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  • Kaimuki Neighborhood Board Minutes Posted for JUNE 18, 2014 Meeting - NEXT MEETING WEDNESDAY - JULY 16, 2014

Click here to read next meeting (6/18/2014) agenda.

Kaimuki Neighborhood Board No. 4




CALL TO ORDER: Chair Lyle Bullock called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with a quorum of eight (8) members present. Note: This 11-member Board requires six (6) members to establish quorum and to take official Board action.

Board Members Present: Lyle Bullock, Paul Hoe, Brian Kang, James Larson, Marilyn Moniz-Kahoohanohano, Sharon Schneider, Leonard Tam, and Lori Yamada.

Board Members Absent:

Vacancies: There are two (2) vacancies for Subdistrict 1 and one (1) vacancy for Subdistrict 3.

Guests: Ken Kakesako (Governor Neil Abercrombie's Representative, Hawai'i Department of Agriculture (HDOA), Deputy Director); Senator Les Ihara, Jr., House Speaker Emeritus Calvin Say, Representative Bertrand Kobayashi; Mark Wong (Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell's Representative, Department of Information Technology, Director); Amanda Morales (Councilmember Stanley Chang's Office staff), Captain Jay Shimabuku and Firefighter Mark Tam (Honolulu Fire Department), Lieutenant Maurice Asato and Sergeant Gary Sunada (Honolulu Police Department), Randal Taylor; Joel Fischer; Dan Shimabuku; Donna Shimabuku; Kory Wong; Thomas Yoshida, Kelly Yoshida; Herb Yamashita, Patti Yamashita; Peter Tsuchida, Denise Okura; Janis Takaki, Guy Takai; Aoi Kawano; Eileen Mark; Natalie Iwasa; Naomi Chinen; Donna Ikeda Gordon Tan, Kelley Cruz and Sandra Weatherwax (Department of Transportation Services) and Rise Doi (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).

FILLING OF VACANT BOARD SEATS: There were two (2) vacancies in Subdistrict 1 (East Kaimuki and Business District) and one (1) in Subdistrict 3. As there were no volunteers, this item was deferred to the next meeting.


Honolulu Police Department (HPD): Lieutenant Maurice Asato presented the following:

· May 2014 Statistics: There were 4 motor vehicle thefts, 20 burglaries, 43 thefts, and 13 unauthorized entries into a motor vehicle (UEMV).

· ATM Safety Tips -- A flyer was available with ATM safety tips.

Honolulu Fire Department (Honolulu Fire Department (HFD): Firefighter Mark Tam reported the following:

· May 2014 Statistics: There were 1 structure and 2 wildland fires; 147 medical emergencies, and 10 search/rescues.

· Fire Safety Tips: Smoke alarms save lives and are an important part of a home fire escape plan. In 2007-2011, smoke alarms sounded in half of the home fires reported to U.S. fire departments. The death rate per 100 reported home fires was more than twice as high in homes that did not have working smoke alarms or no smoke alarms present.

Board of Water Supply (BWS): No representative or report was available.


Approval of the April 16, 2014 Regular Meeting Minutes: Tam circulated the following correction:

· Page 2 -- "Tam reported that there should be new enforcement information for pedestrians crossing the street; Tam indicated that he was almost killed crossing the street and only avoided that because he looked both ways, saw the approaching vehicle and was able to run out of its way."

Hoe moved and Larson seconded that the Kaimuki Neighborhood Board No. 4 approve the April 16, 2014 regular meeting minutes as amended. The motion was ADOPTED by UNANIMOUS CONSENT, 8-0-0 (AYE: Bullock, Hoe, Kang, Larson, Moniz-Kahoohanohano, Schneider, Tam, and Yamada).

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Schneider reported that the expenditures for May 2014 were $24.10 for the printing and mailing of the agenda and minutes, leaving a balance of $316.59. The Treasurer's report was filed. The report does not yet reflect the purchase of a banner for the board.

Board Sponsored Candidate Forum: Chair Bullock explained the board had several options. A forum could be held before the primary in August and all the candidates invited, or it could be held after the primary and before the general when the amount of candidates would be reduced. Hoe inquired if anyone recalled what the board had done two years ago. Chair Bullock replied it was done after the primary two (2) years ago, and that was an election cycle that had lots of contested offices. Larson spoke in support of holding it before the primary as a second one could always be held after the primary should the board desire. The Chair explained the forum would be held on the same night as the regular meeting and the forum would start after a short board meeting. Moniz- Kahoohanohano spoke in favor of giving all the current candidates a chance by holding it before the primary. Kang agreed with that idea. As the forum would be part of the regular meeting on July 16, 2014, the chair said a vote was not required; he would list it on the agenda.

COMMUNITY KEIKI: The Movement Center was going present tonight but had a few unexpected issues arise; they will present at a future meeting.


Wilhelmina Rise Road Repairs: Resident Randy Taylor asked how he could get the road repaired in front of is house. He has been trying to get it repaired for the past 12 years. He has contacted the City Department of Facility Maintenance (DFM). Any guidance that can be provided would be appreciated. Chair Bullock said normally one of the City representatives would take an inquiry such as this back to the City department and report back to the board. Councilmember Chang's staff was present tonight and can follow up.

BWS Heavy Machinery: Chair Bullock commented that resident Catherine Kelly had submitted testimony that BWS is leaving their heavy machinery parked along the side of the street as park of their work in the Kilauea area, creating a hazard for residents trying to move around, especially the elderly. The sidewalks are sub-standard in some areas.

Delivery Trucks at Times Kahala: Kelly also had written that the delivery trucks back up into the street and create a hazard.

OLD BUSINESS: Chair Bullock said he has not yet received a response from the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) on Mau'umae Nature Park and lookout. The board has requested changes to park rules and signage. The board asked that the Park be closed be 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. in order to reduce noise and illegal activities. Initially the board only wanted the lookout to be closed, but it now would like the entire park to be closed.

Chair Bullock said that a concern about a house under construction meeting the height requirements came through the board and was passed on to Councilmembers Chang's Office. The City did confirm that the house is within the Land Use Ordinances (LUO) regulations for height.


Harley Dog Obedience Class at Mau'umae Park: Dan Shimabuku presented the following:

  • History: Shimabuku bought a German Shepherd in 1987 and attended his first obedience class. The instructor encouraged him to enter into competitions. After a few years, he became an instructor for one of the largest obedience clubs in the State. One day he saw a man with his dog in the park who was struggling to control it and he offered to help him. That was in 2003 and the class has been growing ever since. One year 55 people signed up. There were no incidents in the first few years, but people did complain to HPD about the dogs being in the park every year held. The park signage says dogs are not allowed. However, the park is a passive park and dogs on leashes are allowed in them. They would continue to use the Park and HPD would never make a repeat visit. Several years later after another HPD visit they researched it some more. The signs were corrected to reflect that dogs are on leashes are allowed.
  • Dog Attack Incident: Recently, a German shepherd was resting calmly. A Japanese Chin, which is a small dog, got spooked by something and ran underneath the Shepherd. The Shepherd reacted by biting the Chin's leg as a warning. The Shepherd's owners ended up covering all veterinary expense for the Chin. The owner was quite upset and ended up asking Councilmember Chang's Office and the City to shut down the dog class, even though they had participated in it for several years. The current participants do not want the class discontinued.

Questions, comments, and concerned followed:

1. Public testimony received prior to the meeting: Chair Bullock commented that this issue received as much public testimony in support of keeping the class open as any other issue the board has had before it in the past several years. He was glad to see people getting involved. Personally he would oppose changing the current park rules as its one of the few parks that allows dogs on leashes. The class seems to provide a community benefit for Kaimuki and several neighboring communities.

2. Importance of Obedience Classes: Larson commented that classes are important and seeing that this class operated for many years with no incidents, he would support the continuation of the class.

3. Date of Incident: Hoe asked when the incident occurred. Shimabuku replied April 13, 2013.

4. Current Status of the Dogs: Shimabuku mentioned that the German Shepherd occasionally still comes to class and the Chin is continuing its training at Petco. He has seen the Chin in the neighborhood and he believes it is a better dog since the incident.

5. Community Benefit: Schneider commented that this class is a great free service and beneficial to the community. Kang asked if anyone in attendance was opposed to the class continuing to use the Park; no one indicated that they were.

6. Draft Resolution of Support: Yamada announced she had circulated a draft resolution; Kang said he and his family would support the intent of the resolution. Yamada read the be it resolved section: "the Kaimuki Neighborhood Board No. 4 strongly supports the continuation of the Harley Dog Obedience Class at Mau'umae Nature Park because of its value as a free community service; and be it finally resolved that copies of this resolution be transmitted to the Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu, the Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation, and the members of the Honolulu City Council.

Larson moved and Schneider seconded that the resolution be adopted. The resolution was ADOPTED by UNANIMOUS CONSENT, 8-0-0 (AYE: Bullock, Hoe, Kang, Larson, Moniz- Kahoohanohano, Schneider, Tam, and Yamada).

Department of Transportation Services (DTS) New Projects -- Kelly Cruz introduced herself and explained she had hoped to present in April. DTS recently had started designing two (2) traffic calming projects consisting of mini circles on 10th Avenue near Hinahina Street and 10th Avenue and Keanu Street. However the City determined Hinahina Street is privately owned, and it would take several years to obtain easement rights. Therefore, the project has been postponed. Cruz also reported that the Mayor has proposed a cycle track on King Street to run from Alapai Street to Isenberg Street as part of a larger effort to increase bicycle use.

Questions, comments, and concerned followed:

1. Two Way Cycle Track: Larson asked if the proposed cycle track would be two ways. Cruz explained that initially it would be one way, but once necessary traffic signal modifications were made it would become two ways.

2. Loss of Lane for Automobiles: Larson commented that he has heard people complaining that this project is taking away a lane of traffic that currently is used by automobiles. Cruz explained that's part of the reason it ends at Isenberg; studies showed minimal impact on traffic until passing Isenberg Street. She added that DTS had done a pilot project by removing the parking restriction on one side of King Street which effectively removed it from active automobile use. The impact on the rest of the lanes was negligible.

3. Glass on Road: A resident commented that there are several areas where there is glass on the road. One is at Sierra Drive, another on Beretania Street by Longs, and the last on King Street near Alan Wongs. He requested the City clean this up as it is a hazard.

4. The Bus and HandiVan update: Sandra Weatherwax from DTS reported that the transfer policy was being updated. The current policy allows people to request transfers upon boarding and they are valid for two (2) hours. There have been several incidents involving people selling them or trying to use them for return trips. The new policy is there will be a tear off tag on each transfer slip which allow for a total of two (2) transfers. The bus driver will take the remaining ticket once the tear off has been used. The two hour period will remain. This goes into effect the first week of July. Also in the first week of July 2014, HandiVan reservations will have to be made so sooner than two (2) days in advance rather than the current 14-day limit. Under the current system, riders often schedule multiple pick-ups to give them flexibility, but they forget to cancel reservations if they find another way to get to their destination.

5. Volunteer to Upkeep Shelters and Bus Stops: Weatherwax also announced that DTS is looking to partner with community groups that want to help maintain bus stops and shelters. DTS will supply the materials. There are forms available tonight or call 768-8396 for more information.

6. Effects of new Bus Transfer Policy: Resident Natalie Iwasa asked if the Bus drivers will easily be able to tell if a transfer is past the two (2) hour limit and if the new procedure will slow the buses down and cause them to get off schedule. Weatherwax replied that the transfer will have the time limit prominently displayed and it should have little effect on the schedule as most riders do not use transfers.

7. Status of Recently Purchased Handivans: Larson asked when the new HandiVans that were purchased would be put into service. Weatherwax replied that they are slowly being phased in; there have been some quality control issues and some vans have been sent back to the manufacturer for further work. The shortage of chassis nationwide has also impacted this situation, and it probably won't be until the end of the year when they all are in service.

8. Policy on Round Trips: Tam asked why transfers could no longer be used for round trips. Weatherwax replied that the fare is only supposed to cover a one-way trip. Tam said that DTS used to promote it otherwise.


Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell's Representative: Mark Wong distributed the City News June 2014 and reported the following:

  • Roads: Wong highlighted the three departments that deal with roads and encouraged people to go to the Mayor's town hall meetings where more detailed information on area roads would be available. The first is the Department of Facility Maintenance (DFM) that takes care of potholes. The Department of Design and Construction (DDC) builds and rebuilds roads and curbs. DTS is in charge of meters and public lots. The five (5)-year schedule for repaving roads that are rated substandard has been set and placed online. Wilhelmina Rise and St. Louis are on the schedule for paving and the bids will open January 15, 2015. The number to call for pothole repairs is 768-7777 or you can use the website or the app.
  • Mau'umae Nature Park Rockfall Mitigation Project: The bids for this project will open on June 30, 2014. This is not related to the parking lot and possible park closure hours.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:

1. Waialae Avenue Paving: A resident asked why the work recently stopped on the Waialae repaving project, which is very close to completion. Wong replied that the project has encountered some delays as it discovered old utilities and needed to relocate them in order for the subsurface to be able to support the new road. Chair Bullock observed it just seems strange when one week will have lots of activity and the next week there might be no work being done at all. Wong explained that sometimes something requires a certain department to come in, delays happen until that department is able to allocate the required resources. Chair Bullock commented that with so many potions of the road being worked on, he would think that some work can be done everyday. Wong encouraged people to contact DDC if they had concerns with an on going road project as they would be the department managing the contracts. A resident asked when the public will find out how much over budget this project is. Wong estimated that the DDC website would eventually list any contract amendments that had been done.

2. City Website: Chair Bullock commented that hopefully the new website will have information it should such as contract amendments. Wong replied that part of the website would not be changing. Chair Bullock commented the website lacks other things it should have under Sunshine law, such as agendas for the Parks Commission. It had been posted but has disappeared.

3. Drainage on recently Repaved Roads: Tam commented that the areas of Waialae Avenue that have been repaved seem to have more puddles. He thinks the road is uneven which prevent the gutters from properly letting the water drain. Wong replied he would take that question back to DDC.

4. Life Expectancy of Roads: Schneider asked what sort of life expectancy roads have, as well as what sort of periodic maintenance needs to be done to them. Wong said roads should last between 20-30 years with maintenance done every five (5) years such as applying slurry seal to help keep roads from being damaged by water.

5. Cost of Waialae Avenue Project: Moniz-Kahoohanohano commented that in April 2014, Tam had asked for an update on the current cost of the project. Wong said he would follow up.

Councilmember Ann Kobayashi (City Council District 5): James Larson distributed Councilmember Kobayashi's newsletter and reported the following:

· Budget Highlights: The newsletter included highlights of the recently passed budget.

· Councilmembers as Resources: Larson encouraged people who have City issues to call their councilmembers for help. Councilmember Kobayashi's staff and phone numbers are listed on the newsletter.

Councilmember Stanley Chang (City Council District 4): Amanda Morales distributed Councilmember Chang's newsletter and reported the following:

· July 9, 2014 Full Council Meeting: This will be held at Windward Community College.

· Town Hall Meeting: Councilmembers Chang held a town hall at Niu Valley on June 9. Future ones are being planned for the Waikiki and Kaimuki communities.

· Dog Obedience Class: The Councilmember's office has received a large number of letters and emails in support of the dog class continuing at Mau'umae Park. Several Requests for Investigation Services Report (RISR) have been submitted to DPR.

· Machinery on Ainapo Street: It was reported that the 800 block was being used by BWS as a storage area. In June, the equipment and plates were removed with further plans to remove the remaining trencher machine from the street. Final paving of the roadways will be scheduled, weather permitting.

· Pueo Street Curbing: The faded red curbing has been repainted.

· Citation for Tricycle use along Ala Wai Canal: A citation was issued for this.

· Abandoned Vehicle on Launiu: HPD issued two (2) citations and then removed the vehicle

· Budget Highlights: A separate handout was available tonight detailing budget highlights for the district.

Governor Neil Abercrombie's Representative: The Deputy Director for the Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA) Ken Kakesako had nothing to report but was available for questions.

Senator Sam Slom (State Senate 9th District): There was no representative present and no report was provided.

Senator Les Ihara Jr. (State Senate 10th District): Senator Ihara reported:

  • Judicial Vacancies: There are two (2) District Court judge vacancies and one (1) Circuit Court judge vacancy. The confirmation process will lively require a two day session.
  • Veto Deadlines: June 23, 2014 if the notification deadline for bills the Governor is considering to veto. An override session would be on July 8, 2014, but that is only done in rare cases.
  • Public Safety Briefing: There was a briefing held today by the Senate Public Safety Committee which covered the frequent cancellation of prison visitations due to staff shortages. The Department of Corrections said the biggest reason for this was a rise in the number of prisoners put on suicide watch which pulls away staff that would otherwise be able to facilitate the visits.
  • State Hospital Investigation: The special committee is continuing its State Hospital investigation.

House Speaker Emeritus Calvin K.Y. Say (State Representative 20th District): House Speaker Emeritus Say reported the following:

· Wilhelmina Rise: He requested that the City uses concrete instead of asphalt when they repave Wilhelmina Rise. The rain flowing downhill causes potholes in the asphalt sections. He also hopes that the sewer replacement projects on Sierra Drive are done before repaving is done. Director Wong replied that the various City Departments do meet monthly to try and coordinate their respective project activities, and an online system is coming that will make that effort even more efficient. Schneider asked if that would include underground utilities. Wong explained that would be up to those private companies to participate.

Representative Bertrand Kobayashi (State Representative 19th District): Representative Kobayashi circulated his newsletter and reported the following:

· Kapiolani Community College (KCC) Culinary Institute: KCC's Culinary Institute's construction project is still projected to begin in November 2014.

· House Bill (HB) 1678, Relating to Historic Preservation Review: The Legislature created a green energy loan program. This is for people that want to install energy efficient systems such as solar water heathers but do not have the cash up front. This will give them lower rates on loans than they could traditionally get. It will begin in November and it has $50 million of State funds in it to begin. Private companies are expected to contribute to it as well. The rules and procedures are still being ironed out


· Congratulations: The YWCA selected board member Moniz-Kahoohanohano as one of the leading women for 2014. The Midweek ran an article on her and the other honorees.

· Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Kaimuki Neighborhood Board No. 4 will be on Wednesday, July 16, 2014, 7:00 p.m. at the Kaimuki Christian Church, Fellowship Hall, 1117 Koko Head Avenue.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 8:39 p.m.

Submitted by: Bryan Mick, Neighborhood Commission Office Staff

Reviewed by: Rise Doi, Neighborhood Assistant

Reviewed by: Lyle Bullock, Chair

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