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  • Diamond Head, Kapahulu, Saint Louis Neighborhood Board No. 5 Minutes Posted For LAST MONTH (September 10, 2015)

With Permission / Courtesy of: City and County of Honolulu Neighborhood Commission Office

Diamond Head/ Kapahulu/ St. Louis Neighborhood Board No. 5




ALL TO ORDER -- Chair George West called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. and welcomed everyone to the meeting. A quorum was established with 10 members present. Note -- This 15-member Board requires eight (8) members to establish quorum and to take official Board action.

Members Present -- Barbra Armentrout, Victoria Mathieu (departed at 7:29 p.m.), Barbara Miller, Bertha Naho'opi'i, Bert Narita, Keolu Peralto, Don Persons, Laura St. Denis, Bryn Villers (arrived at 6:44 p.m.), George Waialeale (arrived at 6:39 p.m.), George West, and Linda Wong.

Members Absent -- Julia Allen and Michelle Matson.

Vacancies -- One (1) in Subdistrict 1 (St. Louis Heights).

Guests -- Senator Sam Slom, Heather Bolen (Senator Les Ihara's Office), Evelyn Hee (House Speaker Emeritus Calvin Say's Office), Walea Constantinau (Mayor Kirk Caldwell's Representative, Honolulu Film Office); Councilmember Ann Kobayashi and Cliff Kaneshiro (Councilmember Ann Kobayashi's Office); Councilmember Trevor Ozawa, Captain Albert McCollum (Honolulu Fire Department); Lieutenant Clinton Sukekane (Honolulu Police Department, District 7); Ronald Borromeo and Ann Wong (Board of Water Supply); Alexis Mukaida, Jerry Wanager, Mia Noguchi Hasueke and Devon Nekota (Community Outreach Associates), Carol Hoshiko (Kapi'olani Community College/Culinary Institute of the Pacific), Daisy Murai, and K. Russell Ho (Neighborhood Commission Office).

CHAIR'S ANNOUNCEMENTS: For all wishing to speak on items not already on the agenda, fill out a Community Concerns form from the front desk and give the form to the Chair or Neighborhood Assistant.


Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) -- There was no representative present and no report available at this time.

Honolulu Police Department (HPD), District 6 (Waikiki/Diamond Head) -- There was no representative present and no report available at this time.

Honolulu Police Department (HPD), District 7 (Kapahulu, St. Louis Heights) -- Lieutenant Clinton Sukekane reported the following:

• August 2015/July 2015 Statistics --There were 15/13 motor vehicle thefts, 6/10 burglaries, 26/47 thefts, and 14/18 unauthorized entries into a motor vehicle (UEMV), and 6,853 total calls for service. The numbers decreased in every category, except a slight increase in motor vehicle thefts.

• Safety Tips -- Lieutenant Sukekane announced a new telephone app at --, where the public can register medical and other information before an emergency. When a person calls 911 from a cell phone, there is limited information given. HPD can only get a general location. With the hew app, callers may add necessary information. The program just started.

At 6:39 p.m. Waialeale arrived at the meeting; 11 members present.

Comments followed:

1. Information -- Armentrout asked if she could register her 90 year old neighbor, who does not have a computer, and her cat. Lieutenant Sukekane responded that any information and pictures can be added.

2. Cost of the Program -- Mathieu asked what the cost of the program is. Lieutenant Sukekane will find out and for the user, the cost is included on the cell phone bill.

At 6:44 p.m. Villers arrived at the meeting; 12 members present.

Board of Water Supply (BWS) -- Ronald Borromeo reported the following:

• National Emergency Preparedness Month -- September is National Emergency Prepared Month and Borromeo distributed a flyer with tips, including prepare an emergency kit. Prepare for one (1) gallon of water, per person, per day. For more information, visit --

• Gate Construction at the Diamond Head Facility Update -- The contractor expects to finish installing the gate by next week Friday, September 18, 2015.

• Water System Improvements -- There will be a new water line installed on Oswald Street by the end of September.

• State Revolving Fund (SRF) -- Someone mentioned last month there was a front page article in the newspaper about the SRF. Borromeo noted that the SRF is under the State Department of Health (DOH) and provides low cost financing for water projects. BWS borrowed $34 million at a lower interest rate and repays the SRF to lower costs for customers.

Comments followed: Water Main Breaks -- Armentrout and Narita mentioned water main breaks in the Koko Head Avenue and Waialae Avenue areas. Borromeo will follow up on the many breaks in the area and noted that there are plans to replace the entire area. Waialeale suggested that the BWS not be just reactive, but more proactive. Borromeo noted that breaks depend on many factors, including the age of the pipes, type of materials used, and type of soil, The pipes are installed in sections and there are surges. Last month a pipe on St. Louis Drive was installed in 1949.

Borromeo announced that this will be his last meeting and introduced Ann Wong, who will start next month. Chair West and the Board appreciated the work done by Borromeo.

As there were no objections, Chair West changed the order of the agenda.

Honolulu Fire Department (HFD), (Waikiki Station) -- Captain Albert McCollum reported the following:

• August 2015 Statistics -- There were 6 structure, 0 wildland, 3 rubbish, and 7 vehicle fires; 160 medical emergencies, 22 search/rescues, and 5 miscellaneous calls for service. There were no major or unusual incidents. Captain McCollum noted that for the last two months there were more structure fires.

• Fire Safety Tips -- The HFD has the following guidelines for senior citizens, which will enable HFD to respond better during a medical emergency: Call 911 first for any emergency. Have a list of medications and medical history available. Know where the advanced directives are (Comfort Care Only - Do Not Resuscitate, or Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment). If living alone, ensure there is adequate access for first responders, and ensure the address is clearly marked and easy to see.

Comments followed:

1. Smart 911 -- Mathieu asked if HFD had access to Smart 911. Captain McCollum replied that when the Smart 911 is fully operational, HFD will be connected.

2. June 2015 Fire -- A Board member mentioned a fire in June 2015 at 8302 Kapahulu Avenue and residents asked if there were lingering fire hazards at the site. Captain McCollum will follow up.


Ala Wai Canal Project Draft Feasibility Study and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Public Meeting -- The meeting will be on Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at the Washington Middle School Cafeteria, 1633 South King Street. There will be an Open House at 5:00 p.m. and there will be a presentation starting at 6:00 p.m. St. Denis asked if there any plans to sand bag the banks of the Ala Wai now. Chair West suggested to ask the Mayor's Representative later on the agenda. Chair West had a flyer with more information for interested people.

REPORTS OF MEMBERS ATTENDENCE AT OTHER MEETINGS: Narita deferred to Armentrout for the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization (OahuMPO) meeting. Narita added that the U.S. Postal Service shredded several Board members' copies of the agenda and minutes, which were mailed out and requested that extra copies be printed and placed at the sign-in table. Chair West noted that online agenda and minutes can be printed and he will request extra copies be printed.


Kepa/Collins Street Board of Water Supply Fencing -- Chair West received an e-mail from Scott Ballantine, who originally brought the homeless problem to the Board's attention. Borromeo had mentioned that the chain-link fence will be installed by the end of the month. Also, Chair West noted that the Kapi'olani Community College/Culinary Institute of the Pacific expansion project had a ground-breaking ceremony and construction fences have been erected. This may affect the homeless people.

Bill 58, Relating to the Waikiki Special District -- Daisy Murai mentioned that there are City- and State-owned properties in the Waikiki Special District, different maps for the area, and concerns about building a bridge from the McCully/Mo'ili'ili district to Waikiki. Various government agencies (State Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the U.S. Coast Guard have jurisdiction over the Ala Wai Canal and permits. Armentrout added that she and Councilmember Trevor Ozawa had differences of opinions. Murai noted that different maps are drawn differently, but that the Land Use Ordinance (LUO) will not change. Chair West thanked Murai for following up on Bill 58.


Mayor Kirk Caldwell's Representative -- Walea Constantinau was not present at this time and no report was available.

Councilmember Ann Kobayashi -- Clifford Kaneshiro distributed Councilmember Kobayashi's newsletter and highlighted the following:

• Committee Meetings -- The Council Committee meetings were listed on the left side of the newsletter.

• Full Council Meetings -- The last full Council meeting was on Wednesday, September 2, 2015 and the next one will be at Kapolei Hale on Wednesday, October 7, 2015.

• Legislation -- Bill 64 (2015) is to facilitate the construction, installation, and operation of solar photovoltaic systems on municipal buildings and municipal facilities in the City and County of Honolulu. Bill 65 (2015) is to eliminate of all forms of discrimination against women.

• Recycling/Clean Up Events -- The annual Going Green Clean Up event will be at McKinley High School on Sunday, September 27, 2015 and the 12th annual Community Clean Up at Kaimuki High School will be on Saturday, October 17, 2015.

• Honoring Emma Wo -- The City Council honored Emma Wo for winning the Miss Hawaii USA 2015 Pageant and for placing in the Top Ten in the Miss USA Pageant.

Councilmember Kobayashi recognized the great job done by Kaneshiro and reported the following:

• Honolulu Zoo -- Armentrout asked and Councilmember Kobayashi responded that the Zoo bill was recommitted to the Budget Committee.

Comments followed:

1. Bill 58, Relating to the Waikiki Special District -- Armentrout mentioned that there are different maps again.

2. Ala Wai Canal Meeting -- Armentrout mentioned the meeting on Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at the Washington Middle School Cafeteria.

3. Parades Bill -- Vice Chair Wong was concerned about the number of parades in Waikiki and asked if a list of parades be posted on the Transportation Committee's website. Councilmember Kobayashi could only do it only if the bill became an ordinance. Vice Chair Wong added that Department of Transportation Services (DTS) Director Mike Formby would post the list on the DTS website once a year.

4. Date Street Repaving -- Villers asked if the contractors have to restore the road to the original condition. Councilmember Kobayashi noted that the funds were available, there are still problems with the repaving. Villers added that the Board will be considering a resolution later tonight. Councilmember Kobayashi thanked Villers.

5. Sewers -- Waialeale asked about the sewer storage tanks in Waikiki. Councilmember Kobayashi will follow up.

6. Bike Sharing Bill -- Armentrout wanted more bike sharing education for the tourists.

7. Legacy Parades -- Wong was concerned that the number of parades could be as high as 20 and wanted to discuss this issue.

Councilmember Trevor Ozawa -- Councilmember Ozawa was not present and no report was available.

Governor David Ige's Representative -- There was no representative present and no report available.

Senator Les Ihara, Jr. -- Senator Ihara notified Chair West that he would not be attending the meeting.

Senator Sam Slom -- Senator Slom distributed his printed report and highlighted the following:

• Informational Briefings During the Interim -- There are briefings going on at the Capitol. After the State has spent $100 million to modernize the tax computer system, the State will spend $60 million more. Senator Slom is concerned that the State and the University of Hawaii do not know how to write good contracts that make vendors accountable. In addition there are not enough qualified workers to use the new equipment.

• August 13, 2015 Meeting Minutes -- Senator Slom pointed out that he does not who Lance Hawsen is, but he hired Tim Sutton to be Senior Attorney and Director of Research.

• Public Utilities Commission (PUC) -- The PUC will be holding public "listening sessions" on the HECO/NextEra merger on Friday, October 4, 2015 at McKinley High School at 6:00 p.m. Representatives from HECO and NextEra will not be there. Other formal hearings are listed in the newsletter. Governor David Ige and the Consumer Advocate have come out against the merger. Other people favor community control. Senator Slom favors deregulation.

• Air Conditioning for Public Schools -- Senator Slom mentioned that the Department of Education (DOE) has received the appropriations, but the DOE chooses to spend the lump-sum funds in other areas. The schools may not have the electrical capacity to run the fans or air conditioners, like previously, the computers.

• Other News -- Senator Slom mentioned there are two (2) football games over the weekend and that El Nino will continue the hot weather through the winter.

Comments followed:

1. Listening Sessions -- Chair West asked and Senator Slom replied that the listen sessions are for the PUC to hear from the public.

2. Accountability -- St. Denis asked and Senator Slom responded that there is a lack of accountability for the purchasing of the air conditioners and the rail system.

3. Health Connector -- Narita mentioned that there is a continued lack of oversight of the Hawaii Health Connector. Senator Slom responded that $3.3 million was added to operate for 18 months more. Narita asked what the Neighborhood Board can do. Senator Slom responded to start preparing legislation for the third Wednesday in January 2016.

4. Air Conditioners -- Waialeale noted that the air conditioners are too small and use too much electricity. Senator Slom replied that this is not a new issue, as it has been discussed for 10 years.

5. Solar Energy -- Armentrout mentioned solar energy. Senator Slom asserted that Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) knows the numbers, but does not disclose them.

At 7:29 p.m. Mathieu departed the meeting, 11 members present.

House Speaker Emeritus (HSE) Calvin Say -- HSE Say was not present. Evelyn Hee distributed the newsletter and reported that HSE Say was away on a business trip. The newsletter highlighted the Legislative session and the Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) for the district. Also, there was a Homeless Help Card of services available. There were no concerns for HSE Say.

Representative Bert Kobayashi -- Representative Kobayashi was not present. However, the newsletter was available.

Representative Scott Nishimoto -- Representative Nishimoto was not present. However, the newsletter was available.


Anela Gardens Liquor License -- Devon Nekoba and Mia Noguchi Hasueke from Community Outreach Associates, mentioned that Anela Gardens was thinking about applying for a liquor license and wanted input from the Neighborhood Board. The Anela Gardens have been doing Japanese weddings for the last 20 years and now want to serve champagne and mixed drinks for Japanese weddings in Hawaii. The Japanese wedding usually involves two (2) or four (4) people and lasts about two (2) hours, ending by 9:00 p.m. The Japanese like the packaged arrangements. Being in a residential community, the company is aware noise.

Comments followed:

1. Noise Complaints -- Villers asked about the last noise complaint. Nekoba responded that the party involved 20 to 30 people. Nekoba tries to explain the process for applying for the liquor license involves good community relations. The applicant invites the neighbors to an annual Open House for the last 10 years. Restrictions are imposed by the Liquor Commission and by Nekoba.

2. License -- Nekoba mentioned that the address is at 3050 Monsarrat Avenue and the application for a restaurant liquor license to serve champagne, sake, and Blue Hawaii drinks has not been submitted yet. Nekoba is willing to sit down and talk about concerns. Chair West invited Nekoba back to update the Board.

3. Other Information -- There is a chapel, a guest house, and a driveway for limousines. The timeline for the application process it about nine (9) to 12 months. Chair West would like to vote on this later.

4. Website -- Murai went to the website and viewed buses, large groups, and a large chapel.

As there were no objections, Chair West changed the order of the agenda.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell's Representative -- Walea Constantinau thanked Chair West for reading the written report by the Neighborhood Commission Office (NCO) last month.

Comments followed:

1. Naupaka -- St. Denis on Diamond Head Road the naupaka plants are growing into the road, blocking the bike lane and narrowing the road. Constantinau will follow up.

2. Canal Over Flowing -- St. Denis wondered if there were any plans to prevent the Ala Wai Canal from overflowing by using sandbags. Constantinau will follow up.

3. Kapahulu Avenue Crosswalk Lights -- Villers mentioned that the residents do not want the overhead lights and wants the City to reconsider the embedded lights. Board member Michelle Matson had found a certain type of lights used on the mainland. Constantinau will follow up.

4. Date Street -- Last month it was reported that the road was repaired to the original or better condition. Villers requested that the statement be given to him in writing. Constantinau will follow up.

5. No Bicycles on the Sidewalks Signs -- Armentrout asked where the signs are and when the signs will be installed. Constantinau will follow up.

6. Fence Put Up -- Armentrout mentioned that the fence has been put up at the bottom of St. Louis Drive by City Mill to prevent someone from going into the stream.

7. Bicycle Citations -- Waialeale mentioned that HPD issued over 100 citations for riders coming off the King Street Cycle Track and riding on the sidewalk. Waialeale preferred education and warnings.

As there were no objections, Chair West changed the order of the agenda.

Councilmember Trevor Ozawa -- Councilmember Ozawa responded to a question by Daisy Murai, who asked about the different map for Bill 58. Councilmember Ozawa noted that every map is particular to each topic or bill. Chair West requested that if there is a definitive map, the Board wants a copy.

As there were no objections, Chair West restored the order of the agenda.


Approval of July 9, 2015 Initial Convening Meeting Minutes -- As there were no objections or corrections, the Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights Neighborhood Board No. 5 APPROVED the July 9, 2015 regular meeting minutes as circulated by UNANIMOUS CONSENT, 11-0-0 (AYE: Armentrout, Miller, Naho'opi'i, Narita, Peralto, Persons, St. Denis, Villers, Waialeale, West, and Wong; NAY: None: ABSTAIN: None).

Approval of August 13, 2015 Regular Meeting Minutes -- Chair West noted that the Neighborhood Assistant explained there were personnel issues and he got backed up. The Secretary did not have enough time to review the minutes. As there were no objections, Chair West deferred the August 13, 2015 regular meeting minutes to the next meeting.

At 8:05 p.m. Waialeale departed the front table, 10 members present.

Date Street Resolution -- Vice Chair Wong and Villers had a resolution from the McCully-Mo'ili'ili Neighborhood Board No. 8, and revised it to reflect the Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights Neighborhood Board No. 5. The Neighborhood Assistant e-mailed the resolution to Board members. One (1) hard copy was circulated.

In the meantime, Chair West moved to the next agenda item.

Bill 60, Relating to Parades -- Wong noted that the Legacy Parades Bill is being re-written and Wong wanted input. Chair West thanked Vice Chair Wong for following up on this item.

Date Street Resolution -- No discussion followed. Villers moved and Peralto seconded that the Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights Neighborhood Board No. 5 adopt the Date Street Resolution. As there were no objections, Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights Neighborhood Board No. 5 ADOPTED the Date Street resolution by UNANIMOUS CONSENT, 10-0-0 (AYE: Armentrout, Miller, Naho'opi'i, Narita, Peralto, Persons, St. Denis, Villers, West, and Wong; NAY: None: ABSTAIN: None). Chair West thanked Vice Chair Wong and Villers for working on the resolution and directed the Neighborhood Assistant to distribute it.

Bill 57 (2015), Relating to Re-Zoning -- As there were no objections, Bill 57 (2015), relating to zoning, was added to the agenda by UNANIMOUS CONSENT, 10-0-0 (AYE: Armentrout, Miller, Naho'opi'i, Narita, Peralto, Persons, St. Denis, Villers, West, and Wong; NAY: None: ABSTAIN: None). Wong stated that the bill wants to take two (2) City parks and rezone them to apartment/business/mixed use. Wong asked Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) Director why and he mentioned that he wanted to make the area all one zone. Armentrout added that DTS Director Mike Formby was not aware about another bill about zoning the bus stops commercial.

Bikeshare -- Armentrout went to a demonstration and requested that this item be placed on the agenda. There are four (4) types of bikes available. There is still no education for the tourists on the laws about bicycling. Chair West will call the number on the business card for a presentation next month. Persons just returned from Amsterdam and noted that the whole culture supports bicycles. Chair West added that in Hawaii the whole culture has to change.


Treasurer's Report -- Barbra Armentrout report that in August 2015, $46.67 was spent for the printing and mailing of the agenda and minutes, leaving a balance of $2,380.61. The Treasurer's report was filed. Armentrout suggested that the annual newsletter be placed on the October 2015 agenda. The Neighborhood Assistant can take pictures. Chair West will put this on the October agenda.

Subdistrict 1 (St. Louis Heights) -- Julia Allen notified Chair West that she would not be able to attend the meeting and no report was available.

Subdistrict 2 (Kapahulu) -- Bertha Naho'opi'i had no report.

Subdistrict 3 (Diamond Head) -- Laura St. Denis reported that the City Mill has a new manager. The tree was cut down and there is a rock wall, but to plant native plants there would be a waste of time and money. There is a feral cat problem and signs were put by the bridge. St. Denis called the cat people to catch the cats and have them fixed. The Naupaka plants are overgrown on Diamond Head Road. Mayor's Representative Constantinau will get St. Denis leads to follow up. Wong added that there are five (5) bridges on Hibiscus Street.

Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization (OahuMPO) Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) -- Armentrout reported on the Policy Committee.

Waikiki Neighborhood Board No 9 Meeting -- Chair West went to the Waikiki Neighborhood Board No 9 meeting, where they discussed the proposed new Denny's restaurant at the corner of Kuhio Avenue and Kapahulu Avenue. Although the 5,000 sq. foot property which can be built to 20 stories, the developers plan to go with a single store with a 24 feet height limit. They will apply for a liquor license for table service only and no bar. The Waikiki Board voted to support the concept, which Chair West thought was well thought out. Villers requested a Denny's presentation, even though it was out of the Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights Neighborhood Board No. 5 jurisdiction. Armentrout noted that on Winam Street, there are plans for a Wendy's, not a McDonald's. Chair West requested more information. Murai mentioned that the Bank of Hawaii is moving out, as it has the Safeway branch.

Kapi'olani Community College (KCC)/Culinary Institute of the Pacific (CIP) -- Carol Hoshiko mentioned that the CIP broke ground. On Monday, September 14, 2015 construction will start. On Friday, November 6, 2015 there will be a Community Open House. Chair West will place this item on the October 2015 agenda. Chair West noted that four (4) of the last five (5) Governors were in attendance, as the project went back four (4) Governors. Armentrout wanted the KCC/CIP to invite the Board for a walk through.


• Next Regular Board Meeting -- The next regular Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights Neighborhood Board No. 5 meeting is scheduled for the second Thursday of the month on October 8, 2015 at the Ala Wai Clubhouse, second floor ballroom, starting at 6:30 p.m. Picture taking.

ADJOURNMENT -- As there was no further business before the Board, Chair West adjourned the meeting at 8:21 p.m.

Submitted by: K. Russell Ho, Neighborhood Assistant

Reviewed by: Neil Baarde, Neighborhood Assistant

Reviewed by: Victoria Mathieu, Secretary; Linda Wong, Vice Chair;

Bryn Villers, Michelle Matson, Bert Narita, and George West, Chair

Resolution: Supporting the Remediation and Repaving of Date Street

from Lunalilo School to Kapahulu Avenue

WHEREAS, with the Sewer Remediation Project for Date Street having been completed more than a year ago; and

WHEREAS, both the neighborhood boards of Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights Neighborhood Board No. 5 and McCully-Mo'ili'ili Neighborhood Board No. 8 have endured numerous monthly complaints about the road conditions of Date Street; and

WHEREAS, Date Street is heavily used to access Kapahulu, Waikiki, McCully and the Mo'ili'ili areas; and

WHEREAS, the City has determined that the current roadway conditions of the aforementioned section of Date Street meet the standard of "original or equally good condition" as their conditions prior to the Sewer Remediation Project's inception (ROH Ch.14-17.3e); now therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights Neighborhood Board No. 5 requests that the remediation and repaving of Date Street inclusive from its Lunalilo School terminus to its Kapahulu Avenue terminus be added or moved up in priority for the 2015 or 2016 budget cycle; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that copies of this Resolution be transmitted to Mayor Kirk Caldwell, Managing Director Roy Amemiya, Department of Transportation Services Director Michael Formby, Councilmembers Ann Kobayashi and Trevor Ozawa, and the McCully-Mo'ili'ili Neighborhood Board No. 8.

This resolution was adopted by unanimous consent by the Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights Neighborhood Board No. 5 at its Thursday, September 10, 2015 regular monthly meeting.

Submitted by:

George West, Chair

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