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A very exciting health product available via my website: called Double Helix Water and by clicking on the icon on my home page it will introduce you to this product. There is a book and product available.

Complementary medical practice using natural medicines without toxic side effects. A variety of integrative services are offered by Dr. Barry Nutter and consultations are available to determine how your special needs should be considered.

  • Nutritional Consultation
    Good nutrition is an important aspect of the detoxification and healing process. Dr. Nutter considers organic food, or bio-dynamic food essential for detoxification and healthy elimination. Organic meats like lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, pork, eggs, butter, milk products are now available worldwide and able to be shipped and received in 2 days. Most local health food stores also carry these products. Dr. Nutter's nutritional consultations consider each individuals personal needs and body chemistry. Diet plans should be flexible and allow gradual change with education and understanding.

  • Electro Dermal Screening
    The skin has acupuncture points and meridians that are well known and studied for thousands of years. These points and meridians are the chosen places of measurement for EDS. Our system uses the points on the hands and feet.

    EDS testing can be used to determine if a vitamin, or dietary supplement will be tolerated or compatible for a patient. We can test to see if someone has been negatively exposed to a chemical, a toxin, a disease, a parasite, an immunization or a food additive. If someone is having a negative reaction to a prescription drug or over the counter medicine, it can be measured. There are multiple toxins in the air, on the land, and in the water. They enter the body in silence and begin early degenerative processes. Most people are unaware of this silent degenerative process happening. They may report simply feeling low energy.

  • Rolfing & Chiropractic
    Dr. Barry Nutter is a graduate of Cleveland College of Chiropractic in Los Angeles. His philosophy about adjusting and correcting the spine is different than most Chiropractors. He believes the connective tissue and fascia must be brought into balance by soft tissue lengthening, before restorative spinal correction can effectively be considered. Dr. Barry Nutter practices gentle non-force and low force spinal correction techniques.

  • Ondamed Biofeedback
    Energy medicine is very popular and extremely successful, sometimes resolving conditions that have previously been considered incurable. The best thing to improve health and promote longevity is to enhance the functioning of the immune system.

    The Ondamed is the most recent cutting edge technology available today, designed by Rolf Binder of Germany. The Ondamed is a biofeedback device that is designed to balance the human body emotionally, physically and mentally.

    This medical device is able to locate and repair sites of silent inflammation. It uses a sophisticated frequency technology that scans the entire body, locating and correcting communication pathways that are not properly functioning.

  • Beam Ray Rife Technology
    The Beam Ray is a light and sound generator developed from the technology of Royal Raymond Rife. Rife invented a powerful light microscope that had magnification of 60,000times. With this invention he and other scientists were able to see microbes and viruses that were previously unknown. The Beam Ray light and sound Generator was programmed to produce a frequency that would kill harmful microorganisms, in the same way that a singer shatters a glass with a focused tone. Rife was able to determine with his microscope the frequency that would demolish the organism. He could then program the Beam Ray to that specific frequency and there by destroy the organism.

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By appointment only, no walk-ins. Monday-Friday 10 am-6 pm.

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