Get great online coupons! - Making Hawaii's Best Malasadas, Homemade Ice Cream and Baked Goods from scratch. Serving Custom Hawaiian Coffee from Maui and Ka'u, paired specifically for our creamy desserts.

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Get great online coupons! - Making Hawaii's Best Malasadas, Homemade Ice Cream and Baked Goods from scratch. Serving Custom Hawaiian Coffee from Maui and Ka'u, paired specifically for our creamy desserts.

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  • GO GREEN - Go Green in Kaimuki, Hawaii
    Learn how to go green in Kaimuki, Hawaii More...
  • WiFi Hot Spots in Kaimuki, Hawaii
    Find out where Free WiFi Hot spots are in the Kaimuki area. More...
  • Kaimuki Sports, Recreation Fitness
    Commercial Sports and Recreation Resources, Yoga, Bicycle Shops Repair and Supplies, Golf Supplies, Baseball Fields, Basketball Courts, Football Fields, Golf Courses, Ping Pong, Soccer Fields, Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts, Volleyball Courts, Water Sports More...
  • Kaimuki Travel Agencies and Transportation
    Travel Agency, Taxi Companies, Limousine More...
  • HOME & GARDEN - Kaimuki Home and Garden
    Whether you're making a few small home repairs, renovating your house or fixing up your yard, we've got all the Kaimuki Hawaii information you need to get the job done. More...
  • HEALTH & WELLNESS - Kaimuki Health and Wellness
    Kaimuki, Hawaii has a vast selection of health and wellness providers within the community. Eye Care, Dentistry, Nursing/Rehabilitation, Acupuncture, Hearing Aids, Pharmacy, Chiropractors More...
  • Kaimuki Retirement
    Kaimuki is a great place to retire. This peaceful and calming neighborhood offers a lot of accessibility to our retirees and has a host of establishments that can help keep them active and healthy. More...
  • Kaimuki Shopping Stores and Malls
    Clothing Stores, Retail Stores, Shopping Centers, Specialty Stores, Furniture Stores, General Retail, Music Stores, Import/Export, Party Supplies, Wine Tasting and Liquor, Shopping Centers, Malls More...
  • Kaimuki, Hawaii Kama'aina (Kamaaina) Offers
    Get great Kaimuki Kama'aina offers from popular tourist related events and activities. More...
  • AUTOMOTIVE & CAR - Sales, Repairs, Supplies
    Owning and maintaining a car in Kaimuki is a breeze with all the automotive-related services within the community. Auto Parts, Auto Repairs, Gas Stations, Car Dealerships More...
  • EDUCATION - Schools, Education and Tutoring
    After School Tutoring, Educational and Training, Private Schools, Public Schools More...
  • Kaimuki Arts and Entertainment
    Artists, Art Galleries, Entertainment Family, Entertainment Theater, Performing Artists, Galleries, Musicians, Record Labels, Toys/books/videos, Video Store Rentals More...
  • Kaimuki Personal Services and Care
    For busy residents here in Kaimuki, Hawaii, having personal services stores nearby helps make their lives a little bit easier. Animal Services, Errand Services, Parenting/Day Care, Cleaners, Packaging and Shipping More...
  • Kaimuki Business Services / Business to Business (B2B)
    Translation Services, Business Services, Business to Business, Accounting Services, Business Services, Insurance, Marketing, Computer and Web More...
  • Kaimuki Hawaii Non Profits
    Associations, Charities, Human Services, Public School Support More...
  • Kaimuki Banks, Credit Unions and Financial Institutions
    Banks, Credit Unions More...
  • Kaimuki Hawaii Churches, Faith and Spirituality
    Churches and faiths in Kaimuki. Christianity, Episcopal, Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses , Orthodox Church, other Christian, Unaffiliated including atheist or agnostic, Judaism, Buddhist, Islam, Hinduism. More...
  • Kaimuki Animal Pet Services and Resources
    Dog Parks, Animal Pet Veterinary Clinics and Hospital, Pet Grooming Services, Dog Walking and Training. More...
    Barber Shops, Hair and Makeup, Cosmetics, Nail Salons More...
  • Hawaii Coupons & Discounts - Honolulu - Kaimuki - Master Page
    Save money in Kaimuki with these coupons. More...
  • New Kaimuki, Hawaii Listings
    See the latest additions to the Kaimuki website listings.
  • Directories
    Your guide to Kaimuki restaurants, stores, businesses and more.
    Businesses Directory
    Nonprofits Directory
    Public/Gov. Directory
    Jobs Directory
  • Photo and Video Gallery
    See photos and videos of your favorite Kaimuki businesses, events and groups.
  • Free Posting
    Get the word out about your business, news, calendar event, etc in Kaimuki for free!
    Refer someone who purchases the MBC Web site solution and we will donate $250 per referral on your behalf to a KaimukiHawaii.com charity, nonprofit or association of your choice (click on link for approved list). Yes, you can refer yourself. More...
  • Help MBC/Ernest Abrams Support the Kaimuki Community
    Please join with your friends and neighbors in helping MBC/Ernest Abrams support the Kaimuki community. Contribution can be as small as $10 using safe and secure PayPal or mailed in.
  • EAT - Restaurants and Food
    It is always more fun to party on a full stomach and there is no shortage of great restaurants, cafes and food places around in Kaimuki. Restaurants, Fast Food, Pizza, Ice Cream and Smoothie Stores, Internet cafes and more... More...
  • VACATION - Activity Desk and Travel Agencies
    Need support guidance getting the most out of you Kaimuki experience? This town always has something for everyone. Even long time or newly minted residents or tourist will find this list of Kaimuki resources and travel agencies helpful. More...
  • PLAY - Entertainment & Activities
    Trust us, you will never run out of fun things to check out and do in Kaimuki. We want to keep you entertained with activities you can do while in Kaimuki. Entertainment, Karaoke, Indoor Gun Clubs, Surf Lessons. More...
  • SHOP - Clothing, Jewelry And Shopping
    One thing that will never run out of style in Kaimuki is shopping. If you look hard enough, you will find something for just about any kind of taste. Clothing Stores, Jewelry, Lingerie, Swimwear, Sports Wear, Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Surf Shops More...
  • STAY - Real Estate, Buy, Rent, Hotels, Resorts, Condominiums, Condos
    Kaimuki is not only known for its great beaches, shopping places and the hottest nightclub in town... it is also home lot of great hotels ranging from the ultra luxurious to the reasonably priced. More...
  • BEAUTY - Beauty, Health and Wellness
    Kaimuki is also a great place to find solutions for your beauty, health and wellness needs. Cosemetics Spas, Hair Salons and Day Spas, Tanning Salon, Yoga and Pilates, Fitness Clubs, Foot Massage, Massage Services, Medical Clinics, Nail Salons. More...
  • TRANSPORTATION - Transportation
    Here in Kaimuki, there are tons of transportation services that can take you to where you want to go. For out of town guests and locals alike. Car Rentals, Limousine Services, Taxi Companies, Motorcycle Rentals, Travel Agents. More...
  • LEARN - Culture, Landmarks, Lectures, Workshops, Hawaiiana
    There are many great Kaimuki resources to the learn, explore and deepen your understanding of Kaimuki and many other great topics/subjects More...
  • OTHER - Other Businesses And Resources
    Banks, Children & Families, Currency Exchange, Medical Services & Facilities, Postal Services, Visitor Information & Guides, Wedding Service, Tattoos Studios, Modeling And Photography and much more More...
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