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Lillian Mori
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My name is Lillian and I have been a licensed Esthetician, Massage Therapist and Nail Technician since 2000. My experience includes the Mandara Spa at the Hilton Hawaiian Villiage and Spa Olakino at the Marriott Hotel. Currently, I'm the owner of Head To Toes Nails & Spa in the Kaimuki Business District.Great service, reasonable prices and someone with years of experience in the beauty industry. Experience includes the Mandara Spa at the Hilton Hawaiian Villiage and Spa Olakino at the Marriott Hotel.

WAXING SERVICES - Back to the top

Everything you always wanted to know about Waxing but didn't know who to ask.......

Hair removal a hot subject with spring and summer on it's way. Honolulu weather does not allow us to hide our bodies very long in the winter costumes. It is time to think about short sleeves, shorts, hot pants, bikinis, open sandals....etc. With all these "summer pleasures" comes the question:

How to become a hairless wonder?

There are different methods to get rid of the unwanted body hair:

You can use the good old razor. People have been working with it for the longest time. It is quick, convenient and the results are ok.

Here comes the downside: Shaving can be a real hassle. Many of us are plagued with skin irritations, ingrown hair, don't forget the cuts and the ugly sensation of an itching skin as the hair grows back.And your hair will grow back! With every shaving session you strengthen the roots. Make the growing hair healthier, and thicker. Like you give your head hair a regular trim to revive it the same results you achieve with every day shaving.

Most skin irritations are expressed with little red or white bumps under the skin. The so called razor bumps, very annoying, because you will never get your wanted result of a smooth, slick and clean looking skin.If you decide to keep on shaving , please discard your razor after 2-3 uses, the dull blades cause the razor bumps!

People with dark hair growth have even after a clean shave a "shadow". These are the little hair in the follicles waiting to come to the surface. A never ending story. Ingrown hair form after existing hair curl over within the follicles and fail to exit the surface. People with curly hair experience that shaving sharpens the hair ends and making it easier to penetrate back into the skin.

But there is help! Professional Estheticians who are specialized in hair removal through waxing!

Anyone who wants a great looking hair free body should try it.Waxing changes the structure of your hair follicle. Thick coarse hair becomes softer, finer and smaller and weaker.When compared to the shaving, weaken the roots and depress the growth.

And we usually can remove hair all over the body.Imagine perfect shaped eyebrows, no more fussy sideburns, Hairless lips and chins. Underarms free of hair for weeks, Legs stubble free. Males chest and abdomen, backs and shoulders with clean smooth necklines.

You guys are working out hard in the gym to hide your definition under spools of hair?

Last but not least the bikini area. You cannot imagine the variety there is. Even if it seems that we are not talking about those things but how come that everybody knows what is in fashion on the "hair market". Europeans are more open and informed about these Trends than the rest of the world. So lets share with you the secrets of the bikini --waxing:

There are different kinds: The simple Bikini following the lines left and right the bikini panty for the more conservative client. We consider this your basic clean up. The "French", years ago the revolution, leaves a 2 --3 inch strip and cleans up the areas between the legs.

And now the one that all the fashion magazines are talking about:

The Brazilian. Finally not only for the girls in Brazil any more. Very much in demand. It means all off or leaving a very little decoration strip.

Wear your smallest Bikini without doubts.

Some people are brave enough to try these hair removal on their own at home. Let me tell you, it might work for some but it is hard. You get the best results from an experienced and well trained professional esthetician.

It will be less painful quicker and easier for you.

Just watch out who you choose to work on your body. The best "Waxers" are European or South American. The Training is just more extensive and the attitude toward the human Body is much more professional.

By the way, concerning ingrown hair, there is a product out on the market that we "waxers" swear by called Tend Skin. We use this after the hair removal to prevent the ingrown hair from sprouting later.

Tend skin is excellent to prepare your skin for waxing as well, used prior to the procedure it will permit to lift ingrown hair and making the removal cleaner and neater.

We have other alternatives in after waxing products for you now:

Sometimes the fabulous tend skin might be a little to drying for very sensitive skin - or some of our guests are aspirin intolerant or need something stronger....

"Experience waxing the gentle European way."

Be a Hairless Wonder!

Just good enough for you!

Experience Hair Removal the gentle European Way!
Your Best Hair removal EVER!



We are not responsible for any kind of Over Exfoliation. Please inform your Tech if you are using any Exfoliating Topical Treatments or Medication that could interfere with your Waxing.

Please No tanning or sun exposure right before or after your Treatment

FACIALS SERVICES - Back to the top

Regular facials can provide you with a deep cleansing, deeper than your daily cleansing at home. Exfoliation plus extraction can help unclog pores and clear acne, increase circulation and slow down premature aging.

MASSAGE SERVICES - Back to the top

Some of the benefits of massage are:

Relieves stress, provide deep pain relief, help with arthritis and back pain, encourage relaxation, improve postures, improve circulation, improve flexibility, rehabilitation after injury, relaxes muscles and can also lower blood presure.

We Provide:

Swedish Therapeutic
Deep Tissue
Thai (on the table)
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
Lillian combination

EYES SERVICES - Back to the top

We can do Eyelash extentions - full set or refils. Additionally we can perform Eyelash perms and tinting

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions


Lightweight and natural looking
Thicker, fuller, darker look.
Last for months with proper maintenance.
No more panda mascara eyes.
Great for everyday wear, special occasions, weddings and school formals.
Perfect for a Reunion -- Worried about how you will look to your old friends?
Aww.... Because you can !
You are NEVER too old for eyelash extensions, Never.

Benefits of Eyelash perm and tinting

Women who regularly get their eyelashes tinted enjoy a number of benefits. If your lashes are naturally blond, getting them dyed will create a much more dramatic look for your eyes. The best part is the benefit is around the clock; unlike mascara that you must apply every morning, be careful not to smudge, and wash off at night, with dyed lashes you wake up looking like you already have makeup on.
Lash tinting is a great option for women who have busy or active lifestyles. If you spend a lot of time swimming, playing sports or chasing your kids around, it's likely that you do not often wear mascara. Lash tinting will give you a more polished, coiffed look that is also no-maintenance

NAILS SERVICES - Back to the top

Spa Manicure
shaping, soak, cuticle trim, buff, massage and polish $12

Aromatherapy deluxe manicure
Spa manicure plus your choice of our selected essential oil, exfoliation suger crub and paraffin wrap $18

Spa Pedicure
clean, shape, cuticle trim, buff, heel crub, massage, hot towel and polish $20

Aromatherapy deluxe pedicure
spa pedicure, essential oil, exfoliation sugar crub, and paraffin wrap $25

spa mani and pedi combo $30
Aromatherapy deluxe mani and pedi combo $35


Gelish (without manicure) $25

Gelish (with spa manicure) $35

Gelish ( with aromatherapy deluxe manicure) $40


rhinestone, hand painting $5 and up
ref no:10936

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Waxing for Her
Eyebrow $12
Eyebrow shaping $15
Lip or Chin $10
Brow, Lip & Chin Combo $30
Full-face $40
Arms $25 &up
Underarm $15
Half leg $30
Full leg $50
Classic bikini $25
Deep bikini $30
Brazilian Hard Wax $40
Brazilian Strip Wax $35
Waxing for Him
Eyebrow $12
Sideburn $15
Nose $7
Ears $7
Forehead $10
Neck $12
Chest or Stomach $25
Back (half) $25
Back (full) $50
Arms (half) $25
Arms (full) $40
Leg (half) $35
Leg (full) $60
Full Male Waxing $180


Facial Pricing Mini Facial
Includes cleanse, exfoliate, masque or extraction (30min)
Classic European Facial
Includes cleanse, exfoliate, face, neck, shoulder and hand massage, plus masque (50 min)
Deep Pore Cleansing Facial
Includes clean, exfoliate, extraction, massage and masque (60-75 min)


Chemical Peel Exfoliatian
Includes cleanse, peel, masque (45min) $50


(We use Mink lashes B and C curl)

1. Natural, long and natural long (longer in the middle)

2. Dramatic, sexy (longer in the side)

3. Glamomus (Longer middle and side)

20 -30 lashes on each side $30

40 lashes on each side $40

50 lashes or more on each side $ 45 and up

Lash Perm $45
Lash and brown tint $20 each

30 Minutes $35
45 Minutes $40
60 Minutes $55
75 Minutes $70
90 Minutes $85
2 Hour $115
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