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Below are comments submitted from people who sign the online petition. This helps the community understand the cause


Last updated 11/19/2013 - 115 submitted comments below

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I will use more

Please save our post office

I walk to the post office at least twice a week. It wouldbe a travesty to close this office

I feel strongly that the post office at 1130 Koko Head Ave benefits the residents and businesses of Kaimuki. I personally make use of the facility on a regular basis, and as a business owner that is responsible for most of the work done, I need something close by. I cannot leave my shop for extended periods without risking the loss of a potential sale. At a time when the retail economy is as slow as it has been, this may be the difference between success and failure. Again, I hope that you do consider these concerns and reconsider closing this post office. Thank you for your time and have a great da

This petition is safe to sign please spread the word

I've lived in Kaimuki for 22 years, I use the Kaimuki Post Office often, and walk there because I don't own a vehicle! Please keep it open

We use this post office weekly and it is so convienent to have in the neighborhood for our business.

Please don't close this Post Office! The location is so convenient and the people are the bomb! I love going there for all my mailing needs

Please don't close the Kaimuki Post Office, it is such a convenient location for the Kaimuki community, and it helps break up the congestion that the Kahala Post office often has. I grew up with this post office as well, and would hate to see it go since so many things have been going already due to the ecconomy.

I have been a resident and community supporter in Kaimuki for over 25 years, and I find the services of the Kaimuki Post Office vital to both myself-now a senior-and my neighbors

We use this branch all the time to mail our packages off for both business and family. It would mean going completely out of our way to go to a different branch. Please keep it open

I live and have my business Montsuki in Kaimuki.

The Office is always friendly and always busy, two prerequisites of a successful business. It's ironic the bozo's at the top want to close it

I am disabled, I don't have a vehicle and I walk to this post office. Please don't close it

I have used this post office for 30 years

I use this post office regularly. It is extremely convenient for my older neighbors who don't drive. Please don't close

Please keep the post office for many people that live in Kaimuki

Please keep this post office open. I have lived at the same address for 19 years and use the Kaimuki Post Office SEVERAL times weekly. There are many seniors in our community as well as an adult residential home for the intellectually disabled. The post office serves as an important and vital "heart" to our neighborhood. Businesses depend on the close proximity of the post office too. KEEP THE KAIMUKI POST OFFICE OPEN!!! "Our residents and businesses benefit from the synergies created by having accessible post offices, banks, schools, churches, etc within the community." Keep the heart of our beautiful community beating

Congress has enacted laws in order to serve their corporate masters that place undue burdens on our post office retirement system

It will be sad to lose the Kaimuki Post Office. It helps to meet so many needs in our business and having it w/in walking distance to do our business is critical

Please keep the kaimuki post office open. it is vital for my business. i do not own a car and would have to carry heavy packages to kahala if kaimuki post office is closed. please consider.

I work and live within 3 blocks and mail letters and packages to the mainland every week. I can't get to and from the Kahala location within my lunch hour and using the WAikiki location is impossible. Please don't close

The post office hours of service have already been reduced, please do not eliminate service entirely, we need the post office

It's the main PO that I use

The Kaimuk Post Office helps bind our community together.

If the Kaimuki po closes I would have to go to the Kahala po. Whenever I've gone to Kahala, there is always a line, sometimes out the door. Closing the Kaimuki branch would just make things worse at Kahala. I have a Mon-Fri, 8:00am-5:00pm job and therefore am able to go the po only on Saturdays

I will gladly make even more use of the Kaimuki Post Office to help preserve this convenient and socially important community asset. Please don't take away our post office

While a small post office, I regularly use it for my postal business as it is convenient and does all that I need.

Kaimuki Post Office is a vital location for the area's population, especially seniors. It is also within walking distance for many who live in this central Kaimuki area. Closing this location would mean its customers would move to two already-over-populated locations: Waialae-Kahala or Moiliili, neither of which are in walking distance, especially for the elderly. Please keep this location open so it can continue to serve the area's residents and businesses

We love the Kaimuki Post Office! Our business drops off mail there every day

Please do not close our Post Office! I use this location regularly- at least once a week, and even more during income tax season...The location is perfect

Our post office is used by a large number of Kaimuki residents. Do not close our post office

I spend each July in Hawai'i and would hate to see this post office closed

Born and raised in Kaimuki, I want to see the Post Office remain open

Very convenient, short wait, and workers are very nice & very very helpful! Please don't close!! :

I always use the Kaimuki Post Office. It's right up the road from my home and very convenient

This would be an extreme hardship for many people... especially the elderly and business community of Kaimuki

Kaimuki post office is always busy. Seniors from the area often walk there from home. It is a vital convenience for the Kaimuki/Palolo area

Please do not close the Kaimuki Post Office. It is greatly needed by the seniors in our community

I love this post office! Please don't close it

Its important for people in the community to have a convenient way to get to the post office

For Kaimuki residents who live at the crest of the area, the koko head post office is more accessible than the Kahala and Kapahulu locations, especially for those who do not use motorized vehicles or public transit. It would be very time consuming for residents of this area to take the public bus to the alternative locations, whereas the present location is fairly accessible for pedestrians of the crest area

It' a landmark

Kaimuki is an older neighborhood with many retirees and elderly. For us to go to the Kahala Post Office is a major inconvenience

I use the Kaimuki post office frequently to mail packages out to the mainland and Japan. The Kahala post office is not nearby and when I do have to go on Saturdays, the office is very crowded

I am a working senior woman and need to have our Kaimuki Post Office opened for our convenience.

I use this post office, please don't close it

It is a Ultimate convenient Postal Service Station; We cannot lose the personal "feel at ease", in and out friendship services provided for all whom passing thru the Kaimuki District. Aloha Spirit - Bar Non

Please keep the Kaimuki post office open. Please, please, please

This PO has been here for as long as I can remember. Very convenient location to my home. If closes, the one closest will be Kahala or Ala Moana, which is just too busy

I will use this location exclusively if remains open. This is the most convenient location for me and for many in the area

I have used and will plan to use the Kaimuki Post Office more in the future

This post office is always busy, at any time of the day

There are many elderly people in Kaimuki. It is important for them to maintain their sense of independence. Keeping modern conveniences such as Post Offices is important for them to feel a sense of self sufficiency.

If they need extra revenue put in some PO boxes

Closer to home, faster service. Prefer to go there than the mall. During the holidays can walk, instead of having to drive to the mall

This post office is the most convenient location for many Kaimuki residents. It is also incredibly important during holiday seasons, as the Kahala post office location is ridiculously busy with long lines. I can't imagine what we would do without the Kaimuki location open.

We need our post offices

I regularly use this post office to do my

This is an essential facility for our community; especially for those without transportation (mostly elderly which make up a large portion of Kaimuki). Raise the rates (not easy) or outsource operations to a private entity (like they do in sparsely populated areas of mid-west farming communities; easier).

It is very convenient and the staff is very good

I use this post office and so do other people in the neighborhood, including elderly. It's easy access to get to for them without driving. It is also a very convenient location because of the schools, churches and shops nearby. One Kaimuki post-office was already shut down a few years ago. This post-office is important to our community. People wait before it opens to come in! It gives people jobs too! Please do not close it down! Thank you!

This Post Office is an important part of the Kaimuki community and impacts a large population of homes and businesses alike. Please keep it open!

The Kaimuki Post Office serves a good resource for all kaimuki residents and lots of many small businesses in our neighborhood and it is not in the best interest of the community since it will impact not only business but also many residents if our post office closed

I do not live in this district.... But I'm signing this petition because I strongly feel that this Post Office should remain open!!!! Especially for our Seniors!!! It's safer for them, they don't have to travel far especially for those with medical conditions, and it's in their neighborhood!!!! DON'T HURT OUR SENIORS!!!!

Given the number of businesses and the size of the community, I find it quite convenient to have in out growin town center. It keeps people from having to drive many places to do their errands - think gas, pollution, climate change. Having a walkable, developed town center keeps our nighborhood a close knit community - a feeling sorely missing in other communites that are so spread out

Closing this Post Office will force people to go to others, like mine in Makiki or Ala Moana. These post offices are crowded enough! And the Makiki branch has so few parking places cars line up and create traffic and a hazzard trying to get in-especially at the holidays and when people are coming home from work. Kaimui's post office is needed for its OWN community

My family lives just behind the 12th Avenue Fire Station and my mother in-law walks to the Post Office because she doesn't drive. Closure will force her to catch the bus which she doesn't like to do very often.

I can walk to this P.O. Would need to drive to the one in Kahala. Please keep this P.O. for us senior citizens

I use this post office regularly. It is nearly always busy, with a line of patrons. It is a small operation, not that expensive to maintain, but a vital community service. Please keep it open.

Kaimuki Post office is central to my daily activities. Please don't destroy our neighbor hood post office

Don't close our beloved Post Office. We do not want to drive to Kahala when we can walk a few minutes

Seniors need a postoffice in Kaimuki that is walking distance to their homes. To catch the bus to Kahala is long just to have something mailed to family & buy stamps. Can it be kept open MW Saturday instead of a few hours a day; open less days?

I use this P.O. frequently because of its convenient location to downtown Kaimuki. Please consider keeping it open. Parking at Kahala is too limited

We use this post office regularly. Very convenient. Will be additional time and cost for us to go to others

Please keep the post office open

The Kaimuki Post office has been a mainstay for the entire community. My family and I utilize the facilities, very frequently. The local post office needs to remain in the town of Kaimuki for others and senior members like myself

Please do not close this post office. For those of us without access to a car it is difficult to go even farther to pick up packages that need a signature or other items that are not delivered, as well as to send large items

I am a visitor every year and find this post office very conven

We need this post office! It is part of our community. Please don't make us go to one of the big ones with long lines

keep the post offic

my restaurant is in Kaimuki & I try to keep all my business locally if possible. I use our Kaimuki post office all the time. PLEASE DON'T CLOSE IT!!

I can walk to this post office & use it for my business. Please don't close it

It's so convenient to have a post office in the heart of Kaimuki. Service is great too

I use the Kaimuki post office because it is within 1 block of the Library, doctor's office, dance and ukulele classes, park, pharmacy, stores, and places to eat. It is a small post office but a very important one

Keep our community whole

I frequent the Kaimuki Post Office to mail business and personal letters/packages/items

Great service. Please keep it open

We love this PO. It has been a part of this old community for a long time and is in walking distance to most small businesses in Kaimuki. Please dont close the Kaimuki PO

I want this post office to stay open so that The Waialae-Kahala post office does not become too busy to go to

Our economy cannot grow if we lay people off. It is only when people have jobs that they can afford to spend, thus continuing the economic cycle

I work in Kaimuki, within walking distance of the Kaimuki Post Office. I have used its services for both business and personal reasons. Additionally, it has been a special and important part of this community for many years. It would be a tragedy and inconvenience for the many businesses and residents who depend on the Kaimuki Post Office. Mahalo for your assistance and consideration

LOVE the historical Kaimuki post office

charge more for your stamps than one cent a year. Most would be willing to pay tha

This Post Office is in walking distance. I normally shop the nearby business as part of my routine when I go to the post office. Do you really want me to drive to the Kahala Post office which has dangerous parking stalls

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe has repeatedly lied, and deliberately misled our elected representatives as to the true nature of the USPS financial woes. The pre-funding mandate, and Postal Mismanagement are at the heart of the problem. Closing Post Offices and cutting front line staff will not improve service, or get mail delivered.Relief from the 2006 Postal Accountability Enhancement Act will be the first hurdle in effective Postal reform. Removing Congressional Oversight will be the second. If you want the Post Office to show a profit like a business, it must be permitted to operate like a business. Otherwise it remains a Government SERVICE and should not be required to show a profit beyond operating expenses

I always choose Kaimuki over Kahala even if I drive

Former postal worker at Kahala and at the airport.

Believe in saving our post office. History is that station had 3 to 2 to now 1 employee. Hours has been reduce and cut were the post office is not providing service. Customer service to the public failed by cutting hours back and later openings and early closures

Kaimuki Post Office is often used by shoppers because lines are not too long and has convenient parking, especially for Christmas season rushes. All Oahu postal employees are polite and cheerful ! Good luck for our petition. BCM

It's been a staple in the community for so long for a reason. It's easy to get to, lots of parking and helpful staff. The community is filled with older residents, and we appreciate being able to walk here. Thank yo

Need the post office to conduct our government business

Please keep this post office open! Its where I do ALL of my shipping

Have made this my primary post office.

I love this post office! I no longer live in Kaimuki, but still prefer this post office over the Kahala station when I am in the area. The Kaimuki post office is always so efficient & accessible for so many residents and business owners via a nice neighborhood walk. I would hate to see this post office closed down and for what reason anyway

I already use the Kaimuki Post Office regularly and know many elderly residents in my neighborhood who rely on our branch to handle their mailing needs due to its close proximity to their homes as well as many business owners who depend on this branch for their postal needs

Always phenomenal service. DO NOT CLOS

I love having the Kaimuki post office in the area. It is very convenient for the local residents and myself to use and it stimulates business in Kaimuki

I was born and raised in Kaimuki and I have and always will use this post office. My parents before me used it and my grandparents also. I never want to see it closed; I believe it should be a Hawaii Landmark location because it is a valuable part of Kaimuki's history.

An integral part of the community and business owners

I love this post office! Please don't close it down

I use this post office more than any other location, it has allowed me to send packages to friends in the military easily

I prefer using our Kaimuki post office

The district of Kaimuki is diverse, but we also have a lot of kupuna who utilize this well known location. This post office is close to the bus stops and is easily accessible. Please help keep this post office open. Mahalo.

Maintaining the Kaimuki post office is vital to our close-knit Kaimuki community. It's closure would have a negative impact on both residents as well as local businesses and organizations. I sincerely urge the USPS to reconsider in keeping the Kaimuki Post Office open.

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