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  • On-line Dance Exercise Webpage helps Fight Obesity

On-line Dance Exercise Webpage helps Fight Obesity and Sedentary Lifestyle

HONOLULU, Hawaii, May 25, 2012- With today’s launch of the new MUVE Dancing Games Webpage, people of all ages now have an opportunity to enjoy fun physical activity at home, school, or at work. Healthy dancing exercise is just a mouse-click away, available for FREE 24/7. 

The new MUVE Dancing Games Page is available to the public at and provides free instructions for movement-games for group of any size, with videos demonstrating each exercise. 

According to the Institute of Medicine, health arm of the National Academy of Sciences, in the United States one-third of adults are now obese, and the prevalence of obesity among children has risen 5 to 17 percent in the past 30 years. Alarmingly, one in 3 children entering kindergarten in Hawaii are overweight or obese.  With the national rise of obesity and the loss of physical education programs, everyone’s efforts are needed to support our communities’ health. MUVE wants to be a part of the solution, by teaching people to share their creative energies with each other to improve their physical health. 

The new MUVE Dancing Games web page is a FREE resource filled with instructions, easy to follow games and sample videos that demonstrate the games in action. MUVE dancing is always spontaneous, and can inspire individuals, families, groups, co-workers, students, teachers, toddlers, the elderly, athletes and the overweight. In short, everyone can benefit! 

In a MUVE Dancing Game players take turns inspiring each other with dance movement-ideas. A Dancing Game can be a quick break or a full-fledged exercise session. Each dance has a game-plan and players have specific roles to play. Fulfilling their role within the game keeps everyone engaged simultaneously and non-stop! 

Other opportunities for Spontaneous Dancing Exercises from MUVE:
•  for TV-Home Audiences: - MUVE-Moments on TV OC16 (Hawaii) - weeknights at 10:30pm. Here a sample
 •  for the Educational Community - MUVE has developed a MUVE School Curriculum that supports Physical Education Standards. Here a sample  
 •  for People at Work  - MUVE offers free desktop dance-a-longs to refresh workers at their desk. Here a sample  
Visit to explore the many ways MUVE helps fight obesity and sedentary lifestyles. 

Contact: For more information, interviews and appearances contact Rachel Deliz at or call 808-955-8211. (Images and other support documents are available upon request)
More info on MUVE
MUVE is a spontaneous dance exercise practice. MUVE means music and movement.  Its mission is to inspire people of all ages, shapes and sizes, to dance for physical and emotional health, and to create joy in the lives of individuals and communities through music and movement. Each MUVE dance is spontaneous without pre-planning or rehearsal. MUVE dancers listen, find the rhythm and allow the body to move in harmony to the music. 

MUVE is based on 10 Principles focusing on appreciating music, releasing inhibitions, adjusting movements to personal preferences, exploring creatively, and inspiring others. MUVE improves overall health and flexibility. Continued practice builds strength and stamina and helps with losing weight. Dancing improves emotional well-being and is a shortcut to happiness.  Find more info at 

How does the MUVE Method teach dancing?
People learn to MUVE by dancing along to the lead dancer (teacher) called the Muse. Leading by example, the Muse presents movement ideas and repeats motions long enough for others to recognize the basic concepts and catch on. MUVE is based on a system of 3 Basic MUVES, the elementary building blocks of MUVE dancing. These Basic MUVES are so easy, anyone can do them, even people who think they can’t dance. Practice of the Basic MUVES improves dancing skills and confidence. They are the springboards for creative exploration and community fun.
Because a MUVE dance is always created spontaneously, MUVE dancers follow “loosely.” Students are provided with ideas and concepts, with no need to be exact or perfect. They are also encouraged to follow their own creative spirit at any time. 

What is the exciting potential of MUVE?

• inspires everyday people to dance exercise for health and fun.
• encourages physical activity in a sedentary society and turns viewers into doers.
• unites people of different ages, shapes, languages and nationalities in dance. 
• encourages joyful, spontaneous family and community dancing.
• helps improve confidence and body image for teens and children as well as adults.
• provides a creative platform to develop dancing skills and leadership.
• helps people with limited means or mobility to enjoy dance exercise at home.


MUVE is dance exercise for anyone who wants to get in shape right in their own living room. It provides an easy get-away from our busy everyday life and creates quality time using the power of original music and dance. MUVE strengthens muscles and improves flexibility for all your body parts in a natural way. If you want to lose weight, get your heart rate up and improve your overall stamina, MUVE is a great tool to get the job done. Learn more.

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