Yellow Blinking Light – It was clarified that the yellow blinking light only turn on when there is a red light coming up for Kilauea Avenue traffic at the intersection.
6.       DTS – Director Yoshioka appreciates all the suggestions received and will do all that it can so that everyone is safe.
Vice Chair Schneider relinquished the gavel to Chair V. Tam.
Yamada moved and Schneider seconded that the Kaimuki Neighborhood Board No. 4 accept the resolution crafted by Chair V. Tam. Discussion followed: Yamada requested an amendment be made to remove the last sentence of item number 3 in the resolution. Yamada moved, McGuire seconded that the last sentence of item number 3 be removed. The MOTION was ADOPTED, 9-2-0 (AYE: Hoe, Leong, McGuire, Perez, Schneider, Shorba, L. Tam, V. Tam, and Yamada; NO: Bullock and Young; ABSTAIN: None).
The motion to accept the resolution crafted by Chair V. Tam as amended was ADOPTED by UNANIMOUS CONSENT, 11-0-0 (AYE: Bullock, Hoe, Leong, McGuire, Perez, Schneider, Shorba, L. Tam, V. Tam, Yamada, and Young; NO: None; ABSTAIN: None). Director Yoshioka noted that he will take into account all the discussion that has happened at this meeting. *The resolution has been attached at the end of the minutes*
Harding Avenue Left Turn Lanes at 5th and 11th Avenues – Kelly Cruz of DTS Traffic and Engineering Division noted that 5th Avenue is complete. Work on 11th Avenue started in November 2011 and the total project is about 63% complete. The estimated completion date for project is June 2012. Contractors are working on the Mauka side of the sidewalk between 11th and 12th Avenues.  Hawaiian TelCom is scheduled to relocate their poles by end of January.  New work on traffic signals began mid January 2012.
Request Traffic Light at Harding and 12th Avenues – Cruz noted that DTS has completed collecting data, but are still evaluating the intersection. DTS will inform the Board when results become available to determine if a traffic signal is warranted at this location.
Proposed Bicycle Lanes and Waialae Avenue Rehabilitation – Chris Sayers of DTS Traffic and Engineering Division noted that DTS is currently continuing to evaluate the results from the traffic study in September 2011. Two main areas were identified that caused traffic congestion: the intersection of St. Louis Drive/Waialae Avenue and Waialae Avenue between 5th and 6th Avenues. Sacred Hearts School was identified as a major destination in the AM peak hour so DTS staff met with school officials to see if any traffic patterns could be altered. The AM peak hour seems to be the only time that is a problem for traffic congestion. DTS is having their consultant look at more options to mitigate the AM peak traffic congestion. It was noted that the Complete Streets project is being worked on with many other entities.
Questions, comments, and concerns followed:
1.       Time Table – It was noted that DTS is not rushing into the project so that more feed back may be received back from the community. DTS would like to bring a balance to traffic from all modes of transportation. Appreciation was expressed to DTS from several business owners in the community because they keep an open line of communication.
2.       Additional Traffic Signal – It was noted that DTS may do a study for the intersection of 8th and Waialae Avenue if it warrants an overhanging traffic signal to replace its current signal.
Senior Housing at Liliuokalani Elementary School – Tom Dinell, a FAICP Emeritus Professor of Urban and Regional Planning from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Hawaii at Manoa made a presentation to the Board regarding the possibility of creating Senior Housing at the former Liliuokalani Elementary School. Dinell noted that he understood the reasons behind the State Department of Education (DOE) closing the school, however, it is not clear as to why the DOE would want to convert the closed school into offices for DOE personnel.
Dinell noted that Kaimuki has had many improvement projects completed and has a unique opportunity to have Senior Housing at the school because the area is already a “walkable” community with easy access to many of the surrounding businesses. The Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Authority may be able to assist with coordinating the development of the senior housing. Dinell also noted that there are many details to discuss, but the proposal is a win-win for Kaimuki businesses, professionals, the public, and for the seniors who will live in the development.
Dinell noted that it may be possible to keep the basketball courts available to the community. It was stated that the rental housing is not the only alternative for the school. It was noted that the Neighborhood Board may do more than pass a resolution by getting interested parties involved to explore the possibility of the project.
Questions, comments, and concerns followed:
1.       Nature of the Facilities – Board Member McGuire was informed that the idea of the senior housing is in its conceptual phase. It is not known if this project will be public and privately done or any more details that would give the community further information. Dinell noted that he will assist the Neighborhood Board in any way to move the project forward.
Status of Lili’uokalani Elementary School – A representative or report was not available.
Mayor Peter Carlisle’s Representative – Tim Steinberger reported the following information:
·         Gray Water – Re-use of gray water for irrigation is a viable way of conserving water outdoors. Guidelines for the reuse of gray water are available by contacting the Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH), Wastewater Branch at 586-4294.These guidelines are also available on the DOH, Wastewater Branch website at
·         Use of City Department of Parks and Recreation Facilities – The basic response is that it depends on what type of “event” is being held.  Events like private parties are not allowed.
·         Bougainvillea Bush – The correct address is 719 12th Avenue. Inspection on 12/21/2011 revealed private bougainvillea branches extending into the sidewalk area. A Notice of Violation was issued on 12/22/2011.
Questions, comments, and concerns followed:
1.       City Department of Design and Construction (DDC) – It was requested that a representative from DDC be present at the next meeting to address resurfacing issues in the area.
2.       Kaimuki Park – It was requested to know when the City will do something about homeless residents living in City parks. Parks are for all residents to use and with homeless residents living in the parks it makes it difficult for everyone to use it.
3.       Paving Municipal Parking Lots – It was requested that the City pave the municipal parking lots in the area as they are hazardous to walk in.
4.       Appreciation – Appreciation was expressed to the City for all that they do.
5.       Ward Rafters – It was noted that a request will be put in to the City Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) to follow up with the concern about Ward Rafters.
Councilmember Ann Kobayashi – Councilmember Kobayashi distributed a report and highlighted the following:
·         Happy New Year – Councilmember Kobayashi wished everyone a Happy New Year.
·         Property Tax – The City Council will have a Hearing on January 24, 2012 regarding property tax exemptions. The intent of this Hearing is to make revenue neutral.
Councilmember Stanley Chang – Councilmember Chang reported the following:
·       Bill 54 Personal Items on Public Property – The ban is now in effect. If you observe storage of personal items on public property, report it to the police. The City is now enforcing this law and if homeless residents are in need of assistance, call the 211 hotline.
·       Maunalani Park – Councilmember Chang will continue to work on allowing dogs at the park.
·       Nihipali Place – Councilmember Chang will continue to work on getting the roadway paved.
·       China Children’s Choir Concert – The Choir will perform at 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 29, 2012, at the Kawaiahao Church.  
Senator Les Ihara – A representative or report was not available.
Representative Calvin K.Y. Say – Candace Van Buren was available for questions. A report was made available.
Representative Barbara Marumoto – Representative Marumoto distributed a report and highlighted the following:
·         Brown Tree Snake – Due to budget cuts the State Department of Agriculture has not been able to do proper cargo inspections. Representative Marumoto will introduce legislation to get the inspections up and running again.
Representative Scott Nishimoto – Candace Van Buren distributed a report and was available for questions.
Representative Mark Hashem – Candace Van Buren was available for questions.
Without objection, Russell Kokubun was added to the agenda as the Governor’s Representative.
Governor Neil Abercrombie’s Representative – Russell Kokubun introduced himself to the Board. He is the Chairperson for the Hawaii Board of Agriculture. He did not have a report for the Board, as he was mainly there to listen to the community. He noted that a Governor’s Representative will always be available at the Board meetings and when he is unable to attend, Fred Pablo, State of Hawaii Department of Taxation Director will be attend the meeting.
APPROVAL OF MINUTES: McGuire moved, Hoe seconded that the Kaimuki Neighborhood Board No. 4 approve the November 16, 2011 regular meeting minutes as corrected. The MOTION was ADOPTED by UNANIMOUS CONSENT, 11-0-0 (AYES: Bullock, Hoe, Leong, McGuire, Perez, Schneider, Shorba, L. Tam, V. Tam, Yamada and Young; NO: None; ABSTAIN: None). The corrections are as follows:
·       Page 1:
o        Under Call to Order should read, “...a quorum of six (6) members present. This...”
o        Under Members Present, Member Jonathan Young should be removed.
o        Under Members Absent, the word “None” should be replaced with “Jonathan Young”.
o        The “At 7:08 p.m...” line should read, “...arrived; seven (7) members present.”
o        Under Subdistrict 1 motion should read, “ Subdistrict 1, 7-0-0...” and “...Tam and V. Tam; NAYS...”
o        Under Subdistrict 3 motion should read, “ Subdistrict 3, 7-0-0...” and “...Tam and V. Tam; NAYS...”
o        The “A short recess...” line should read, “...Gloria Gaines; nine (9) members present.”
o        The “At 7:10 p.m...” line should read, “... arrived 10 members present.”
·       Page 3:
o        Under Councilmember Stanley Chang should read, “ of that area.”
o        The “Member L. Tom” line should read, “Member L. Tam...”
o        The second sentence in the “Member L. Tam” line should read, “...experience, Member L. Tam...”
o        The fifth sentence in the “Member L. Tam” line should read, “...V. Tam, and Yamada; NAYS...”
o        Under Post APEC, the second sentence should read, “...Protesters were...”
o        Under Post APEC, the third sentence should read, “...approached protesters and...”
·       Page 4:
o        Under Chinese Tourists, the first sentence should read, “...the United States Consulate and...”
o        Under Kapalono Field should read, “Kapaolono Field...” and “...the entrances to Kapaolono Field...”
o        Under Budget, the first sentence should read, “... do not arrive, there...”
·       Page 5:
o        Under Approval of Minutes, the second sentence should read, “...ADOPTED, 10-0-0” and “...V. Tam, and Yamada; NAYS...”
TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Yamada indicated that the Board started with a budget of $2,264. The remaining budget balance is $1,934.55. It was questioned as to why the August postage was significantly higher than the other months. Kapoi noted that she will follow up with the concern. Kapoi noted that there should be enough funds in the Board’s budget to do a newsletter. Kapoi also reminded the Board that they have to approve the content of the newsletter by the May 2012 meeting.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: The next meeting of the Kaimuki Neighborhood Board will be February 15, 2012, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Kaimuki Christian Church Fellowship Hall, 1117 Koko Head Avenue.
ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 9:48 p.m.
Submitted By: Theona Kapoi, Neighborhood Commission Office
Reviewed By: Vernon Tam, Chair, Kaimuki Neighborhood Board No. 4

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