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GetLymphed, LLC - Lymphatic Massage Location / Contact:
621-A 11th Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96816
Phone: 808-840-7387

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Lymphatic Massage has been very effective in healing tears, sprains and strains, in half the time it would normally take the body to recover. It has proven it can reduce chronic joint pain (arthritic or otherwise), bruising, allergies, sinus problems, fatigue, inflammation. To learn about how this is achieved, click here. More...

There are many great beneftis to Lympathic Massage. View our list of beneftis...

About Us
Bogie (full name: Bogdan Banu). I am the founder of GetLymphed and, for now, the only licensed massage therapist (MAT 12254) in the company. More...

Our Services
  • Lymphatic Massage
    Therapists use a very light touch beginning with flushing out the lymph nodes to clear a path for the lymph that is about to be rushed in by the massage. The flow of lymph is increased through its vessels leading it to the filtration sites (the nodes), after filtration the fluid is then circulated back into our blood system. Lymphatic massage is soothing and usually ends up putting some people in a state of real deep relaxation, while others are put to sleep straight into the REM cycle, which gives people the chance to regenerate healthier cells.
  • Combo Massage
    Our clients' begins with a deep tissue massage and finishes off with a lymphatic drainage to flush away all the toxins that were built up before and released during the massage. The deep tissue part is infused with a whole mess of techniques: deep tissue, shiatsu, myotherapy, and sports massage. Each one of these techniques is useful in its own unique way. Deep Tissue kneads the muscles, allowing circulation to flow more freely, Shiatsu (meaning finger pressure) follows the meridians of the body to restore balance to your system once again, Myotherapy is incredible at releasing key pressure points by using steady pressure on specific areas of the body, and Sports Massage brings deep tissue and stretching together to allow the mucles to regain strength and flexibility.

  • Workplace Massage
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Lymphatic Massage
Lymph vessels cover our entire body and are quite superficial, thus requiring very light pressure. The therapist moves the lymph along its vessels increasing its speed up to 20 times the normal rate, which allows the body to do what it should be doing, and that is healing. The only difference is that now it’s doing it in less time than usual. (the following picture does not show the lymph system, but it was available for commercial use.)

Our bodies have many other nodes that aid in the filtering of our lymph, and some of those are usually where we have a joint, behind and below the ears, also below the jawbone, along with many others that get flushed by the massage therapist in a Lymphatic massage.
To read more on the subject...scroll on down. (the following information can be found in most Biology or Microbiology textbooks)

An amazing amount of fluid passes from the blood capillaries into the interstitial spaces. It is said that about 30 liters makes its way out into those spaces, but only 3 liters actually seeps into the lymph vessels to become lymph. This lymph is carrying antigens (bacteria, viruses, etc.) that will be travelling through our lymph vessels to the lymph nodes, where they will get phagocytized (in other words...destroyed) by macrophages and B, T, or null lymphocyte cells. 
Each of the above-mentioned cells have a specific duty in our immune system. 

• macrophages are big enough to engulf other cells and destroy them inside themselves
so they pretty much eat the bad cells and digest them 
• B cells form in our bone marrow and attach to a specific antigen that a T cell doesn't
• T cells with the help of T helper and T suppressor cells combine with their own type of antigen
The B and T cells can circulate between our lymph and blood systems, which means they can do their job either inside lymph or blood, keeping us healthier on both counts
• Null cells are either Natural Killer (NK) or Killer (K) cells
K and NK cells attack tumor or virus infected cells and destroy them

The nodes are encapsulated and have incoming and outgoing vessels for lymph to pass through. Inside the nodes we have some important features that aid in the filtering process. In the sinuses there is a network of reticular fibers that slows the lymph down enough to allow the phagocytic cells, that line the sinuses, to attach to the proper antigen and destroy it before it leaves the node. Within the node we also have lymph nodules that join to form germinal centers, which are lymphocyte (cells discussed above) creators. 

In a lymphatic massage these nodes get flushed out to make sure that no blockages remain and to clear the way for all the incoming lymph that is about to be rushed in. At the same time with the added stimulus from increased lymph flow, germinal centers produce more lymphocytes, thus making sure the lymph is all nice and clean when exiting the nodes. 
The cool part is that this is something intrinsic that happens in our bodies on a day to day basis, but we are not aware of it. Since the flow of lymph is quite slow as it depends on external forces (mucsle contractions, deep breathing) to drive it, things can get a little backed up in the nodes and their function is decreased tremendously. However, the good news is that with a lymphatic massage, all the blockages and clogs get cleared to ensure a proper functioning lymphatic system that will keep our bodies in the state they want to be...homeostasis, or in other words, balanced.

So how does this massage help us heal a tear, sprain, strain, and the like?
Any one of the above mentioned issues will have inflammation...well when you think about inflammation, think about what is going on there. It is your body's response to try to heal the wound. Therefore, it sends lymphocytes, monocytes, and leukocytes, and so on, to repair the damage and get the body back in balance. So the lymphatic massage helps clear that site of stagnating cells and brings fresh, new cells to continue repairing the damage. The reason the redness and swelling won't go away for a few days is because our lymph system is not moving quickly, but with a massage that all changes and the speed is now 20 times that of the norm, if not more.

The same issue is going on in a carpal tunnel syndrome case. The person is getting a build-up of toxins and gunk that eventually presses down on the radial nerve causing the syndrome to flare up. With lymphatic massage you can get that build-up cleared away.

About Us

Aloha, my name is Bogie (full name: Bogdan Banu). I am the founder of GetLymphed and, for now, the only licensed massage therapist (MAT 12254) in the company.

In 2002, my life changed greatly when I was taught the various techniques massage therapy has to offer at the Mesa Institute of Massage (Orange, CA). The one that caught my attention was lymphatic drainage due to its subtle, yet powerful ability to reach deeper than most massages even dream of reaching.

In late 2010 I sprained some ligaments in my left knee, but being over-worked and under-rested did not get lymphed. Months went by and the knee had gotten worse, so I finally started to lymph just the leg. Within a few sessions I noticed less pain and more mobility in the knee. For the pain to be completely gone, I had one session a week for a month, then twice a month for 2 months, and once a month for 3 months. Ligaments can take about a year to fully heal, so I was pleased to see that time cut in half.

My wife, Miha, and I started this company in April, 2011 to offer this massage to all those who need or want a little less pain in their lives, be it due to injuries, overuse, or just plain old wear and tear. So with that in mind...I say to you: Get lymphed!

We live in Honolulu...we will go anywhere on the entire island of Oahu.

Our Mission

The main goal of this company is to bring affordable lymphatic massages to the entire island of Oahu. We do our best to give you health, without you spending your wealth.

No travel fees will be added to any massage. We will make every effort to keep all things paperless...clients will receive their receipts through e-mail. By doing only outcall/mobile massage there will be no overhead costs that need to be passed onto the clients.

Giving back to the community is also at the top of our list. Through various events, we will donate a few hours of our time each month to give free 5 to 10 minute lymphatic and deep tissue massages.

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Lymphatic massage can help:
• Athletes: recover faster from soreness, injuries, sprains, strains, tears, inflammation.
• Kupuna: live with less joint pain (arthritic or otherwise), reduce inflammation, boost energy levels, get deeper sleep, feel more relaxed.
• Lymphedema clients: reduce inflammation and that tight skin feeling, improve circulation, clear out the gunk from your nodes and allow the filtration of lymph to resume.
• Post-surgical clients: flush out the numbing agent, heal scars faster and with less visibility, cut healing time in half, bring sensation back to normal in less time.
• Post-cancer clients: if you are going through chemotherapy or are just out of chemo, this massage will help boost your immune system to get it back to normal faster, as well as flush out the drugs from your body quicker.
• Other: if you don't fit in any of the above categories, but you experience headaches, migraines, sinus problems, allergies, allergic reactions, sprains, strains, tears, joint pain, inflammation, carpal tunnel pain, lymphatic massages are right for you. 
The above-mentioned ailments are just a few of the many issues Lymphatic massages can help with.
Combo massage can help:
• get rid of some of your knots and ropey feeling in your muscles
• sciatic pain
• carpal tunnel pain
• back pain 
• headaches 
• atrophied muscles 
• tired and over-used muscles 
• increase range of motion 

Outcall Lymphatic and Deep Tissue Massages
We now offer Chair massage in the Workplace for $1 a minute.

Mon-Sat 10-9pm
Sun 10-5pm
ref no:10253

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