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Kaimuki Christian School Location / Contact:
1117 Koko Head Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816
Phone: (808) 732-1781

Kara Takata
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Founded in 1968, KCS is a ministry of Kaimuki Christian Church (KCC), a non-denominational Christian church of the Restoration Movement. Two of the leading principles of this movement are an emphasis on the authority of the Bible for the Christian life and the desire for unity among the followers of Jesus Christ. Governed by the eldership of KCC, KCS offers classes from Preschool through Grade 8 during the school year, and a three-part program during the summer. Kaimuki Christian High School will launch in 2012-2013 (details below) Back to the top
KCS desires our students to be life-long learners who are self-disciplined and responsible, possess integrity, and seek to serve others. Our preschool curriculum consists of motor development, skill training and an introduction to academics supplemented by enrichment subjects (Christian Education, Computer, Music, Art and Physical Education). Socialization through group play and Christian sportsmanship are also learned. REQUEST APPLICATION /CAMPUS TOUR (Click here)

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KCS desires our students to be life-long learners who are self-disciplined and responsible, possess integrity, and seek to serve others. Kaimuki Christian School offers all basic elementary school curriculum such as Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, and Science. Students also participate in enrichment classes such as Art, Christian Education, Computer, Music, and Physical Education. REQUEST APPLICATION /CAMPUS TOUR (Click here)

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Middle School
KCS desires our students to be life-long learners who are self-disciplined and responsible, possess integrity, and seek to serve others. Middle School students attend classes in English, Math, Social Studies, and Science. Middle school enrichment courses include Bible, Band, Computer, Physical Education, and Art. Additional grade level enrichment courses are also offered. Request Application / Campus Tour.

Additional Grade Level Courses

6th Grade

Study Skills

7th Grade

Life Skills

8th Grade

Chinese and Drama

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High School

What will the Kaimuki Christian High School (KCHS) look like?
  • Small school of up to twenty students per grade (80 for the school)
  • Focused on service to the community local and global
    • Individuals who want to be positive change agents in their community and workplace
      • Ethical and moral modeling

    • Applicants expected to receive no lower than a B in Behavior on their 7th grade final progress report and all quarters of the 8th grade progress report.

  • Grounded in values
    • Developing seekers of truth and meaning
    • Encouraging students to understand what they believe and why they believe it. An apologetic for the Christian faith will be developed and examined.

  • Equipping students to succeed in college and in life
    • Critical thinkers and problem solvers
    • Curious and imaginative learners
    • Effective communicators
    • Cross-cultural collaborators
    • Able to meet the challenge of accelerating change and information overload
    • Self-directed initiators/entrepreneurs

  • Draw on the best of homeschooling
    • Loving, caring, 'ohana
    • Students proceeding at their own pace
    • Role modeling

  • Draw on the best of traditional schooling
    • Sense of community
    • Shared resources to draw on (e.g. facilities, enrichment programs)
    • Cooperative learning
    • Highly qualified teachers, prepared to engage students in a rigorous course of inquiry and exploration, designed to prepare them to think, to investigate, to communicate, to make a positive contribution to our world
When will KCHS start?
  • KCHS will launch in 2012-2013, starting with ninth grade. A successive grade level will be added each year, as we anticipate graduating our first class of seniors in 2016.
What kind of curriculum will the high school have?
  • It will be a challenging curriculum that will prepare students for college and beyond.
  • Our college-preparatory curriculum will prepare our graduates to

    - become leaders who influence positive change in the community and workplace.
    -understand their beliefs and why they believe them.
    -become seekers of truth and meaning.
    -be able to successfully meet the challenge of a world filled with rapid change, information overload, and complex problems.
    -develop an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of history, cultures, religions, and current economic and political developments.

  • The curriculum offerings will be a combination of core subjects (Bible, English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Chinese). Grades 9 to 11 will center around a related educational trip.
  • They will be enriched with a variety of electives (possibilities include Choir, Concert Band, Digital Art, Painting, Photography, Robotics, and Speech).
  • Grade 9: Studies in American Literature and American History will culminate in a tour to Washington, D.C. Students will also complete courses in Bible Survey, Geometry, Chemistry, and Chinese I.
  • Grade 10: A focal point of Grade 10 is a week long Mission Trip. Students will continue their language track with Chinese II. Other core courses are World Religions/Missions, World Literature, World History, Algebra II, and Biology.
  • Grade 11: Chinese III, Asian History, and Asian Literature will prepare students for a trip to China. Students will also undertake Precalculus, Physics, and Ethics.
  • Grade 12: Students will culminate their time at KCS with a year long Senior Project. Course will include Guidance/Apologetics, English Literature, and Economics/Government. Calculus and Chinese IV will be available. Students will also have the opportunity to prepare for Advanced Placement (AP) exams.
Will KCHS have extra-curricular activities?
  • We will be participating in the Hawaii Sports Fellowship athletic program offering volleyball, basketball, and soccer teams.
  • Three major student trips are envisioned: 9th Grade - Washington D.C. , 10th Grade - Mission Trip, and 11th Grade - China.

Where will KCHS be located?
  • Classrooms in our current main building will be utilized for high school.
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Afterschool Care

Supervision (for Preschoolers) and Study Hall, monitored by a paid staff member is available from 3:00 -4:00 pm followed by supervised care from 4:00 - 5:30 pm. Occasional Care is available to parents who want do not want to use Afterschool Care everyday. REQUEST APPLICATION /CAMPUS TOUR (Click here)

Admissions - Request Application Packet

We encourage you to tour our facility while school is in session so that you can see the classrooms in action. We look forward to meeting you and your family.

We are very proud of our school's rich forty year history and its respected reputation in Honolulu. It is a school where children, parents and staff work together to develop each child to their God intended potential.

Our school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion or ethnic background in the administration of its educational policies. We believe in promoting the importance of diversity within the school community.

In spring 2008, KCS was awarded dual accreditation status by WASC and ACSI. The school is a member of the Hawaii Council of Private Schools (HCPS) and an affiliate member of the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools (HAIS).

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The Kyle-Lenn-Joey Scholarship Fund

This fund was set up as a memorial honoring former students Kyle Schumacher, Lenn Kawamura, and Joey Yoshikawa. It helps fund a limited financial aid program to assist students who lack the resources to meet the full cost of an education at KCS. Each spring, a day is set aside for a walk-a-thon to raise monies for the fund. Students collect donations from friends and relatives to support the endeavor. Various awards are given to the students who reach the designated quotas.

The Helen N. McKenzie Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund was established in 2000 in honor of KCS' founding principal. It is a merit scholarship, given to the 6th - 8th grader who is deemed to best reflect the school's emphasis on academic effort, caring attitude, and service to school and community.

Contributions by alumni and other to help establish a fund for this scholarship are appreciated.


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As a ministry of Kaimuki Christian Church, our mission is to bring glory to God by nurturing all children who can significantly benefit from our program by educating them to attain their God-intended potential.

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Expected Learning Results of KCS Students:
  • Spiritually Growing Individuals
  • Critical Thinkers
  • Effective Communication
  • Self-Directed Learners
  • Active Community Participants
  • Healthy Individuals
Kaimuki Christian Church
Kaimuki Christian Church is a non-denominational Christian Church sharing Jesus' love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Has coupon!!

Volunteer for Trash & Graffiti Clean Up / Removal with Kaimuki Christian Church - Love Your Neighbor!

Clean up the Kaimuki neighborhood. We go out on the third Saturday of each month to pick up trash and paint over graffiti in the Kaimuki neighborhood.

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