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  • Waikiki Community Center April 2012 Newsletter



Acknowledging and honoring innumerable acts of kindness and selfless service was the highlight of our Annual Meeting held at Hale Koa Hotel on March 7.


It was reported that 8,077 hours of volunteer service were recorded at the Center in 2011, valued at $145,000, the equivalent of at least 3 FT administrative staff. 


We congratulate our Volunteer of the Year, Makana Ola Loa Award honorees and corporate partners who positively impacted our community and supported the Waikiki Community Center in 2011.


Helene Webster – Volunteer of the Year – was honored for her 12 years of dutiful service to the Waikiki Community Center.  She first started helping out as a local ambassador for the Center, escorting bridal parties from Japan to various activities at the Waikiki Sheraton.  Helene serves on the Member Advisory Council of the Center and she’s staffed our welcome desk and when called upon Helene rises, willing to prioritize the needs of the Center over some of her other commitments.


Helene fulfilled a 25-year career at the Honolulu Advertiser where she made her mark providing legendary customer service.  She joined the Center as a member and started taking line dancing classes.  Helene also volunteers at the Blood Bank, Deputy Treasurer for the local chapter of the Republican Party, Hospitality Chair for the Outdoor Circle. 


We are grateful for Helene’s genuine commitment, kindness and dedication she offers in her volunteer role and we thank her for her energy, initiative, accessibility and joyful constitution these past 12 years.


McDonald’s (Waikiki Lemon Street Store) has provided free breakfasts and coffee for our Duke Challenge event crews of volunteers and monthly gift cards that we offer as prizes at McBingo for 27 consecutive years.  Mr. Kelly Burgett, Operations Consultant and Ms. Rencie Masungsong, Manager, accepted the award for McDonald’s.     


Duke’s Waikiki leveraged $22,000 in operational support from the Hawaii Community Foundation since 2007 and for the past 5 years collected canned foods at Christmas for the hungry and collected, wrapped and distributed Christmas gifts for each of the 125 special needs children from Jefferson School for the Center’s annual holiday party hosted by our preschool children.  Ross Anderson, Vice President of Operations, and Dylan Ching, General Manager of Duke's, accepted the award for Duke’s Waikiki.



Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa served as the title sponsor and host of the Duke Kahanamoku Challenge event, contributed $40,000 to the Center over the past 2 years, engaged other hotels and businesses, provided significant non-cash contributions for planning, public relations and communications support and staff time for a community-loved Jerry Gibson, Honorary Chair; Henry Perez, Event Chair; Bob Hampton – Waikiki Beach Activities; Lora Gallagher; Cynthia Rankin; and Dara Young received a special o`o stick, symbolic of building and working together..



2012 annual mtg volunteer lunch mar 7 at halekoa 021.png 2012 annual mtg volunteer lunch mar 7 at halekoa 015.png  2012 annual mtg volunteer lunch mar 7 at halekoa 004.png wcc awardees and mike and susan.png mcdonalds of waikiki honorees.png  lawrence and judy.png

Helene Webster         Duke's Waikiki     Hilton Hawaiian Village  2012 Honorees        McDonald's Waikiki    Lawrence and Judy



Providing 8 volunteer hours or more to the benefit of the Waikiki Community Center in 2011.  Aulani Ahmad, Merrie Aipoalani, Hanalei & Angie Aipoalani, Kainoa Akina, Ross Anderson, Carol  Austin, Wally Austin, Moses Aweau, Annette Aweau, Jennifer Barrett, Roy Benham, Keolu Bento, Doug Beter, Barry Bicoy, Chuck Braden, Mark Brown, Mike Buck, Kelly Burgett, Lysianne Bussiere-Lancry, Dave Campbell, Joan Campbell, Vicky Cayetano, Lillian Chace, Shelley Cheng, Steve Chin, Dylan Ching, Faye Chiogioji, Daphne Chow, Lynn Collins, Cindy & Jim Cook, Lawrence Coyaso, Daniel de Castro, Joyce Dean, Thomas Dods, Ski Dombrowski, Bill Doherty, Gregory Dunn, Mary Dunn, Rick Egged, Bob Finley, Yuko Fujita, Stacey Fukuda, Tokiko Furui, Lora Gallagher, Cynthia Gee, Jerry Gibson, Jill Gilboy, Mike Goralagton, Jaydence Goya, Louise Guerrero, Bob Hampton, Tara Hands, Yvonne Haxton, Mason Henderson, Joy Higgins, Salah Ihsan, Bonnie Iwasaki, Stan Jackson, Kuulei Jeffrey, Mary Ann Jenkins, Pamela Johnson, Ben Juan, Sandra Kam; Lurline, Kawena, and Merv Kawainui, Lay Kori, Maki Kuroda, Laureen Kwock, Kaori Lay, Linda Lee , Melveen Leed, Amy Littlejohn, Irene Liu, Olive Lum, Jarret Makaimoku, Gary Manago, Michelle Manna, Kai Markel, Rencie Masungsong, Teri Matsukawa, Alex McAngus, Nori McClelland, Rosalie Melenka, John Moffitt, Herman Mossman, Katsuko Mossman, Helen Murray, Leona Naka`ahiki, Darren Nako, Nappy Napoleon, Susan Smith Nixon, Joyce Okimoto, Barbie & Bob Paris, Scott Parker, Betty Peppell, James Peralta, Isha Peralta, Henry Perez, Patricia Peters, Bob Peterson, Ann Ramsey, Cynthia Rankin, Sonny Recca, Ron & Manjit Reddick, Jessica Lani Rich, Yukiko Ross, Kenji Salmoiragi, Salome Sato, Lapule Schmidt, Bob Schornstheimer, Tomiko See, Keith Shiroma, Christlyn Shitagi, John Signor, Hardy Spoehr, Franklin Sung, Lehua Sureda, Bonnie Tabor, Herman Tachera, Edna Takeshita, Diane Tam, Susan Todani, Mark Toohey, Abron Toure, Noel Trainor, Judy Trimlet, Vivian Tsuji, Karen VanTine, Sal Ventura, Rebecca Walker, Dawn Ward, Helene Webster, John Whalen, Wally White, Bill Wise, Carolyn Wong, Sean Wong, Palakiko Yagodich, Kristine Yahiku, Alan Yamamoto, Dara Young, Pono Young.  (Our sincerest apologies if we inadvertently missed anyone!)  (Return to top)



                                                                  Tuesdays, 11am-12pm, WCC Chapel, $8/$10 (April 3-May 22, two-4 week sessions


Children have the capacity to understand, learn and communicate before they develop the ability to speak.  Even when children do being speaking, their speech is not always clear. “Signing” is a second way to get that information from them and it reduces tantrums and frustration (for both parties)!  Babies are capable of signing around 6-14 months, and in some cases earlier.  Signing can have miraculous results with children who have speech and communication challenges. Research suggests that signing with hearing children may improve confidence and self esteem, support spelling skills and Improve reading ability.  Signing can be an amazing tool for children with Down Syndrome, Autism, Apraxia of Speech, speech delays, hearing loss and deafness. 


Heather Mohr, B.A. Early Childhood Education, and Minor in Psychology is certified by the Signing Time Academy to teach Baby Signing. She is a Registered Director/Lead Caregiver with Hawaii Careers with Young Children and has been teaching and implementing American Sign Language for babies and toddlers for 10 years. 

For more information: Research on benefits of sign with children.  1st session April 3, 10, 17 & 24, 2nd Session repeats May 1, 8, 15 & 22.  Call 923-1802 to register.


Lunch Bunch at TIKI’S GRILL & BAR

2570 Kalakaua Ave.


Diner’s Choice Winner for 2012!).  Come join us for lunch and sample some of Tiki’s mouthwatering entrees!  Range $10-$15).  Menu is available for viewing in the office. 


When:  Tuesday, April 17th at 11:30 A.M.

Hostess:  Dawn Ward

Where:  2570 Kalakaua Ave. in the Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel


Cost:  Registration Fee:  $3.00 (Refundable at luncheon).



BEGINNING UKULELE w/John Signor (Continues)

Fridays, 12:15-1:15 p.m., #203A  $24/$36 for 6 classes starting March 16


The Beginning Ukulele class that started on Friday, March 16th  continues through April 27th in Room 203A.  Classes are held from 12:15 Noon – 1:15 P.M.   This class is for those who have NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE but would like to learn how to play the ukulele.  Students learn basic chords, tuning and complete a new song each week!  Students must supply their own ukulele.     Call 923-1802 for information.  Full payment required with registration.    No class held on Good Friday, April 6th .

Members:  $24.00       Non-Members:  $36.00          

What:  Beginning Ukulele

When:  12:15 -1:15 P.M.

              Who:  John Signor



Fridays beginning April 13-June 15.  11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., Chapel.  $30/$50 or $7/$10


WCC’s  popular 10-session Hawaiian Language & Culture class taught by Palakiko Yagodich returns on Fridays beginning April 13-June 15th in the “Chapel” from 11:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.  Expand your horizons and learn to appreciate all things Hawaiian:  cultural, history, plants, daily living environment, dance, music and language.  You’ll never be the same!


Full pre-payment deadline for all ten (10) sessions required by Wed. 4/11.  Cost is $30 for WCC members and $50 for non-members.  Pay as you go for individual class $7 for WCC member or $10 for non-member.  Call 923-1802.  (Return to top)





As you age, your balance tends to get worse. This increases your chance of falling. Exercise is the best way to improve your strength and mobility. It can help you recover your balance quickly, so you are less likely to fall. If you have faster reflexes and better coordination, you can right yourself when you begin to fall,” says Kristen Gandek, a Kaiser Permanente physical therapist.


Improving your balance can also help your muscle tone, posture, and coordination. “You use balance in almost every type of daily movement, whether you’re getting up, climbing the stairs, or playing a sport,” says Sharon White, a Kaiser Permanente physical therapist.


A few simple exercises can help you improve your balance. You can start out with one or two a day, and then add more as you build strength.


A strong core, or trunk area, is one of the keys to good balance, because it promotes good posture and creates a stable foundation for your entire body.

Now that you know the value of balance, how can you work on improving yours? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Heel Raises.  Do heel raises while you brush your teeth or prepare dinner. Do this by rising to your toes, hold a few seconds and lower heel.  Repeat and start over. 
  2. Try a class in yoga, tai chi, tap dancing or qi gong.  (First 3 of these are held at WCC each week)
  3. Practice sitting in a chair and then standing again without using your hands.
  4. Leg lifts. Hold onto the back of your chair. Keeping your legs straight, lift one leg a few inches to the side. Hold for a few seconds. Lower your leg.  Repeat on the other side. (Return to top)

Pu`u o Mahuku Heiau State Historic Site

Tuesday, June 12th, 7:45 a.m. check

Depart WCC 8:00 a.m.  Return 4:00 p.m.


High on what was then an open ridge at Pupukea we’ll visit the historical landmark Pu` u o Mahuku Heiau. Enjoy and explore an all day excursion with Jeff & Palakiko covering the North Shore.  This site known as "hill of escape" was a focus of great religious and cultural importance. However, due to its ancient age it has served many different functions and received numerous additions over its centuries of use may have referred to its early origins as a place of refuge but other uses have included offerings for fertility and abundance, success in war, beginning of peace, appeasement for suffering, and consecration of noble birth.  Palakiko is a care person of Pu`u o Mahuku Heiau so come and explore and listen to stories of interest.


Cost is $45 for members, $55 for non members. Must be ambulatory. Traveling will be in large vans.  This is considered a walking excursion at various sites. Lunch is (no-host). Bring own water, sunscreen, camera & wear rubber soled shoes. Deadline is May 23rd, 2012.


Ka`imimoana Excursion

MONDAY, APRIL 30, 8am-1:30pm. $45/$55 plus lunch (no host) off menu at Sam Snead’s Tavern.

Enjoy experiencing a special trip to Ford Island to visit The Ka'imimoana. In Hawaiian Ka`imimoana means Ocean Seeker, is the only ship of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) dedicated solely to climate research, through its support of NOAA's Tropical Atmosphere-Ocean (TAO) Project. This project is designed to improve our understanding of the role of the tropical ocean in modifying the world's climate. Be able to observe the ship at Ford Island and to meet officers of the command and to listen to further talks on what Ka`imimoana does in between the San Diego, CA and Honolulu bases.

Deadline is extended till Friday April 20th. Upon payment at Waikiki Community Center, please furnish: First Name, Middle I, Last Name, Date of Birth, Driver’s License or State ID, Citizenship, Gender. Non American citizens must give passport #. Each person must register on own.  For further information call 923-1802 Ext. 109 for more information. All must be ambulatory.  (Return to top)

CLOSED Friday, APRIL 6 in Observance of Good Friday


In observance of Good Friday, WCC will be closed on Friday, April 6.  Thrift Shop will be open. Our normal Birthday Celebration that usually takes place on the first Friday of each month at 10:00 A.M. and the Chat with Mike from 10:15-11:15 A.M will be take place instead on Friday, April 13th .  See you there!


WRITER’S GROUP w/Laureen Kwock

2nd Tuesday of each month, 2-3:30 p.m., 203A, $3/$5


WCC’s Writer’s Group meets the second Tuesday of each month in room 203A from 2-3:30 p.m. This is an active group that engages in writing exercises, discussion and critique and tips for improvement.  The group is facilitated by Laureen Kwock, noted author of 20 novels.  Writing exercises, and feedback are a part of the discussion and Laureen offers her expertise and provides information on other writing opportunities available around the island.  The group is a growing and diverse cross-section of writers, poets, and bloggers etc. who share the love of writing and words.  Great support system for people who want to get started but don’t know where to go.  YOU are who the WCC Writer’s Group is looking for!  (Return to top)



Monday, April 9, 10:45-11:45 am, Lanai $3/$5

Payment required at time of registration.


Just in time for May Day!  WCC volunteer member, Becky Walker, will teach a second class on how to make a Ti Leaf Lei!  The ti leaf lei is unique in that it can be frozen and worn multiple times.  Appropriate for men and women.  This class is limited to 10 so you will need to pay when registering.  Ask for supply sheet when you register.  You will need to prepare your ti leaves before coming to class.



Friday, May 11, 8am-1:30pm, $45/$55, no host lunch @ NCO Club


Few openings for this special tour where’ we’ll visit Joint POW-MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) to visit the forensic laboratory. The laboratory is the largest forensic skeletal laboratory in the world where you’ll have the advantage of viewing the identification process behind a floor to ceiling glass panel.  Did you know that prior to being a military fort, Hickam coastal area was once the site of ancient Hawaiian burials?  Since this is a military base these are required:  Please furnish full contact name, gender information, date of birth with valid driver’s license or state ID.  Non citizens must give passport number.  Hawaiian buffet lunch at NCO Club, cash only.  Wear comfortable shoes, bring water, sun protection, hat or visor and light sweater.  All participants must be ambulatory.  Each person should register on own.  Deadline to register is April 23 at WCC office.  Sorry, no refunds once booked.  (Return to top)



Upcoming Classes and Activities April, May and June 2012


3, 10, 17, 24 (Tues.) Baby Sign w/Heather Mohr, 11am-12:30pm, Chapel (New!)

5, 12 (Thur.) AARP Tax Aide Program, 8am-1pm, Aud., free, see page 4.

6 (Fri.) WCC Closed for Good Friday.

9 (Mon.) Ti Leaf Lei Class w/Becky Walker, 10:45am, Lanai $3/$5 reg. at office

10 (Tues.) Writer’s Group, 2pm #203A $3/$5

13 (Fri.) Monthly Birthday Celebration & New Member Orientation, 10 a.m., Aud.

13 (Fri.) Chat with the Center’s Director, 10:15-11:15 a.m., lanai

13 (Fri.) Hawaiian Language & Culture classes, 11:30am, Chapel $30/$50

17 (Tues.) Lunch Bunch to Tiki’s Grill & Bar, 2570 Kalakaua, 11:30 am, no host

16 (Mon.) Trip to Nat’l Oceanographic Ford Island 7:45am-1:30pm $45/$55

25 (Wed.) McBingo Fun!  1-3pm, WCC Aud., free prizes!

30 (Mon.) Ka`imimoana NOAA Excursion, 8am-1:3pm, $45/$55, no host lunch



1, 8, 15 & 22 (Tues.) Baby Signing w/Heather Mohr, 11am-12:30pm, Chapel

2 (Wed.) AARP Safe Driving*, 9am-1pm, Chapel, call 808 843-1906 to reg. 

4 (Fri.) Monthly Birthday Celebration & New Member Orientation, 10am Aud

4 (Fri.) Monthly Chat with Center’s Director, 10:15-11:15am, lanai

11 (Fri.) Historical Tour at Hickam 7:45am-1:30pm $45/$55, reg. by 4/23

13 (Sun.) Happy Mother’s Day Moms!

28 (Mon.) WCC Closed for Memorial Day

30 (Wed.) McBingo Fun!  1-3pm, WCC Aud., free prizes!



12 (Tue.) Pu`u o Mahuku Heiau State Historic Site, 7:45am-4pm, no host lunch (Return to top)


Waikiki Community Center

310 Paoakalani Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815

Phone: 808.923.1802    Fax: 808.922.2099


Hours:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9am-4pm

Closed Thursdays and weekends


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