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  • MUVE Newsletter, February 2014

MUVE's Dancing Game Webpage

Check out how people are energizing their groups with MUVE's dancing games. MUVE is a multi-generational, always spontaneous, dance exercise for kids, adults and seniors. No dancing experience needed.

We at MUVE have designed a website that is easy to navigate and utilize our dancing system. Learn about over 20 MUVE Dancing Games explained at At the MUVE Video Blog you can find over 150 Spontaneous Dance Along Videos that you can use to dance along in front of your screen It's all for FREE!

MUVE Video of the Month - Cascading Wave

View video below to watch eighty 5th-8th graders celebrate their "Peace Day" with a MUVE Dancing Party.

The Cascading Wave is a group mirroring game, where each student takes turns inspiring each other with new dance moves. One by one the children step forward to lead one movement into the center and back. See all MUVE Dancing Games and instructions here at

Give us a Call - Let's get dancing!

MUVE Dancing Games are a perfect way to energize your group and get the community grooving. MUVE educators are available for school residencies, fitness events, staff workshops, and home parties.

MUVE the Dance Exercise for Health and Fun


MUVE is dance exercise for anyone who wants to get in shape right in their own living room. It provides an easy get-away from our busy everyday life and creates quality time using the power of original music and dance. MUVE strengthens muscles and improves flexibility for all your body parts in a natural way. If you want to lose weight, get your heart rate up and improve your overall stamina, MUVE is a great tool to get the job done. You can either make it your private workout or invite your friends and family to join you, because everyone can exercise at their own fitness level. The big health issues today are heart disease, obesity and diabetes. MUVE helps all these conditions while energizing and exercising your body and mind. Structured exercise brings great results, but for many it feels too much like work and all the good intentions are soon thrown over board. MUVE is way more fun and your workout is a side-benefit. So instead of "having to exercise" you now "get to dance!" You stay motivated because your dancing feels so good. It's a joy, not a chore.

Dancing can be magical and transforming. It can breathe new life into a tired soul; make a spirit soar; unleash locked-away creativity; unite generations and cultures; inspire new romances or rekindle old ones; trigger long-forgotten memories; and turn sadness into joy, if only during the dance. Source:

TWO MUVE DVDs are now available to get fit at home for the whole Family - young and old!

About Maggie, the creator of MUVE

MUVE means "music & movement" and it all started because music is what moves Maggie. Growing up in a tiny farming community with no access to dance lessons, she forged a close bond with the radio and turned the living room into her dance space. She has been singing and dancing to the music ever since. She says, "My body and voice are my instruments. How could I just listen when I could sing and dance along? I'll be forever grateful that nobody stopped me or laid down heavy rules".

Maggie's dancing is always spontaneous -- inspired in the present moment, and always an expression of the free and joyful spirit she is. Dancing is her passion and her art, and with the production of her dance/exercise video, she is realizing her most cherished dream. Maggie's mission is to inspire everyone to feel the joy of moving their bodies to the rhythm of the music, getting the physical exercise the body needs, while freeing the mind and feeding the soul.

Maggie has had a distinguished career as designer and art-director, and her expertise has been put to use on her DVDs. She designed an all visual guidance system and animated graphics that appear on the screen over and around the dancers, giving ideas and instructions. Maggie inherited her love of music from her mother, Anna Burghardt, who was a vocalist and music teacher in rural Germany. Sharing her gifts with her family and community was Anna's greatest joy, and Maggie is carrying on that tradition in sharing her love of music and dance with her students and now with the world at large through her new video productions. Maggie's mother also gave Maggie an ear for great music. Maggie has gathered a great breadth and variety of captivating rhythms to inspire dance. Leanne, a student and fan, says "Getting to hear the great treasure of music that Maggie has put together would be worth it, in itself, even if I didn't adore dancing along."

Living in Hawaii since 1993, Maggie has been a great fan of the local music. Her newly produced dance/exercise videos draws mainly from Hawaii artists, and she's excited to be able introduce this music to many new listeners worldwide. For anyone who would like to dance with Maggie in person, there are three ongoing weekly MUVE session to join at anytime. Weekly MUVE Sessions in Honolulu
Contributed by Ka'imi Nicholson

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