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  • Kaimuki Neighborhood Board Meeting Minutes Posted For LAST MONTH (FEBRUARY 15, 2017)

Kaimuki Neighborhood Board No. 4




CALL TO ORDER -- Chair Lyle Bullock Jr. called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. A quorum was established with six (6) members present. Note: This 11-member Board requires six (6) members to establish a quorum and to take official Board action.

Board Members Present -- Lyle Bullock Jr., Mark Hagadone, Paul Hoe, Brian Kang, Sharon Schneider, and Stephanie Nagai.

Board Members Absent -- Lori Yamada, and Marilyn Moniz-Kaho'ohanohano.

Guests -- Lieutenant Clinton Sukekane and Sergeant Clifford Ramson (Honolulu Police Department); Captain Ricky Mamiya and Firefighter I Gavan Miyashita (Honolulu Fire Department); Cameron Sato (Senator Stanley Chang's Office); Director Mark Wong (Mayor Kirk Caldwell's Representative); Councilmember Trevor Ozawa and Kurt Tsuneyoshi; Councilmember Ann Kobayashi and James Larson; Representative Calvin Say; Senator Les Ihara Jr.; Representative Bertrand Kobayashi; Carol Hoshiko (Kapiolani Community College); Bradley Akamu (Hawaii Meals on Wheels); Rae Tadaki; Wayne Tadaki; Becky Gardner; and Brittany Yadao (Neighborhood Commission Office).


Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) -- Firefighter I Gavan Miyashita reported the following:

• January 2017 Statistics: There was 1 nuisance fire, 9 activated alarms (no fire), 85 medical emergencies, 2 motor vehicle collisions with a pedestrian, 7 motor vehicle crashes/collisions, 3 mountain rescues, 1 ocean rescue and 2 hazardous materials incident.

• Fire Safety Tip -- Electrical Safety:

o Heat-producing appliances (coffee maker, toaster, etc.) should be plugged into a wall receptacle outlet one at a time.

o Major appliances (refrigerators, dryers, stoves, etc.) should be plugged directly into a wall receptacle outlet. Extension cords and power taps or strips should not be used.

o Ensure electrical cords are not running across doorways or under carpets.

o Extension cords are intended for temporary use. Have a licensed electrician install additional receptacle outlets to eliminate the need for extension cords.

o Ensure that electrical work is performed by a licensed electrician.

Questions, comments and concerns followed:

1. Flooding: Chair Bullock asked and Firefighter I Miyashita replied that HFD responded to a tent collapse and flooding evacuation at the Kapiolani Community College (KCC) on Saturday, February 11, 2017, due to heavy winds and rain during an education event. A few people sustained minor injuries; Chair Bullock thanked HFD for their efforts.

2. Hazardous Materials: Chair Bullock asked and Firefighter I Miyashita replied that the hazardous materials incident was a residential gasoline leak.

Honolulu Police Department (HPD) -- Sergeant Clifford Ramson reported the following:

• Car Break-Ins: Sergeant Ramson noted that there have been less burglaries and car break-ins and attributed this to the community heeding his advice to secure vehicles/homes as well as their vigilance to deter such crimes.

• January 2017 Statistics: There were 3 motor vehicle thefts, 6 burglaries, 31 thefts, 14 unauthorized entries into motor vehicles (UEMV) and 6,710 total calls for service.

• Safety Tip: An informational sheet on S.C.A.M. -- Stop Criminals from Acquiring your Money was made available.

Questions, comments and concerns followed:

1. Sierra Drive -- Parking: A resident asked if there was a resolution for the number of parking tickets that many Maunalani Circle residents have received for parking on the unimproved sidewalk. Lieutenant Clinton Sukekane replied that the issue was a misunderstanding and Councilmember Trevor Ozawa did not submit a complaint about parking in the area. A resident asked and Lieutenant Sukekane replied that an unimproved sidewalk is from the edge of the road to the property line. The standard measurements for a car to park on an unimproved sidewalk is to leave at-least 36 inches for a wheelchair to pass, however, the ticketing officer does have discretion. Sergeant Sukekane added that the 36 inches is also to allow for pedestrians to pass through so that they are not forced to walk on the road. A resident noted that there is a 36-inches wide swell on the side of the road that is wide enough for most pedestrians to walk through. The resident noted an instance where a neighbor complained about his car that was parked in his garage. Two (2) officers reported to the incident, the first officer noted that the parking issue did not seem too bad while the other officer noted that he would give the resident a ticket. Lieutenant Sukekane replied that officers do have the discretion to ticket a vehicle and added that he understands that parking is limited. Lieutenant Sukekane noted that the situation may be worse if officers strictly adhered to enforcement rules and added that if there is enough interest the laws can be changed.

2. "No Parking" Signs: Hagadone noted a street that does not have "No Parking" signs on both sides of the road. Cars parked on both sides of street effectively turn the road into a one (1)-way street. Hagadone asked and Lieutenant Sukekane noted that "No Parking" signs and a street survey can be requested from the City and County of Honolulu.

Board of Water Supply (BWS) -- A representative was not available; Chair Bullock read a report that was sent to him:

• Main Breaks: There was a six (6)-inch main break at 925 9th Avenue on Monday, January 16, 2017.

• Rain Water Recapture and Reuse -- The BWS is partnering with the City Department of Facility Maintenance (DFM) -- Storm Water Quality Branch in an effort to encourage water conservation with rain water recapture and reuse. Oahu's storm drains are separate from the sewer system and are specifically designed to handle rain water run-off to prevent flooding in developed areas. By reducing the amount of water that enters storm drains, methods such as a rain barrel catchment system, rain gardens, and xeriscaping can reduce the negative effects on streams and beaches when rain water picks up debris and pollutants from the ground. The BWS estimates the average home uses 50 percent of their water outdoors. By installing a rain barrel catchment system at your home, you are helping the BWS to preserve Oahu's water resources and encourage water conservation. A rain barrel catchment system allows you to capture rain water for use with outdoor, non-drinking water activities, such as non-edible plant irrigation. The BWS encourages its use because it reduces the amount of drinking water used for non-drinking purposes. For information about rain barrel catchment systems, visit and for more information about reducing storm water run-off, visit

• Halawa Xeriscape Garden Workshops -- The BWS and Friends of Halawa Xeriscape Garden continue to offer workshops that highlight the concept of xeriscaping -- an innovative means of conserving water through efficient landscaping. These workshops offer creative ideas to help maintain a water efficient and attractive landscape while reducing outdoor water use and reliance on harmful chemical pesticides. A full list of xeriscape workshops is available at, Here is a list of the new upcoming workshops:

 Friday, February 17, 2017: Benefits of Companion Gardening

 Friday, March 3, 2017: Magnificent Neem

FILLING OF VACANT BOARD SEATS -- Chair Bullock announced three (3) vacancies on the board. Two (2) vacancies are in Sub-District One (1), East Kaimuki and Business District. The other vacancy is in Sub-District Three (3), West Kaimuki. Chair Bullock asked if there were any interested residents to fill the vacancies.

Rebecca Gardner introduced herself and noted her interest to serve on the Board.

Chair Bullock asked and Gardner clarified that her place of residence is on Center Street.

Chair Bullock noted that Center Street is in Sub-District Two (2) for which there is currently no vacancy.

• Vacancies: Hearing no further nominations Chair Bullock deferred the vacancy fillings to the next regular meeting.

• Neighborhood Board Elections: Chair Bullock noted that the deadline for the Neighborhood Board elections is on Friday, February 17, 2017, for a two (2) year term. Applications are available online at or at the Neighborhood Commission Office (NCO), located at 925 Dillingham Boulevard, Suite 160. Elections for the term of July 2017 to June 2019 will be happening in May 2017.

Questions, comments and concerns followed: Online Application: Hagadone noted that the online candidate registration form is easy to fill out. Chair Bullock added that if there are any mistakes on the application the NCO will call to help correct those mistakes.


Mayor Kirk Caldwell's Representative -- Director of the Department of Information Technology (DIT) Mark Wong, distributed the Oahu News and reported the following:

• Neighborhood Board Elections: Director Wong thanked Chair Bullock for highlighting the Neighborhood Candidate Registration. Director Wong noted that the Neighborhood Board Elections will be available online at Those unable to vote online will not be able to vote by phone, however, voting by mail will be available. Director Wong noted that residents will not receive a ballot for uncontested seats.

• Mayor's Memorial Day 2017 Poster Contest -- Open to all students, kindergarten to 12th grade, in public, private, charter school, or homeschooled. Drawing needs to be on a 9-inch by 12-inch paper and the use of pen, pencil, ink, pastels, and paints are allowed. No computer enhancements or cut-outs, paste-ons, or stickers are allowed. Drawing could depict scenes of lei sewing activities, Punchbowl memorial activities, or military appreciation. This year marks the 50th Commemorative Year of the Vietnam War, and we are hoping for a great public show of support. More information is available through children's schools, on the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) website, email at, or call at 768-3003.

• Kaimuki Municipal Parking Lot: The Department of Design and Construction (DDC) replied to Chair Bullock's inquiry as to where the project is on the queue. DDC noted that the funds have been released and DDC is presently procuring a consultant for the project.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:

1. Last Cycle: Hagadone asked and Director Wong replied his review of the Neighborhood Board Elections show that mail-in voting stopped around 2013.

2. Mail-In Voting: Hagadone asked and Director Wong replied that mail-in voting will be available to those who call and ask for a mail-in ballot. Director Wong replied that all voters registered for the Neighborhood Board Election will be sent a notice that voting has started and will be available via phone or web.

3. Kaimuki Municipal Parking Lot: Chair Bullock asked and Director Wong replied that the procurement stage of the project is often unpredictable as to how long it could take. A resident asked and Director Wong replied that construction may start in 2017 but issues may come up to push back the timeline.

4. Sierra Drive -- Parking: A resident asked and Director Wong replied that the report he read regarding the parking issues on Sierra Drive was a response from HPD. Director Wong noted that resident concerns raised during the Mayor's Representative portion of the meeting are submitted by the NCO to the appropriate department. The department will then respond to the issue and procure a memo for the NCO to submit to the Mayor's Representative who will report the response back to the community.

Councilmember Ann Kobayashi -- Newsletters were distributed and Councilmember Kobayashi reported the following:

• Maunalani Park: Councilmember Kobayashi noted that the first park site visit was at the Maunalani Park. In attendance were about 20 volunteers, Councilmember Kobayashi, Councilmember Ozawa, and the Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) Michele Nekota.

• Kaimuki Park: Councilmember Kobayashi also made a site visit to Kaimuki Park and noted that changes need to be made to the façade of the park as it is not very inviting. Such changes include but are not limited to landscaping, fixing the stage, and updating the playground, so that residents will be encouraged to utilize the park more. The next park site visit will be in Ewa.

• Parking: Councilmember Kobayashi noted that in addition to parking being an issue for Maunalani Circle it is also an issue for residents of Saint Louis Heights. Councilmember Kobayashi noted that she introduced a Bill that would allow a property owner to park in front the driveway with a permit for a nominal fee. The property owner would be the sole person allowed to apply for the permit to park in front of his or her own driveway.

Questions, comments and concerns followed:

1. Parking Bill: Schneider asked and Councilmember Kobayashi replied that only the property owner would be able to apply for the permit. There is no Bill number yet, however, the Bill will be introduced on Wednesday, February 22, 2017.

2. Kapaolono Park: Nagai noted that the grass at Kapaolono Park has a lot of bare spots. Councilmember Kobayashi noted that she would look into the issue.

Councilmember Trevor Ozawa -- Councilmember Trevor Ozawa reported the following:

• Sierra Drive -- Parking: Councilmember Ozawa noted that he followed up with Director Wong and Managing Director Roy Amemiya who confirmed that the Request for Investigation and Service Report (RISR) that was submitted by Councilmember Ozawa clearly stated a request for clarification and did not request enforcement for parking on Maunalani Heights. The RISR clearly states that Councilmember Ozawa was interested in the lack of parking and not ticketing.

• Sierra Drive Parking Bill: Councilmember Ozawa noted that at the last meeting there was discussion regarding a Bill that he introduced that would allow parking for Sierra Drive. Councilmember Ozawa added that only one (1) person submitted testimony for the Bill and not one (1) resident who received a ticket showed up to the hearing. Councilmember Ozawa commented that the legislature will not see the inclination to pass such bills if there is no community support.

• Staffing Resolution: Councilmember Ozawa noted that the Maunalani Park has been closed several times in the last 13 years is due to a lack of funding for a part-time DPR employee to staff the park. Councilmember Ozawa submitted a resolution urging the administration that DPR staff at least a part-time employee so that the residents of the area may use the park amenities upon request.

• Kaimuki Park: Councilmember Ozawa noted the anticipation to reinvigorate Kaimuki Park with further funding along with the construction on the parking lot.

Questions, comments and concerns followed:

1. Testimony: Schneider noted that she did submit testimony and Councilmember Ozawa replied that only one (1) testimony was on his desk on the day of the hearing and that he was the only one (1) explaining the situation to all the pertaining departments. Councilmember Ozawa added that if the community really wants to see changes made then there needs to be community support by submitting testimony, speaking to District legislators or asking the Board to take action. Councilmember Ozawa noted that he asked for a deferral as the Bill may change over time and added that he will continue to push for resolutions to the issue.

2. Staffing Resolution: Schneider asked and Councilmember Ozawa replied that the resolution will still have to go through the Parks Committee and added that community interest is crucial for change to be made.

3. Sierra Drive Parking Bill: Hagadone asked and Councilmember Ozawa replied that the hearing for the Bill was deferred and added that the Bill was introduced to generate discussion. As of now the Bill is no shape to be passed and the administration currently does not support the Bill which is okay as further discussion may change those views or reach a different solution. Schneider asked and Councilmember Ozawa replied that testimony is always taken into consideration adding that a City and County of Honolulu staff member who submitted testimony because he received a ticket for parking on an unimproved sidewalk despite qualitative space for pedestrians to pass through.

4. Discretion: Cameron Sato asked and Councilmember Ozawa clarified that the general rule for parking on an unimproved sidewalk is to leave 36 inches to allow for a wheelchair to pass through.

5. Unimproved Sidewalk: A resident asked and Councilmember Ozawa clarified that the parking issue is triggered when a car is parked on an unimproved sidewalk which is technically illegal, however, if enough space is left for pedestrians to safely walk by then an officer has the discretion to ticket the vehicle. A resident asked and Councilmember Ozawa replied that Councilmember Kobayashi plans to introduce a Bill so that a property owner may apply for a permit to park in the driveway. Chair Bullock asked and Councilmember Ozawa replied that the discrepancy between the law and HPD's policy as to whether people can park on an unimproved sidewalk need to delineate clearly what is acceptable for parking and what is not. The simplest solution would be to make HPD's policy the law to reduce such discrepancies. Chair Bullock asked and Councilmember Ozawa replied that he would update the Board once the Bill has been revised and submitted for public comment. Schneider noted that adding parking would be onerous because property lines on Sierra Drive are non-conforming. Councilmember Ozawa replied that there is no single solution to aid in the lack of parking but the best the community can do for now is to keep the unimproved sidewalks safe.

6. Improve Sidewalks: A resident asked and Councilmember Ozawa replied that creating sidewalks may cause new problems such as flooding for residents who live downhill. In addition, improving the sidewalks would make for a complete loss of parking because Sierra Drive is too narrow for cars to park on the street.

7. Bill 71 (2016): Chair Bullock noted that the community should consider Bill 71 and make suggestions that would benefit the resolution overall. Chair Bullock noted his agreement that discrepancies with the law and HPD policy can cause confusion, upset the community, and can make HPD a target for frustration. However, these discrepancies need to be clearly identified and addressed in the Bill. Councilmember Ozawa noted that he will probably submit a new Bill that would align HPD policy with the law.

8. Kaimuki Park: A resident asked and Schneider replied that the adopt-a-park representative for Kaimuki Park is looking into contractors and community involvement. Councilmember Ozawa added that the City is looking for cost-effective ways to make the park safer so that homeless do not continue to overrun the park. Councilmember Ozawa noted that Kaimuki Park is currently a top Capital Improvement Project (CIP) priority as the playground equipment and façade are severely lacking.

Governor David Ige's Representative -- Newsletters were available; a representative was not present.

Senator Stanley Chang -- Cameron Sato distributed newsletters and reported the following:

• Kalanianaole Water Main Break: Sato noted that several City and State agencies came together to address the main break on Kalanianaole Highway on Saturday, January 21, 2017 to Wednesday, January 25, 2017. Sato noted that general community feedback was that there should be an immediate response to similar issues as well as an immediate press release to keep the public informed. Sato noted that Senator Chang is working on a resolution for similar events in the future so that there will be an efficient response.

• Senate Bill (SB) 271: Senator Chang is working on a Bill that would make appropriations to the Department of Human Services (DHS), the Department of Health (DOH), and the Department of Transportation Services (HDOT) to assist with homelessness and housing issues. Sato advised all interested residents to submit testimony when the Bill comes up for hearing so that funds can be appropriated to the proper departments to help relieve issues with homelessness.

• Crosswalk: Sato noted that he is working on getting a crosswalk on 22nd Street and Diamond Head Road as runners often frequent the area.

Questions, comments and concerns followed:

1. Town Hall: Councilmember Ozawa noted that it was unacceptable of the HDOT not to show up at Senator Chang's Town Hall meeting on Monday, February 6, 2017. Sato replied that although the Director and Deputy Director of HDOT were not able to make the meeting it doesn't help if everyone has ideas on how to resolve an issue and the most pertaining department is not present. Sato added that it was a frustrating situation, however, the City's presence was noted and effective.

2. Questionnaire: A resident noted that she did not receive a Senator Chang's questionnaire in the mail. Sato replied that she may have been outside of the District and gave her a copy that he had on hand. Chair Bullock clarified that Sub-District (1) which is from Waialae to Kahala is under Senator Chang while the rest is under Senator Ihara.

3. Park Improvement: A resident noted that she was not informed about the site visit at Maunalani Park that Councilmember Kobayashi attended. The resident asked if she could be informed of future meetings and inquired about the tennis courts which have issues with lighting. Councilmember Kobayashi replied that the Kaimuki Neighborhood Board No. 4, The Lion's Club, and DPR were in attendance at the Maunalani Park site visit. Chair Bullock added that they want residents in attendance but there was not enough advance notice to get the word out. Schneider commented that the notice was sent out through the neighborhood security watch as they have an extensive email list. Hagadone noted that he sent out a community notice but was not able to get it out in enough time as he received the notice in the late afternoon the day prior to the visit.

4. Water Main Break: A resident asked and Sato replied that the BWS has thousands of miles of pipes with only seven (7) miles having been surveyed in the last month. Sato added that it is basically impossible to predict where or how these pipes will break, however, the recent water main break created a hazardous situation not only for the public but for the workers as well as they had to dig quite deep to reach the source of the break. Councilmember Ozawa commented that HDOT needs different plans to mitigate traffic in these instances. Councilmember Ozawa noted that he recommended that HDOT should have stopped traffic from the H1 west bound at the Ainakoa Avenue area and merge that traffic under the freeway up through Waialae, at least for the time being. In addition, 10th Avenue could have opened to allow traffic to reverse, head east to the end of the H1 and go around. Councilmember Ozawa noted that this may have resolved a lot of traffic headache but HDOT was not present for recommendations. Sato noted that Senator Chang is working on a resolution that calls for an Emergency Traffic Coordinator that has the power through HDOT to conduct pertaining City and State agencies.

Senator Les Ihara Jr. -- Senator Ihara Jr. reported the following:

• Bills Deadline: Senator Ihara Jr. noted that Bills would be reaching the first reading deadline.

• Death with Dignity: Senator Ihara Jr. noted that the Commerce, Consumer Protection and Health Committee passed the Death with Dignity Bill and will be moving on to the Judiciary Committee. There will be a public forum regarding the Bill where several doctors, retired judges, and other officials will be in attendance to voice their opposition to the Bill. The forum will be on Thursday, February 23, 2017 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

• General Excise Tax (GET) Rail Surcharge: The GET Rail Surcharge bill did get passed through two (2) committees. However, there is concern for the City to find other solutions to fund the rail.

• Airbnb: Senator Ihara Jr. noted Airbnb is about 25 percent of the hospitality market and added that his issues with the Bill are imposing a tax on such activity that the State knows is illegal by County law. Senator Ihara Jr. proposed that the state gives the County a few million so that they can enforce these laws, reorganize their zoning laws or do studies and resolve inconsistencies within the law.

Questions, comments and concerns: General Excise Tax (GET): Chair Bullock asked if the State knows how many hospitality agencies are already paying GET. Senator Ihara Jr. replied that the State is not touching those funds yet and there are currently no GET licenses posted on the Airbnb sites. Senator Ihara Jr. added that Legislature passed a Bill a while ago that would require all short term vacation rentals to place a Transient Accommodations Tax (TAT) on their advertisements but the Bill was blocked. Chair Bullock noted that with that assumption then Airbnb is conducting illegal operations. Senator Ihara Jr. replied that Airbnb is just the platform and the debate is whether they have an obligation to censor such activity. Chair Bullock added that if the State is looking to collect $25 million in taxes that are not being collected now from individuals who are working on the Airbnb platform then the State would be collecting taxes from people who are currently doing things illegally so they should not be able to operate in this State. Senator Ihara Jr. replied that this activity continues to exist and the City and County of Honolulu is not doing anything to deter the issue.

Representative Calvin K.Y. Say -- Speaker Emeritus Calvin Say was available for questions and highlighted the following: Infrastructure and Future Development: Speaker Emeritus Say noted his disappointment with the decision by the City and County of Honolulu in regards to the property at Atkinson Drive and Kapiolani Boulevard. Speaker Emeritus Say added that the water line and sewer line for the project has yet to be seen and will put tremendous pressure on the old water and sewer line if there is no replacement. Speaker Emeritus Say noted that the City and State legislators need to be aware of the impacts when approving projects along the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) line. Those projects will become overbearing on an already crumbling infrastructure. Speaker Emeritus Say noted that there needs to be more preventative action rather than an active response. Speaker Emeritus Say noted that he is drafting a resolution that will address this issue and will be seeking community support.

Questions, comments and concerns followed:

1. Building Capacity: Councilmember Ozawa noted that he asked those same questions at the Public Works meeting and it took a long time to get a clear response. Councilmember Ozawa noted that it will be difficult to improve buildings and move forward with projects if the capacity is not there. As permits get issued for the developers to build the City is chasing a deadline to replace the sewer and water lines.

2. Waste Water Dump: A resident asked and Chair Bullock replied waste water is just another aspect that the City needs to make sure is accounted for.

Representative Bertrand Kobayashi -- A newsletter was distributed and Representative Bertrand Kobayashi reported the following:

• Moped Registration: The Department of Customer Services (CSD) reminds moped owners that a new State law requires the annual safety inspection and registration of mopeds beginning Sunday, January 1, 2017. Registered owners of mopeds on Oahu will need to get a safety inspection and register mopeds initially this year and annually thereafter.

• Diamond Head Homeless Update: A sweep of homeless individuals was done on the Makai slopes of Diamond Head. For further questions about the Diamond Head homeless please contact the Office of the Governor's Coordinator on Homelessness at 586-0193.

• Liholiho Elementary School: On Wednesday, February 15, 2017, Liholiho Elementary School won an award for Habits of the Mind, which is a teaching methodology that is practiced by only a few schools in the nation.

• Supplemental Budget: Governor Ige recently released his supplemental budget which cut $150 million from the proposed budget and will reduce much of the add-on dollars that Governor Ige proposed for education.

• Deferred Maintenance: A handout was provided highlighting concerns regarding deferred maintenance and the need to address the issue of building new structures and then allowing them to crumble.

PUBLIC INPUT -- There was no public input to report.


Approval of the Wednesday, November 16, 2016 Regular Meeting Minutes: The Kaimuki Neighborhood Board No. 4 APPROVED the Wednesday, November 16, 2016, regular meeting minutes by UNANIMOUS consent, 6-0-0 (AYE: Bullock Jr., Hagadone, Hoe, Kang, Schneider, and Nagai; NAY: None; ABSTAIN: None).

Approval of the Wednesday, January 18, 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes: The Kaimuki Neighborhood Board No. 4 APPROVED the Wednesday, January 18, 2017, regular meeting minutes by UNANIMOUS consent, 6-0-0 (AYE: Bullock Jr., Hagadone, Hoe, Kang, Schneider, and Nagai; NAY: None; ABSTAIN: None).

Wilhelmina Rise Project Status Update -- Board of Water Supply: Chair Bullock noted that all BWS representatives were away for a conference and asked for any community questions, comments or concerns.

City Council Bill 71 (2016) -- Sierra Drive Street Parking on the Unimproved Sidewalks: Chair Bullock noted that once Councilmember Ozawa rewrites the Bill, the Board will notify the community for public comment and feedback. Once the BWS is done with their project they will repave Sierra Drive.

Volunteers Needed for Meals on Wheels: Brad Akamu reported the following:

• Introduction: Akamu noted that Meals on Wheels is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and serves those who are home bound or can't cook or grocery shop for themselves which allows individuals to age in place.

• Food Preparation: The meals are prepared by 10 different kitchens island wide that Meals on Wheels is partnered with. Due to these partnerships they are able to provide special dietary meals. Each kitchen requires a licensed dietician under their contract with Meals on Wheels.

• Volunteers: There are 48 routes that need to be served each day with up to 13 people or as little as four (4) on a route. Meals on Wheels is looking for volunteers to deliver the meals to supply a growing demand. Currently, there are just over 400 volunteers throughout the year. In 2015, Meals on Wheels projected that they served nearly 88,000 meals. In 2016 they served about 97,000 meals and this year they are projected to serve nearly 100,000 meals. All routes in Kaimuki are nearly maxed out which is why volunteers are needed to fill a growing demand island wide.

• Delivery Route: Meals on Wheels is flexible with volunteers' schedules. Most people volunteer only once a week on a set day and on a set route. There are volunteers who deliver every other week, once a month, and once a year, there are even substitute volunteers who deliver when the regular volunteers cannot. There are companies that provide their employees to deliver meals which takes only an hour to an hour and a half.

Questions, comments and concerns followed:

1. Delivery: A resident asked and Akamu replied that Meals on Wheels delivers Monday through Friday during the lunch hour as those are the times with the highest need. The focus for weekday delivery is with the idea that most individuals have family support on the weekend, however, if a route allows for special cases they do serve two (2) additional meals on Friday for those that have no support on the weekend.

2. Lanakila Meals on Wheels: A resident asked and Akamu replied Lanakila Meals on Wheels is a separate organization with the same mission. The difference is Lanakila Meals on Wheels has their own kitchen so they prepare their own meals, another difference is that they serve frozen meals and will drop off five (5) meals to their clients on a Monday. The Meals on Wheels serves their meals hot and ready to eat which allows for the needs different demographics to be addressed.

3. Clients: Chair Bullock asked and Akamu replied that Meals on Wheels does community outreach to spread the word for future clients. All client intakes are referred to the Elderly Affairs Division at the Department of Community Services (DCS). DCS will do an initial interview, a home visit and assessment and if the person qualifies they will be referred to the Meals on Wheels program.

4. Cost: Hagadone asked and Akamu replied that Meals on Wheels does ask for a volunteered contribution of five (5) dollars per meal. The client will receive a statement at the beginning of every month for the previous month, the statement will show how many meals the client received along with a suggested amount for them to pay. If a client is not able to pay the full suggested amount their service will not be stopped. Clients are not required to pay as service is based on need and not income. This highlights the importance of donations and grants.

Treasurer's Report -- Hagadone reported a remaining balance of $233.23.

Members Attendance at other Meetings: Maunalani Heights Recreation Center: Hagadone noted his attendance at the Maunalani Heights recreation center that was reported by Councilmember Kobayashi and Councilmember Ozawa. Chair Bullock asked and Hagadone repied that he went as himself and not as a representative of the Board. Schneider noted that she was also in attendance. Chair Bullock noted that Board members should keep in mind the Sunshine Law when attending other meetings, however, on this occasion there are no issues to be concerned with.


• Kaimuki Library: The Kaimuki Library will be closed mid-February through March 2017 for air conditioning repair, parking will not be available. The library bookstore will remain open and are looking for volunteers. They sell paperback books for fifty cents, hard back books for a dollar, and CD's/DVDs are a dollar each. The bookstore is open from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Tuesdays.

• Culinary Institute of the Pacific (CIP): The Kapiolani Community College (KCC) CIP is almost complete and will be ready to open.

• Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Kaimuki Neighborhood Board No. 4 will be Wednesday, March 15, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. at the Kaimuki Christian Church, Fellowship Hall, 1117 Koko Head Avenue.

ADJOURNMENT -- The meeting adjourned at 8:59 p.m.

Submitted by: Brittany Yadao, Neighborhood Assistant

Reviewed by: Sharon Baillie, Neighborhood Assistant

Reviewed by: Lyle Bullock, Chair

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