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  • Palolo Neighborhood Board No. 6 Minutes Posted For LAST MEETING (MAY 11, 2016) Meeting

With Permission / Courtesy of: City and County of Honolulu Neighborhood Commission Office

Palolo Neighborhood Board No. 6




CALL TO ORDER: Chair Loren Jerlow called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. A quorum was NOT established with six (6) members present. Note -- This 13-member board requires seven (7) members to establish a quorum and to take official Board action.

Board Members Present: Ken Aronowitz (appointed at this meeting), Frank Farm Jr. (appointed at this meeting), Marvin Heskett, Paul Holtrop, Loren Jerlow, Beverly Mau, Darlene Nakayama, Earl Shiraki, and Liv Wheeler (arrived 7:02 p.m.).

Board Members Absent: Andrew Chung, Randolph Hack, and Gladys Gerlich-Hayes.

Guests: Sergeant Clifford Ramson and Lieutenant Maurice Asato (Honolulu Police Department); Captain James Reyes (Honolulu Fire Department); Ross Sasamura (Mayor Kirk Caldwell's Representative/Director for the Department of Facility Maintenance); Cliff Kaneshiro (Councilmember Kobayashi's Office); Dominic Dias (Board of Water Supply); Randall Tanaka (International Union for Conservation of Nature); House Speaker Emeritus Calvin Say; Shinsuke Uehara; James Nekota; Ivan Hoe; Scott and Candy Tamayori; Nikki Guess; Zoe Tanaka (Videographer); and Amanda Ehe (Neighborhood Commission Office).

At 7:02 p.m. Liv Wheeler arrived; seven (7) members were present and a quorum was established.


Honolulu Fire Department (HFD): Captain James Reyes reported the following:

• April 2016 Statistics: There was 1 structure fire, 31 medical emergencies, 1 activated alarm, and 1 motor vehicle collision with a pedestrian.

• Fire Safety Tip: Brush fires can cause extensive damage; remove dead vegetation and if lawn is brown, cut it down.

Honolulu Police Department (HPD): Lieutenant Maurice Asato distributed handouts and reported the following:

• April 2016 Crime Statistics: There were 2 motor vehicle thefts, 5 burglaries, 24 thefts, and 11 unauthorized entries into motor vehicles (UEMVs). There were 6,663 calls for service in District 7.

• Safety Tip: Lieutenant Asato referenced the Drive Wise Hawaii handout promoting mature driver safety.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:

1. Litter: Heskett asked and Sergeant Clifford Ramson responded that District 7 has issued littering citations when littering is witnessed and encouraged personal responsibility to address the problem.

2. Illegal Dumping: Chair Jerlow shared that the 311 mobile application or 768-3203 can be utilized to report illegal dumping. Resident Nikki Guess asked and Sergeant Ramson answered to call 911 and report any illegal dumping.

3. Accident: Mau and Shiraki expressed concern of a bicycle accident on 10th Avenue and would like to know how it happened.

4. Left Turn: Shiraki requested HPD's presence at Waialae Avenue and 10th Avenue to cite motorists making illegal left turn. Resident James Nekota requested there be times that a left turn is allowed.

Board of Water Supply (BWS): Dominic Dias reported the following:

• April 2016 Main Break Report: There were no water main breaks in April 2016.

• Announcements: The 2016 Water Conservation Week Poster and Poetry Contests winners were announced and the Spring 2016 Water Matters Customer Newsletter has been published.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed: Litter: Chair Jerlow commented that litter that collects near storm drains can hamper water flow.

Hearing no objections, Chair Jerlow moved the agenda to item 7A -- Presentation of community recognition award to Mr. John Flanagan of Subdistrict 1.

Presentation of Community Recognition Award to Mr. John Flanagan of Subdistrict 1: Chair Jerlow presented Flanagan with a certificate to salute his extensive service to the community and thanked him for his service as coach of the Kamehameha Swim Club.

The agenda returned to order.


Subdistrict Two (2)

Holtrop moved and Mau seconded to nominate Ken Aronowitz for the vacant subdistrict two (2) Board seat.

Aronowitz residency was confirmed by the Neighborhood Commission Office (NCO).

The motion was UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED, 7-0-0 (Aye: Heskett, Holtrop Jerlow, Mau, Nakayama, Shiraki, and Wheeler; Nay: None; Abstain: None).

The Neighborhood Assistant Amanda Ehe administered the Oath of Office and Aronowitz joined the Board; eight (8) members were present.

At Large

Mau nominated Frank Farm Jr. to fill the at large vacancy; Board members seconded the nomination.

At 7:26 p.m. Chair Jerlow recessed the meeting as the Neighborhood Assistant verified Farm's residency. The meeting resumed at 7:27 p.m.

The motion was UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED, 8-0-0 (Aye: Aronowitz, Heskett, Holtrop Jerlow, Mau, Nakayama, Shiraki, and Wheeler; Nay: None; Abstain: None).

Neighborhood Assistant Ehe administered the Oath of Office and Farm Jr. joined the Board; nine (9) members present.


Councilmember Ann Kobayashi: Cliff Kaneshiro provided a newsletter and reported the following:

• Full Council: There will be a full council meeting on Wednesday, June 1, 2016.

• Newsletter: Kaneshiro highlighted legislative updates and the recognition of the McKinley High School Symphonic Wind Ensemble that were detailed in the newsletter.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:

1. Parking: Shiraki stated the need for more parking at Ala Moana Beach Park, a parking structure near the Honolulu Zoo, and the Kaimuki Post Office parking lot is in need of repair.

2. Illegal Dumping: Kaneshiro noted that the illegal dumping site list from Chair Jerlow was forwarded to Mayor Kirk Caldwell's office.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell's Representative: Department of Facility Maintenance (DFM) Director Ross Sasamura reported the following:

• Glass: City Refuse operators are responsible for notifying their supervisor when spillage occurs so the debris can be properly cleaned. Residents can help prevent spillage by not overfilling the carts and by placing glass containers under cardboard and/or paper in their recycling cart.

• Pukele Bridge: The project is on hold due to issues with the concrete.

• Bus Route 9/9s: Specific issues or concerns about Route 9/9s service can be shared with the Department of Transportation Services (DTS) via email address

• Tamura's Left Turn Sign: DTS reported that a field inspection was conducted and confirmed that there is a "No Left Turn Into Driveway" sign on 10th Avenue that is visible. Traffic history within the past three (3) years did not reveal any incidents related to the illegal left turn movement. DTS does not recommend installation of new devices at this time. DTS informed HPD of the illegal left turn activity and recommends HPD be notified when violations are observed.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:

1. Signage: Shiraki requested "steel plate ahead" or other appropriate cautionary signs approaching Pukele Bridge from either side to warn motorists and bicyclists of the presence of steel plating on the bridge.

2. Bus Fare: Chair Jerlow asked the City to implement a reloadable fare card that may be used on the bus now rather than await the start of rail service for implementation.

Governor David Ige's Representative: No representative was present; the Capitol Connection newsletter was available.

State House Speaker Emeritus Calvin Say -- Speaker Say circulated newsletters and reported the following:

• Bills: Speaker Say referenced legislation for the regulation of mopeds which he supported and House Bill (HB) 1850 regarding Airbnb Speaker Say opposed.

• Safety: Speaker Say warned of a female posing to be pregnant and preying on senior citizens in the community who let her into their home and are burglarized.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:

1. Pedestrians: Shiraki stated the need for a law to punish pedestrians for crossing after the allotted time; Speaker Say noted that HPD needs to enforce the current laws.

2. HB 1753: Farm suggested the Board encourage Governor Ige to sign HB 1753 into law.

3. Crosswalks: Guess asked and Speaker Say responded that pedestrians should feel safe while using a crosswalk. Shiraki noted pedestrians are not safe in crosswalks. Guess asked and Speaker Say said a pedestrian can be fined for using a mobile device in a crosswalk.

Senator Les Ihara, Jr.: Senator Ihara reported the following:

• HB 32: HB 32 specified that once count down begins, do not enter the crosswalk. The bill died because it may have discriminated against physically challenged.

• Mopeds: The Moped Noise Mitigation Working Group helped with the passage of HB 1753, which allows police to pull over mopeds and require provided proof the owner will fix the moped, requires license plate instead of decal so easier reporting, and annual inspections for $27 and safety verification for $13. Annual inspections should help mitigate the stolen moped issue.

• Airbnb: Senator Ihara opposed Airbnb legislation.

• Senator Suzanne Chun-Oakland: Senator Chun-Oakland will retire; she has been a great advocate for Kupuna care.

• Special Session: There will be a Senate special session for judicial nominations.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed: Moped Noise: Holtrop asked and Senator Ihara does not think Governor Ige will veto HB 1753. Senator Ihara commented that he is investigating the creation of a moped noise hotline.

RESIDENTS'/COMMUNITY CONCERNS: Quorum: Resident James Nekota asked and Chair Jerlow answered that quorum for the Palolo Neighborhood Board is seven (7) members.

PRESENTATIONS: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN): Randall Tanaka shared that the IUCN Congress will be held at the Hawaii Convention Center from Thursday, September 1, 2016 through Saturday, September 10, 2016. The congress will be attended by roughly 800 people of the leading global agencies for environment. Hawaii was fortunate to get this conference, Hawaii has the highest concentration of endangered species and there will be excursions on all islands for the delegates. R. Tanaka shared that Ken Kaneshiro at the University of Hawaii was involved in eradication of medfly in Okinawa. Simon Stuart, who is in charge of species protection, wanted to eradicate mosquitos in Hawaii. Kaneshiro and Stuart connected and now Lieutenant Governor Shan Tsutsui is working on funding the eradication, and none of this would have happened if the IUCN Congress was not in Hawaii.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed: Community Impact: Chair Jerlow asked and R. Tanaka responded that the IUCN Congress will be seen in the media, there is a chance the president could attend, and the exhibit hall of the Convention Center will be open to the public.


Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes: The regular meeting minutes for Wednesday, April 13, 2016 were ADOPTED UNANIMOUSLY as amended, 9-0-0 (Aye: Aronowitz, Farm, Heskett, Holtrop Jerlow, Mau, Nakayama, Shiraki, and Wheeler; Nay: None; Abstain: None). The amendment was made by Shiraki to remove from the minutes "Shiraki moved to remove Holtrop from the Board. There was no second."

Proposal of board committee activities: Chair Jerlow requested that the safety committee incorporate neighborhood watch, and for the community recognition committee to incorporate yard of the month. Mau suggested Christmas time to recognize the decoration of homes in the community.

Proposal of utility assessment Permitted Interaction Group (PIG): Heskett shared that transmission lines are vulnerable to hurricanes and would like to create a PIG to study the feasibility of moving the lines underground. Shiraki noted possible problems with costs. Frank suggested using a committee for the assessment.

Jerlow moved and Holtrop seconded the creation of a PIG for utility assessment. The motion was ADOPTED, 7-0-2, (Aye: Aronowitz, Heskett, Holtrop Jerlow, Mau, Nakayama, and Wheeler; Nay: None; Abstain: Farm and Shiraki).


Treasurer's Report: Chair Jerlow reported a remaining balance of $137.42. The report was filed.

Recognition Committee Report: Nakayama welcomed Guess and thanked her for the work she does with special needs children.

Traffic Safety Committee Report: Chair Jerlow volunteered to be a member of the committee.

Election Committee: Chair Jerlow shared that Gerlach-Hayes will be asked if the committee could hold a candidate forum in July 2016.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The next Palolo Neighborhood Board No. 06 regular meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the Palolo Elementary School cafeteria. The Board will recess in June 2016.

Bulky Trash Pick-Up: Take out no-earlier-than one day before Wednesday, May 18, 2016 (third Wednesday of every month) to preserve the beauty of the valley. Call 768-3203 for violations.

Farmers' Market: Every Wednesday from 6:30 a.m. to 7:20 a.m. at Palolo District Park

Olelo Broadcast Slots: The Pālolo Neighborhood Board No. 6 meetings are aired on Channel 49 the first and third Sundays of the month at 12:00 p.m. and the 4th Thursday at 9:00 p.m. or online, anytime at

Social Media: Join us informally at the "Pālolo Valley Community" page on Facebook at Also stay connected with Pālolo at

Agenda Requests: No Later Than 2-weeks prior to meeting, contact Chair Loren Jerlow at 808-664-1658 with agenda item requests.

All Board Members to Assist to Close-Up: Thank you to Shiraki for obtaining keys to open facilities.

Parliamentary Procedure Workshop: The workshop will be held tentatively on Wednesday, September 14, 2016.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 8:42 p.m.

Submitted by: Amanda Ehe, Neighborhood Assistant

Reviewed by: Neil Baarde, Neighborhood Assistant Supervisor

Finalized by: Loren Jerlow, Chair

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