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Aikido keiko (training) at the Aikido Sangenkai

Aikido technique is based upon the traditional techniques of Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu, a form of Japanese jujutsu which traces its roots back 900 years to Shinra Saburo Minamoto no Yoshimitsu.

About Aikido
"Aiki is the way of harmony. It is a manifestation of the natural form of all beings in which all of mankind and the universe are united as one. In other words, there is only one center in the universe, and it is the movement of this center that governs the world. The entire universe is one family. It [Aiki] eliminates fighting, conflict, and war from the world. It is a world of love - the world of the emotion of divine love expressed by the creator. Without love, nations, the world, and ultimately the universe will meet with destruction. Heat and light are also generated by love. It is Aikido that brings to realization this ideal in the actual spiritual world. "

- Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

Aikido technique is based upon the traditional techniques of Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu, a form of Japanese jujutsu which traces its roots back 900 years to Shinra Saburo Minamoto no Yoshimitsu. Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba was a licensed instructor of Daito-ryu under Sokaku Takeda, the successor to this traditional Japanese lineage.

The "engine" behind these techniques is a method of internal power conditioning and development that builds a body that defeats the common body frame by moving antithetically to conventional body movement.

Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba combined these traditional martial arts with the insights of his harsh spiritual ascetic training to create the modern martial art of Aikido. The final aim of Aikido is personal transformation and development through the fire and intensity of budo (martial art) training, and the application of that transformation on a personal and societal level.

Morihei Ueshiba visited Hawaii in February 1961. During his visit he said:

"I have come to Hawaii in order to build a "silver bridge." Until now, I have remained in Japan, building a "golden bridge" to unite Japan, but henceforward, I wish to build a bridge to bring the different countries of the world together through the harmony and love contained in aikido. I think that aiki, offspring of the martial arts, can unite the people of the world in harmony, in the true spirit of budo, enveloping the world in unchanging love."

A photo-journal of Morihei Ueshiba's visit to Hawaii is available on the Aikido Hawaii website.

Aikido is a martial art with no competitions, matches, or weight classes. Men and women of different ages, sizes, and levels of experience can practice together comfortably. Practice is at the student's pace, so that everyone can enjoy Aikido, not only the young and physically fit.

About the Mitsu-domoe

The "tomoe" symbol originates from a representation of a snake or a whirlpool, and represents spiral movement.

In Shingon Buddhism the design represents the cycle of life - Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba was educated in a Shingon Buddhist temple.

In Shinto the design is the crest of Hachiman, the Shinto god of war, which led to its popularity among warrior families in Japan. It is also the crest of Susanoo-no-mikoto, one of the guardian deities of Morihei Ueshiba.

The inside of Kami-Shirataki Shrine, built with contributions from Morihei Ueshiba. Note the crest of Susanoo-no-mikoto.
"Aiki is the name of the sword wielded by the Great Diety Susanoo." (from "Take Musu Aiki")

The three joined tomoe in the mitsudomoe are often seen to represent the "sangen" or the "three origins" of the universe - Heaven, Earth and Man. Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba said that Aikido could also be called the "Way of Accord between Heaven, Earth and Man".

The "sangen", or three origins, of Aikido are "Masakatsu" ("true victory"), "Agatsu" ("victory over oneself"), and "Katsuhayahi" ("victory with the speed of light", doing things so perfectly that time is no longer a factor).

The "sangen" are represented visually by the triangle ("Man"), the circle ("Heaven"), and the square ("Earth").
  • The triangle represents "iku-musubi", the power of birth and creation, the gaseous dimension. It symbolizes initiative, the animal realm, and Masakatsu. Technically, the triangle represents entering and flowing movements ("Ryutai").
  • The circle represents "taru-musubi", the enriching power, the liquid dimension. It symbolizes unification, the vegetable realm, and Agatsu. Technically, the circle represents blending and soft movements ("Jutai").
  • The square represents "tamatsume-musubi", the power that fixes the soul in the physical body, the solid dimension. It symbolizes form, the mineral realm, and Katsuhayahi. Technically, the square represents control and firm or "hard" movements ("Gotai").
"The triangle represents the generation of energy and initiative; it is the most stable physical posture. The circle symbolises unification, serenity and perfection; it is the source of unlimited techniques. The square stands for form and solidity, the basis of applied control."

"When the triangle, the circle and the square become one, it moves in spherical rotation together with the flow of ki, and the Aikido of sumi kiri ("total clarity of mind and body") appears."

- Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

About the Aikido Sangenkai

The Aikido Sangenkai is a non-profit Aikido group in Honolulu, Hawaii

We are a non-profit volunteer group in Honolulu, Hawaii dedicated to researching and training in the art of Aikido. All are welcome to join or visit at any time. Our training combines unarmed fighting techniques with internal power conditioning and weapons (sword, staff and knife) in a system designed to further personal and societal development.

Ming Dynasty Yin Yang Symbol Through change, ten thousand endings
But only through one theory
The union of opposites

Aiki Budo is the Way of Human Development

Aiki is the fitting together of Ki.
Through this harmonious reconciliation all things under heaven and earth in the universe move peacefully without disturbance. This harmonization is Aiki.

As the Ki of Aiki is natural it unifies and reconciles without the slightest ill feeling or resistance.
The harmonious reconciliation that is Aiki must be the basis for the formation of human society.
This is the Great Circle of Harmony (Daienwa) of Aiki.

Through the principles of Aiki pacify and reconcile those threatening violence. If the enemy has already attacked, change and transform according to the attack of the enemy and reconcile fully through the principles of fitting together Ki.

Enlightened people have received this transmission from the Founder, Shinra Saburo Minamoto Yoshimitsu, and must train devoutly in the basics of Aiki no Jutsu as well as Taijutsu (Yawara), Tachi no Jutsu, Sojutsu, and Bojutsu to attain the state where Aiki Budo is the Way of Human Development.

- Yukiyoshi Sagawa, from The Discovery of Aiki by Kimura Tatsuo

Osensei and the Tree

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