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Preservation Of Wealth - CLOSED Location / Contact:
3615 Harding Avenue, Suite 405
Honolulu, HI 96816
Phone: (808) 381-3880

POW Pacific, LLC
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About Preservation of Wealth-Hawaii!

POW Pacific, LLC is an independent representative and leader for Preservation of Wealth (POW) in Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific Region.

Preservation of Wealth is a Precious Metals Dealer that offers its customers At-Cost Bullion and Wholesale Numismatics Pricing from Day 1. POW has a unique approach in supplying precious metals at the best prices. Rather than charge typical commissions, POW sell bullion at-cost through its Benefits Program, saving everyone money and helping people build real wealth faster. Many consider POW to be a gateway to wealth. Compare our Bullion and Numismatic Pricing and realize the advantages of our Benefits Program.

For more information on POW's exceptional Programs and Opportunity please go to .

We have launched this website to help us get closer to our associates and prospective members and to serve them better. This website will act as a platform for us to share all our our POW offerings and assistance and also help our associates to quickly get in touch with us for all their needs including sales & support.

Our Vision
Our Vision is to offer the best service and support to our associates, team members and prospects.

Our Mission is to simply provide the highest possible quality at the best value.

Our commitment to offer nothing but the very best is reflected in our Vision & Mission statement.

We exist because of our team members and associates and we are very grateful to all those who have helped us to be what we are today.

We now strive to take our organization to the next level so we can help others achieve success by producing, providing and preserving their wealth and having fun doing it at the same time.

Our motto is to create wealth as a means to achieve happiness, health a a betterment in life.

We are fully committed to providing the best possible service at every point to all our team members and associates. It is our sincere commitment that we want to not just meet, but far exceed your expectations when it comes to service & support.

We try our best to ensure that there is absolutely no slippage in our service and support.

So you are free to contact us any time and we very much look forward to serving you.


How is it that POW can offer precious metal bullion for such low pricing?
The Reason is simple. Buying Power! POW has incredible buying power because of the precious metals quantities it buys on a regular basis. As such, POW is able to secure the best prices available from the biggest suppliers. POW passes on that price on to its Customers/Members without any mark up...truly "AT COST" bullion and precious metals.

How is POW making money if they do not charge an additional mark up?
POW profits from its sale of the Benefits Program. Forgoing the typical markup is the core of POW's Benefit Program. Precious metals at extreme discounts are now available to people regardless of their individual purchasing power. It used to be that only large purchasers could access the best possible pricing, but through POW and its unique approach to servicing the bullion market, that has changed forever. For the first time on a massive scale, the Average Joe has access to high volume, low cost pricing.

What are the main benefits offered in POW's Benefits Package?
Buying bullion precious metals at true dealer direct pricing without a markup is POW's main benefit. That is why POW has grown so fast in such a short time, because POW's members are able to get the absolute best prices period. Because POW members typically save 15-40% on their purchases they want to share the news of their savings with others and the word spreads. Add to that the fact that many of our Customers and Associates are making a strong secondary and for some, a primary income by simply sharing their story about POW's program, you can see what fantastic value POW brings to people. Since POW started over 2 years ago, it has strived to provide more value to its Customers. POW has now added benefit savings in other areas such as: Travel, Pharmacy, Condo Rentals, Legal etc...

How long has Preservation Of Wealth been around?
The president and founder of Preservation of Wealth, Justin Davis started the company on July 1, 2009. The company is headquartered in Addison, TX (just north of Dallas.)

Are the metals offered through POW the same metals I can get anywhere else?
YES! POW has access to virtually any precious metal product you wish to purchase. Whether you want to purchase coins, bullion, ingots or rounds, POW has it or has access to it. Really, anything is available and because of POW's shear buying power, you will pay less for it as a POW Customer.

What should I buy...Gold or Silver?
We can't tell you what to buy, but many experts agree that precious metals are a great addition to everyone's portfolio. The trend is definitely showing that silver is gaining popularity with purchasers. Many agree that one should have at least 5-20% of their portfolio in precious metals, so ask your advisor. Gold and silver prices reflect many things including global uncertainties and people buy gold as a protection against economic uncertainties. 

How can I get the videos to play?
The recommended browsers for our website are Firefox, Chrome, Safari, your iPhone / iPad and Internet Explorer version 9.0 (the most current version). To download the latest version of Internet Explorer go here .

Do I have to sell the POW Benefits Program to receive the at-cost pricing?
At-cost pricing is available to anyone who purchases the POW Benefits Program, regardless if they choose to spread the word about POW's great Programs.

Where do I login?
Go to your POW website, in the top right corner you will see the Login link. Enter your username and password that you provided at the time of signing up with POW. Use the links on that page if you still need assistance. You must also have Microsoft's Silverlight installed to view some pages in the BackOffice. POW did this to make your BackOffice look great and load quickly. It’s a free and quick download.

What is the Spot Price?
It is the current price of a particular metal. It is used globally as a benchmark for buying and selling precious metals. Other factors are considered when finding price points such as it's form (bullion, jewelry, bars,etc) and the volume of the sale. For example, coins like the American Silver Eagle or Canadian Maple Leaf typically trade at a higher price point above spot compared to generic rounds and bars.

When do I get paid?
Your commissions accumulate during Pay Periods which are from Sunday morning through Saturday night. Commission checks are mailed out 9 days after the close of each pay period. So you get paid weekly but with 1 week delay.

What is the minimum age requirement to be a sales rep?
You must be 18 years of age to become a Member or Sales Rep.

Is POW open in other countries?
POW currently does business only in the USA at this time. Plans for expansion are being discussed.

Can I advertise or make my own business cards?
Yes, you can make your own business cards and advertise. Advertisements may be reviewed by Preservation of Wealth and should be in line with corporate ideology. You can also order beautiful, customized POW business cards, brochures and other marketing materials online at at very reasonable prices.

How do I earn a commission with POW?
Click on the Opportunity tab at the top of the page for a full description.

How does POW promote its products?
POW promotes its products through its Sales Network. In lieu of traditional advertising methods, POW simply pays independent representatives that sell the POW Benefits Program to customers. All sales of the Program must go through a replicated website (indicated by their personalized web address)


What forms of payment does POW accept?
POW accepts Visa, MasterCard and Amex and Discover. For bullion transactions, POW also accepts bank wire and deposits. Please do not mail in any type of payment.

Is the POW site protected and secure for transactions?
Absolutely yes. The site, back office and all transactions are secure. POW utilizes an SSL, the same way banks and other secure sites do (128 bit encryption (High); RSA with 1024 bit exchange, etc). Look for the Yellow Lock at the bottom of your browser window.

When sharing POW, what web address do I use?
You should use the unique website URL which you created during the “Join Now” process. That link is located in your BackOffice dashboard on the settings Account tab. The website address is the POW web address followed by a forward slash and the extension that you chose. Example:

Do I have to sell the Program in order to buy without markup?
No. It's that simple! As a Customer you receive at-cost pricing on all bullion. You can also receive Price Point Notifications via text message when POW has special deals. (Example: Sometimes special deals are presented to customers. Examples would be Silver Eagles at 0.99 over spot or 10oz Silver Bars at spot price.)

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