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  • Palolo Neighborhood Board No. 6 Minutes Posted For LAST MONTH (March 11, 2015) Meeting

With Permission / Courtesy of: City and County of Honolulu Neighborhood Commission Office

Palolo Neighborhood Board No. 6




CALL TO ORDER: Vice Chair Darlene Nakayama called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. A quorum was established with 11 members present. Note - This 13-member board requires seven (7) members to establish a quorum and to take official Board action.

Board Members Present: Lindsay Anderson (arrived at 7:04 p.m.), Frank Farm, Gladys Gerlich-Hayes, Randolph Hack, Paul Holtrop, Loren Jerlow, Stephen Maybir, Darlene Nakayama, Rachel Orange, Earl Shiraki, Shaun St. Vincent, and Michael Weinstein.

Board Members Absent: Beverly Mau.

Guests: Senator Les Ihara, Jr., State House Speaker Emeritus Calvin Say, Ross Sasamura (Mayor Kirk Caldwell's Representative/Director, Department of Facility Maintenance), Councilmember Ann Kobayashi and Cliff Kaneshiro (Councilmember Kobayashi's Office), Dominic Dias (Board of Water Supply), Captain James Reyes (Honolulu Fire Department), Lieutenant Clinton Sukekane (Honolulu Police Department), James Nekota (Palolo Community Council), Shinsuke Uehara, Dan Smith, Robert Farm, Ivan Ho, Scott T., Candy T., Ami S., Steven Antonio (DVDmono), and Stephen Saito (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).


Honolulu Fire Department (HFD): Captain James Reyes reported the following:

February 2015 Statistics: There was 0 structure fire, 0 wildland fire, 3 rubbish fires, 0 vehicle fire, 12 miscellaneous calls, 0 search and rescue calls, and 32 medical emergencies.

$1· Cooking Safety Tip: The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that more fires start in the kitchen than in any other place in the home. Two (2) out of every five (5) home fires start in the kitchen. Follow these steps to avoid kitchen fires: 1) Cook only when alert, not drowsy, or have not been drinking; 2) Pay attention to what is cooking and to turn off the stove when not possible; 3) keep dish towels, paper towels, and potholders away from the stove and avoid cooking while wearing loose clothing; 4) keep hot items away from the counter or table edges; and 5) in case of a fire, call 911 and remain outside of the house.

Honolulu Police Department (HPD): Lieutenant Clinton Sukekane circulated a newsletter and reported the following: February 2015 Crime Statistics: There were 4 motor vehicle thefts, 9 burglaries, 26 thefts, and 5 unauthorized entry into motor vehicle (UEMV).

Anderson arrived at 7:04 p.m.; 12 members were present.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:

$11. University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) Security: Orange raised a concern of motor vehicle thefts once a week around the UHM area. Lieutenant Sukekane answered that several arrests have been made and HPD will be taking further measures to prevent future thefts.

$12. Burglary Monthly Statistics: Hack raised a concern of the increased in burglaries in February 2015. Lieutenant Sukekane answered that the monthly statistics of burglaries varies, but noted that there have been a reduction of burglaries in District 7.

$13. Ferguson Incident: Shiraki commented about the Ferguson incident in Missouri and suggested that HPD use nets to apprehend suspects.

Board of Water Supply (BWS): Dominic Dias circulated a newsletter and reported the following:

Main Break: There was a main break on 2nd Avenue on Tuesday, March 10, 2015.

$1· Telephone Scam Warning: Potential telephone scams are targeting BWS customers in an attempt to fraudulently collect money. There have been a number of incidents where the suspicious individual would claim that BWS customers owe a large amount of money and that their balance had to be paid off immediately, or else the water service would be discontinued.

$1· Water Bill Scam Safety Tips: Call BWS customer service staff at 748-5030 or sign up for online billing services for accurate information about BWS accounts. BWS does not call customers outside of business hours of Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to request for payment. BWS does not call customers, demand payment, and collect payment all in the same phone call. If a customer is contacted for overdue payment, he or she will be asked to call 748-5030 to make credit card payment. Never give credit or debit card number or other personal information to any caller or visitor without knowing their true identity. Hang up and call BWS customer service at 748-5030 to ensure a real representative is speaking. Residents are also encouraged to call 911 if they observe any suspicious activity. Residents may also call BWS at 748-5000 to file an additional report.

$1· National Fix-a-Leak Week: The week of Monday, March 16, 2015 is National Fix-a-Leak Week. Residents are encouraged to check for property leaks and fix them promptly. For more information about leak detection, call 748-5041 or visit Free detection tablets are available for pick up at the BWS public service building at 630 South Beretania Street.

Honolulu Community Action Program (HCAP): St. Vincent noted that there was nothing new to report.

SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT BOARD OF DIRECTORS -- No report was available at this time.


Councilmember Ann Kobayashi -- Councilmember Ann Kobayashi provided a newsletter and reported the following:

City's Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 Operating Budget: Councilmembers reviewed the City's FY2016 Operating Budget. Palolo Valley District Park capital improvement project (CIP) funds are to be released.

Community Development Group Funds: Palolo Chinese Homes are always available to provide money for the Community Development Group Funds and will remain on the list.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:

Accessory Dwelling Units: Shiraki noted his support for accessory dwelling units.

Lighting at Palolo Valley District Park: Maybir requested the lighting at Palolo Valley District Park to be renovated.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell's Representative: Department of Facility Maintenance (DFM) Director Ross Sasamura circulated a newsletter and reported the following:

$1· Support the Honolulu Zoo: The Mayor's Office of Culture and the Arts (MOCA) and the Honolulu Zoo are asking for donations of ti leaf to help repair the hale lā'ī. Hundreds of leaves are required to repair the hale lā'ī. Green, yellow, or brown ti leaves with stems may be dropped off in plastic bags at the Honolulu Zoo entrance.

$1· Department of Transportation Services (DTS) Advisory: The DTS Traffic Signals and Technology Division will begin placing advisory stickers on crosswalk poles as they go out to inspect or repair crosswalk signal poles on Oahu.

$1· Overgrowth near Kipona and Lamaku Place: The Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) has the parcel near Kipona and Lamaku Place on a routine maintenance schedule, but is subject to staff availability. Additional resources will be provided to assist in maintaining the site of overgrowth once resources become available.

$1· Intersection of 10th Avenue and Waialae Avenue: The DTS is currently monitoring the signal timing for the traffic on 10th Avenue. Timing adjustments have been made to reduce the backlog on 10th Avenue.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:

$11. Palolo Valley District Park Pools: Holtrop asked if alternative energy sources were considered for the Palolo Valley District Park pools. Director Sasamura answered that the City considers any alternative energy sources for facility improvement projects.

$12. Removal of Parking on King Street: Gerlich-Hayes suggested to remove the first parking stall entering the King Street Cycle track.

$13. Traffic Light Detectors: Shiraki noted that he received a call back regarding his concerns on the traffic light detectors and Waialae Avenue Cycle track.

$14. Confirmation of Palolo Valley District Park Playground Equipment: Farm asked and Director Sasamura answered that he will confirm if the CIP funds for the Palolo Valley District Park playground equipment were released and installed.

$15. Traffic on Waialae Avenue: Vice Chair Nakayama noted that there is heavy traffic on Walalae Avenue due to pedestrians crossing the street and congestion from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Director Sasamura suggested to use the streets mauka of 6th Avenue and noted that he will have DTS look into the traffic issue. Community member James Nekota agreed that pedestrian crossing the street causes the traffic, and suggested to allow the left turn traffic signal to flash green before the pedestrians are allowed to cross. Director Nakayama commented that HPD and DTS are doing their part to increase awareness of pedestrian safety.

$16. Veteran Homeless: Jerlow asked for a venue to advise Mayor Kirk Caldwell on local homeless services for veterans. Director Sasamura answered that there are organizations known that are specifically for veteran homeless and to contact Executive Director Jun Yang for more information on the City's program for homeless.

Governor David Ige's Representative: No representative was present; no report was provided.

State House Speaker Emeritus (HSE) Calvin Say: HSE Say reported the following:

Caregivers' Conference: There will be a Caregivers' Conference Saturday, March 28, 2015 to be held at the Japanese Cultural Center from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Measures: HSE Say distributed a packet regarding measures made for the medical marijuana dispensary to Shiraki.

Sale of Ivory: HSE Say distributed a packet regarding concerns on the sales of ivory to Shiraki.

General Excise Tax (GET) Increase for Rail: HSE Say distributed a packet regarding measures made in the House and Senate on the topic of GET increase for rail to Shiraki.

Senator Les Ihara, Jr. -- Senator Ihara, Jr. reported the following:

Testimony on Carlton Ching: The Senate and committee will be hearing testimony on the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) Appointment hearing for Carlton Ching.

Mail-In Ballot Bill: There is a bill approved for an all-mail-in ballot elections.

Bill Relating to Neighborhood Board: There is a bill being heard about Board members able to attend public meetings as long as things are not voted on by the Board.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:

Bill Relating to Neighborhood Board: Hack asked what the Senates' concerns on the bill were. Senator Ihara, Jr. answered that legislatures do not need to follow sunshine law and therefore there is a huge sentiment to allow Boards to be exempted from sunshine law. There is a defective date on the bill. Holtrop expressed his opinions on sunshine law and the Boards only being able to advise. Senator Ihara, Jr. noted that Board members are allowed to meet in private so long as less than a quorum meet.

Mail-in Only Ballots: Shiraki raised his concern on mail-in ballots and noted that mail-in ballots may bring rise to fraud and coercion. Senator Ihara, Jr. answered that Hawaii has been looking at other states who have mail-in only ballots and looking at the potential concerns and benefits. Shiraki noted that mail-in voting will make things difficult.

Resolution: Jerlow asked for the proper way to introduce a resolution for legislation in 2016. Senator Ihara, Jr. answered to ask either Senator Ihara, Jr. or HSE Say.


Vice Chair Nakayama departed from the Board and relinquished the gavel to Secretary Weinstein. 7:55 p.m.; 11 members were present. Neighborhood Assistant Stephen Saito noted that Board members are not allowed to bring up concerns that are not on the agenda during "Residents'/Community Concerns."

Neighborhood Board Elections 2015: Resident Darlene Nakayama commented about the Neighborhood Board Elections coming up in April 2015. Holtrop suggested there be a Neighborhood Board Candidate Forum. Resident Nakayama asked if Neighborhood Commission Office could contact the other two (2) candidates not on the Board. Neighborhood Assistant Saito will follow-up.

Vice Chair Nakayama returned to the Board and Secretary Weinstein returned the gavel to Vice Chair Nakayama at 7:59 p.m.; 12 members were present.

Videographer: Community member Nekota asked about the videographer who is recording the meeting and who pays for the videographer's contract. Hack commented that the Board budgets for the videographer's contract. Vice Chair Nakayama noted that the videographer is Steven Antonio.


Next Regular Meeting: The next Palolo Neighborhood Board No. 6 regular meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 8, 2015, 7:00 p.m., at Palolo Elementary School Cafeteria.

Bulky Trash Pick-Up: Take out bulk trash by the morning of Wednesday, March 18, 2014 (third Wednesday of every month).

Farmers' Market: The Farmer's Market is held every Wednesday from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. at Palolo District Park.

Olelo Broadcast Slots: The Palolo Neighborhood Board No. 6 meetings are aired on Channel 49 the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at 12:00 p.m. and the 4th Thursday at 9:00 p.m, or online anytime at

Social Media: Join the Palolo Neighborhood Board No. 06 informally at the "Pālolo Valley Community" page on Facebook at

Agenda Requests: Contact Chair Beverly Mau by phone at, 734-8808 with agenda item requests.

2015 Neighborhood Board Election: Vote in the Palolo Neighborhood Board No. 06 elections by voting for candidates online or by phone from Friday, April 24, 2015 to Friday, May 15, 2015. For more information, contact 768-3708.

Closing Up: All Board members are requested to assist at closing up. Vice Chair thanked Shiraki and Jerlow for obtaining keys to open and close the facilities.

Saint (St.) Patrick's Day: St. Patrick's Day is on Tuesday, March 17, 2015.

Easter: Easter is on Sunday, April 5, 2015.


The Palolo Neighborhood Board No. 06 ADOPTED the regular meeting minutes for Wednesday, February 11, 2015 as amended by UNANIMOUS CONSENT, 12-0-0 (Aye: Anderson, Farm, Gerlich-Hayes, Hack, Holtrop, Jerlow, Maybir, Nakayama, Orange, Shiraki, St. Vincent, and Weinstein). Amendments followed:

Page 1: Under the subheading, "Hiking Tip," "on the Wa'ahila Ridge Trail" should be removed.

Page 2: Under the subheading, "Condemned Parking Lot Update," the word "parking" should be removed. Under the subheading, "Problems with Bicyclists," the subheading should be replaced with "Problems with Line Detectors", and "suggested that the road line detectors" should follow, "be extended by six (6) car's lengths."

Page 3: Under the subheading "Hawaii's Geographic Exception (GE)", "and suggested that…. Jarrett Middle School as well." Should be removed.

Whole Document: "Kalista Marbu" should be replaced with "Kalista Marbou."

TREASURER'S REPORT: Treasurer Hack noted a total amount spent $26.86 and a balance of $307.91 for the month of February 2015. The report was filed.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 8:07 p.m.

Submitted by: Stephen Saito, Neighborhood Assistant I

Reviewed by: Nola J. Frank, Neighborhood Assistant I

Reviewed and finalized by: Darlene Nakayama, Vice Chair

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