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With Permission / Courtesy of: City and County of Honolulu Neighborhood Commission Office



CALL TO ORDER: Chair Pro Tem Figliuzzi called the meeting to order at 6:02 p.m. A quorum was established with 14 members present. (Note: This 15-member Board requires eight (8) members to establish quorum and to take official Board action).
Members Present: Chair Pro Tem Richard Figliuzzi, Julia Allen, John Beutel, Rene Julian, Mela Kealoha-Lindsey, Michelle Matson, Stefan Mrozewski, Winston Welch, George West, Keolu Peralta, Don Persons, Jackson Sayama, Linda Wong, and Bruce Wong.
Members Absent: Bert Narita.
Guests: Firefighter Kirk Ivan (Honolulu Fire Department); Corporal King (Honolulu Police Department: District 6) Sergeant Lipka (Honolulu Police Department: District 7); Walea Constantinau (Mayor Kirk Caldwell's Representative); Councilmember Ann Kobayashi and Cliff Kaneshiro (Councilmember Ann Kobayashi's Office); Councilmember Tommy Waters; Representative Bertrand Kobayashi; House Speaker Emeritus Calvin Say and Evelyn Hee (Office of Representative Calvin Say); Emma Bulgan (Representative Scott Nishimoto's Office); Senator Les Ihara Jr.; Mike Brady (Senator Stanley Chang's Office); Deputy Director Tracy Kubota (Department of Enterprise Services); John Condrey (Department of Design and Construction); Todd Boulanger (Biki Bikeshare HI); Carol Hoshiko (Kapiolani Community College); Robert Johnston, Jesus Arriola, Barbara Armentrout, Dave Watase, Becky Gardner, Baoping Zhao, and Denby Fawcett (Residents); Christopher Naylon (Neighborhood Commission Office). Name was not included if not legible on the sign-in sheet.
A. Chair: Chair Pro Tem Figliuzzi asked for nominations for the Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St.Louis Heights Neighborhood Board No. 5 Board Chair. Peralto and Chair Pro Tem Figliuzzi nominated themselves.
Board Experience and Qualifications: Mrozewski requested hearing from the candidates. Peralto noted his previous experience as Board Secretary and Vice Chair, and expressed his hope to bring a sense of direction, efficiency and time management moving forward. Chair Pro Tem Figliuzzi noted his honor and privilege to have served as Chair for the past fifteen months, and expressed his appreciation for all the Board members' efforts and his hope for continuing the camaraderie and advancement of the community's very important issues.
Peralto was elected Board Chair by roll call vote, (9-4-1). (Peralto: Julian, Kealoha-Lindsey, Matson, Peralto, Sayama, Welch, West, B.Wong, and L.Wong; Figliuzzi: Allen, Beutel, Figliuzzi, and Persons; Abstain: Mrozewski.) Chair Pro Tem Figliuzzi handed the gavel to Board Chair Peralto at 6:06 p.m.
B. Vice-Chair: Chair Peralto asked for nominations for the Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St.Louis Heights Neighborhood Board No. 5 Board Vice Chair. Matson nominated Welch.
Welch was elected Vice Chair by Unanimous Consent, (14-0-0). (Aye: Allen, Beutel, Julian, Kealoha-Lindsey, Matson, Mrozewski, Welch, Figliuzzi, West, Peralto, Persons, Sayama, L.Wong, and B.Wong; Nay: None; Abstain: None.)
C. Vice-Chair II: Chair Peralto asked for nominations for the Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St.Louis Heights Neighborhood Board No. 5 Board Vice Chair II.
Hearing no nominations, Chair Peralto moved to Nomination of Board Secretary.
D. Secretary: Chair Peralto asked for nominations for the Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St.Louis Heights Neighborhood Board No. 5 Board Secretary. Welch nominated Matson.
Matson was elected Secretary by Unanaimous Consent, (14-0-0). (Aye: Allen, Beutel, Julian, Kealoha-Lindsey, Matson, Mrozewski Welch, Figliuzzi, West, Peralto, Persons, Sayama, L.Wong, and B.Wong; Nay: None; Abstain: None.)

Oahu's Neighborhood Board system - Established 1973

E. Treasurer: Chair Peralto asked for nominations for the Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St.Louis Heights Neighborhood Board No. 5 Board Treasurer. Matson nominated L.Wong.
L.Wong was elected Treasurer by Unimous Consent, (14-0-0). (Aye: Allen, Beutel, Julian, Kealoha-Lindsey, Matson, Mrozewski, Welch, Figliuzzi, West, Peralto, Persons, Sayama, L.Wong, and B.Wong; Nay: None; Abstain: None.)
Honolulu Fire Department: Firefighter Kirk Ivan distributed the monthly HFD report to the community and reported the following:
• Brush Fire Statistics: Captain Tanaka noted seven (7) brush fires between January 2020 and June 2020. Captain Tanaka noted that there was one (1) cooking fire, two (2) unauthorized burns, and four (4) trash/rubbish fires. Captain Tanaka noted that the residents can request more information from 
• June 2020 Statistics: There was one (1) wildland/brush fire, three (3) nuisance fires, six (6) activated alarms, 107 medical emergencies, one (1) motor vehicle collision with a pedestrian, six (6) motor vehicle crashes/collisions, and one (1) ocean rescue.
• Safety Tip: Hurricane Safety: HFD reminded the residents that Hurricane Season is from June until November. More information on hurricane season can be found at hurricane.html.
Questions, comments, and concerns followed:
1. Hoarding Hazards: Welch asked if HFD has discussed the dangers of hoarding with regard to house fires, and if HFD needs legislative assistance in addressing hoarding and squatting on properties. Firefighter Ivan responded that the HFD community relations officer at HFD Headquarters could better respond to this, and added that fire hazards from hoarding do impact HFD efforts.
Honolulu Police Department (HPD): District 6 (Waikiki/ Diamond Head): Corporal King reported the following for District 6:
• June 2020 Statistics: There were two (2) robberies, 12 burglaries, 76 thefts, 27 unauthorized entries into motor vehicles (UEMV), 22 aggravated and simple assaults, three (3) sex crimes, nine (9) bikes on sidewalks, one (1) skateboard on sidewalk, 112 speeding citations, 489 parking citations, five (5) park closure warnings, and 60 park closure citations. There were 3,019 total calls to service.
Questions, comments, and concerns followed:
1. 6th Avenue: Kealoha-Lindsey asked about the frequency of HPD vehicles parked in front of 1017 6th Avenue and Corporal King responded that this address is not within their district.
2. Kapiolani Park Trust Land: Matson expressed appreciation for HPD clearing parked and stored tour buses and food trucks from Kapiolani Park Trust lands, and reported that two (2) transient encampment vehicles remain permanently parked within Kapiolani Park along Paki Avenue. Corporal King noted that occupied vehicles are permitted during the day as long as crimes are not being committed, and residents should report any occupied vehicles present at night during Park closure hours.
Honolulu Police Department (HPD): District 7 (Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights): Sergeant Lipka circulated a handout and reported the following for District 7:
• June 2020 Statistics: There were 15 motor vehicle thefts, 10 burglaries, 23 thefts, and 12 UEMVs.
• Hurricane Safety: Sergeant Lipka noted that it is Hurricane Season and asked that the community prepare a 14- day emergency survival kit including food, water, prescription drugs, and a portable radio within their survival kits.
Questions, comments, and concerns followed:
1. Kalaepohaku Neighborhood Park: Allen reported on the presence of vagrants at Kalaepohaku Neighborhood Park on Gausten Street in St. Louis Heights due to the absence of signage with posted park hours. Sergeant Lipka responded that the restrooms stay open for public use, and HPD can only enforce park hours if they are posted and the public is properly warned.
2. Requested Updates: Matson asked about the status of a) the recent stabbing attack on Kahala Beach that followed a previous stabbing at Kuilei Cliffs, b) the transient encampments along Kaimuki Avenue fronting Crane Community Park, and c) the continuing traffic obstruction by vehicles parked on Winam Avenue near the Mooheau Avenue intersection, and asked if HPD could assist with this parking issue during the City's delayed investigation. Sergeant Lipka responded that residents could report the vehicles to 911 and on the 311 app. Officer Holden of the Community Policing Team responded that District 7 officers issued citations for approximately 1,900 public park violations between January 2020 and April 2020, and for 1,700 violations within May and June 2020 during
increased enforcement efforts due to the concerns and complaints.
3. Kahala Beach Park: L.Wong noted the community's voiced concerns about the stabbing at Kahala Beach and suspicious activity on the same night near Papu Circle. Sergeant Lipka asked that residents call 911 if suspicious activity is observed, and noted that the Crimestoppers web site at has regular media releases with additional information on incidents in the area and has a valuable collection of information for the community to help HPD stop crime.
Board of Water Supply (BWS): No representative was present and Chair Peralto read the following from the BWS report:
• Smart Irrigation Month: Join the BWS as we celebrate Smart Irrigation Month. July is traditionally the peak demand for outdoor water use. This campaign highlights simple practices and innovative technologies to help minimize overwatering and keeping landscapes beautiful and healthy. Through the BWS's Water Sensible Programs, customers can conserve and save money by taking advantage of our residential rebates. More information on their rebates can be found 
• 2020 Water Conservation Week Poster and Poetry Contest Winners Announced: The BWS is proud to congratulate the student winners of its 42nd annual poster and 12th annual poetry contest. The winners can be found at
A. Monthly Board Meeting Location, Date and Time
L.Wong Moved and Matson Seconded the Motion that the Diamond Head, Kapahulu, St. Louis Heights Neighborhood Board No. 5 retain the Board's meeting location, date and time on the second Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m. at Ala Wai Clubhouse, Second Floor.
Discussion followed:
Meeting Time: Allen noted her opposition to the earlier 6:00 p.m. start time for the meetings. Matson
explained that the meeting time was moved up to assist with completion of the meeting agenda before the meeting facility's required 9:00 PM closure.
The Motion to Retain the Meeting Location, Time, and Date PASSED by roll call vote (11-3-0). (Aye: Beutel, Julian, Kealoha-Lindsey, Matson, Mrozewski, Peralto, Persons, Sayama, Welch, West, and L.Wong; Nay: Allen, Figliuzzi, and B.Wong; Abstain: None.)
B. Request to Participate in lelo Video Broadcast Programming or Request Funds for an Annual Newsletter
Welch Moved and Sayama Seconded the Motion to retain participation in O‘lelo Video Broadcast Programming.
Discussion followed:
Appreciation: L.Wong and Welch noted the community's appreciation for the O‘lelo Video Broadcasts of the Board's meetings.
The Motion to Retain Participation in O‘lelo Video Broadcast Programming PASSED by Unanimous Consent, (14-0-0). (Aye: Allen, Beutel, Julian, Kealoha-Lindsey, Matson, Mrozewski, Welch, Figliuzzi, West, Peralto, Persons, Sayama, L.Wong, and B.Wong; Nay: None; Abstain: None.)
C. Board December Recess and Any Other Recess Determinations Matson Moved and Persons Seconded the Motion to retain the December 2020 Board Recess.
Discussion followed:
Opposition: Mrozewski stated his opposition to a December recess, noting that the Board should continue to meet because there has just been a long recess due to the pandemic. Welch added that the Board may have a possible need for a December meeting.
The Motion to Retain the December 2020 Board Recess FAILED by roll call vote, (6-8-0). (Aye: Allen, Kealoha-Lindsey, Matson, Peralto, Persons, and B.Wong; Nay: Beutel, Figliuzzi, Julian, Mrozewski, Sayama, Welch, West, and L.Wong; Abstain: None.)
D. Adoption of Oral Testimony and Speaking Time Limit Rules 
Mrozewski Moved and Sayama Seconded the Motion to retain the Board's two (2) minute speaking time limit.
Comments, and concerns followed:
Fair Time Limits: Matson noted the need to allow for three (3) minutes for community reports by agency representatives and legislative speakers. West noted his support for the speaking time limits of 2 or 3 minutes, and the need to enforce the speaking time limits with Board members also adhering to these rules to allow time for all the information to be presented. L.Wong added her support for time limits and noted Robert's Rules of Order rules for debate, with a second chance to speak after all others have had their turn. Sayama suggested that a Sergeant at Arms be elected as a timekeeper for the Board. Welch noted that the second chance to speak would double the speaking time for each participant, and also supported having a time keeper. Figliuzzi added that speaking time limits allow a fair chance for all meeting participants to speak.
West Moved and Sayama Seconded the Motion to amend the Speaking Time Limit to THREE (3) MINUTES. The Motion PASSED by roll call vote, (10-3-1). (Aye: Allen, Figliuzzi, Julian, Matson, Peralto, Sayama, Welch, West, L.Wong, and B.Wong; Nay: Beutel, Mrozewski, and Persons; Abstain: Kealoha-Lindsey.)
Questions followed:
Welch asked about amending speaking time limits during a meeting and Neighborhood Commission Office (NCO) Assistant Naylon noted that the Board may amend the meeting speaking time limits via two-thirds vote during the meeting. Mrozewski asked and Naylon reponded that the speaking time limit would apply to any consecutive speaking time. Kealoha-Lindsey asked where speaking time limits are defined in the meeting rules, and Naylon will report back. Mrozewski asked and Naylon responded that the NCO recommends a three (3) minute time limit.
The Motion to Adopt the Board's Three (3) Minute Speaking Time Limit PASSED by roll call vote, (11-2-1). (Aye: Allen, Figliuzzi, Julian, Matson, Peralto, Persons, Sayama, Welch, West, B.Wong, and L.Wong; Nay: Beutel and Mrozewski; Abstain: Kealoha-Lindsey.)
West Moved and L.Wong Seconded the Motion to add the Motion for a Timekeeper to the Agenda. The
Motion PASSED by Unanimous Consent, (14-0-0). (Aye: Allen, Beutel, Julian, Kealoha-Lindsey, Matson,
Mrozewski Welch, Figliuzzi, West, Peralto, Persons, Sayama, L.Wong, and B.Wong; Nay: None; Abstain: None.)
Welch Nominated Sayama as Board Timekeeper. Sayama was ELECTED Timekeeper by Unanimous Consent, (14-0-0). (Aye: Allen, Beutel, Julian, Kealoha-Lindsey, Matson, Mrozewski Welch, Figliuzzi, West, Peralto, Persons, Sayama, L.Wong, and B.Wong; Nay: None; Abstain: None.)
E. Confirmation of Board Standing Committees and Permitted Inter-Action Groups
Board consideration was directed to confirmation of Board Standing Committees and Permitted Inter-Action Groups, designation of chairs and confirmation of members for the following:
1. Planning & Zoning Committee
2. Parks, Recreation and Environment Committee
3. Traffic & Transportation Committee
4. Kapahulu Special Improvement District Committee
5. Tour Helicopter Safety & Noise Inter-Action Group
6. Ala Wai Canal & Ala Wai Golf Course Inter-Action Group
Matson Moved and Welch Seconded the Motion to retain the Board's Standing Committees and Permitted Inter-Action Groups. The Motion PASSED by Unanimous Consent, (14-0-0). (Aye: Allen, Beutel, Julian, Kealoha-Lindsey, Matson, Mrozewski Welch, Figliuzzi, West, Peralto, Persons, Sayama, L.Wong, and B.Wong; Nay: None; Abstain: None.)
Discussion followed:
Participation Consideration: Matson recommended in the interests of time that the Standing Committee and
Permitted Inter-Action Group chairs and members be determined at the August meeting when Board members will
have had an opportunity to consider their interests and desired participation.
Hearing no objections, Chair Peralto postponed designation of the Standing Committee and Permitted Inter-Action Group chairs and members until the Board's August 2020 meeting.
A. Request for Park Closure Hours for Kalaepohaku Neighborhood Park at 3014 Gulston St in St. Louis Heights 
Allen Moved and Figliuzzi Seconded the Motion to request closure time for Kalaepohaku Neighborhood Park from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
Questions and comments followed:
West asked if there are currently closing times or concerns at the park. Allen responded that there are presently no closure times at the park and stated that there is a growing number of transients moving into the restrooms. Beutel noted that many parks are closed from 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. and asked what a recommended closure time would be. Allen responded that there are issues with the park's parking in the neighborhood that create noise concerns for the surrounding area. Welch noted that a 7:00 p.m. closure may be early for a closure and suggested that 8:00 p.m. may be a better time. Kealoha-Lindsey commented that the Liliha Neighborhood Board No. 14 recently amended park closure times and an 8:30 p.m. closure time was used. Figliuzzi noted that the 7:00 p.m. closure time was suggested by the affected community. Mrozewski asked and Naylon replied that he would be sending the concern to the DPR to inform them of the Board's closing time recommendation, and that the DPR tends to follow park time closures proposed by the Neighborhood Boards.
THE Motion to Request Closure Time for Kalaepohaku Neighborhood Park PASSED by roll call vote, (9-4- 1). (Aye: Allen, Figliuzzi, Matson, Peralto, Persons, Sayama, West, B.Wong, and L.Wong; Nay: Beutel, Julian, Kealoha-Lindsey, and Welch; Abstain: Mrozewski.)
B. Dillingham Fountain: L.Wong reported that Councilmember Waters could respond to concerns about the status of the fountain repairs and stated that a $250,000 electrical grid cost has halted the project. Mrozewski noted his appreciation for stopping the fountain, because he lives across from it, and reported that the HECO electrical sub¬station is surrounded by construction fencing, which may indicate that the electrical infrastructure repairs are underway.
C. Kaimana Beach Showers: L.Wong described the beach shower renovation plans that she had received from the contractors and distributed to the Board showing a) a new concrete walkway and location of the shower facility west of the seawall that includes 3 showerheads and 2 footbaths and b) the shower column details and subsurface infiltration system details, and reported that the total cost of the project is $350,000.
Questions and comments followed:
1. Drainage: Welch noted that the shower water currently ponds near the hotel, and asked about flood mitigation and improvement of the drainage system near the Kaimana Beach showers. L.Wong responded that the new 30-second shower timers would mitigate the flooding concerns. Matson thanked L.Wong for her efforts in following this project.
D. Waikiki War Memorial and Natatorium: L.Wong reported that the last formal task force meeting was in August 2016, but talks stalled on the project pending determination of the fiscal aspects of the rehabilitation project. She added that the public comments can be found in the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) online.
E. Biki Installation at Leahi Beach Park: Resident Cheryl Severn emphasized the following points relating to the Biki storage and docking station recently relocated from Kapiolani Community College (KCC) to Leahi Beach Park:
• The Biki installation is an assault to the preservation of Diamond Head and the area's natural resources, similar to the city's sudden fencing project that recently blocked public access to the seawall and was since removed.
• In addition to being a blight on the preservation area and its historic and scenic qualities that are important to Hawaii, this commercial enterprise is an unwelcome element that restricts free access for pedestrians on the public recreational sidewalk, where pedestrians are dangerously forced into the street when the rental bikes are backed into the sidewalk from the Biki storage racks as shown on numerous photos and videos, which creates an enormous liability for the City.
• Also similar to the seawall fence installed on Christmas Eve by the City, the Biki station at Leahi Beach Park
was installed under questionable circumstances on the first day of the State-ordered pandemic mandate to stay home, and there is a serious question why these actions were taken without proper public notice and established procedures, protections and requirements.
Comments and questions followed:
1. Sidewalk Access: Mrozewski noted that he frequently travels Diamond Head Road and the Biki station had been present for a while before he noticed it, and he does not believe that it is obtrusive for the few seconds it takes to release the Biki bikes from their docks and back them out into the sidewalk. He added that according to his various measurements there are other narrower places on the sidewalk along Diamond Head Road.
2. Community Complaints: Kealoha-Lindsey acknowledged the complaints received by the Board stating the community's issues and detailing concerns about the current placement of the Biki storage and docking station, and the requests to move the station back to Kapiolani Community College (KCC) area, and she agreed with moving the station back where it belongs.
3. Pinch Point: Biki Executive Director Todd Boulanger commented that the Leahi Beach Park storage and docking station was the 16th most used Biki station in May, and it had been moved down the sidewalk from where a new street sign had created a pinch point.
4. Total Number: West asked and Boulanger responded that there are 136 Biki stations between Diamond Head and Downtown Honolulu.
5. Public Refund: Kealoha-Lindsey asked Boulanger if Biki Bikeshare would refund the matching $1 million dollars received from both the City and County of Honolulu and State of Hawaii to launch their business, now that they are making a profit. Boulanger responded that the City and State funds were a grant to Bikeshare from the funds raised from the Tobacco taxes. Kealoha-Lindsey noted that according to a report received this was not deemed a grant and is reimbursable. Boulanger asked to see a copy of the report.
6. Biki Audit: Matson commented that in December 2019 the City Council authorized an audit of Biki Bikeshare operations and their relationship with the City administration. She added that the audit is now in progress will be completed in November 2020, and encouraged those who have information to share with the City Auditor to do so at this time.
7. Community Impact: L.Wong reported receiving multiple community communications expressing objections to the commercial activity being allowed to establish their frontage at Leahi Beach Park along the scenic Diamond Head beachfront, where private contributions recently assisted beautification of the two beach parks. She added that Biki Bikeshare arbitrarily chooses their locations and does not consult with the communities they impact, and agreed that the Biki storage and docking station should be removed from this location.
F. 2020 Election: Dave Watase noted the present absence of candidate forums and reported that Civil Beat has more information about the 2020 candidates. He added that on Thursday, July 2, 2020, PBS Insights broadcasted a live City Council District 5 candidate forum , and the forum is posted at PBS, Facebook and YouTube online.
Brief Candidate Statements followed:
• House of Representatives District 20: Candidate Becky Gardner noted that she is running for House of Representatives District 20 which includes St. Louis Heights, and stated that the community can find more information about her at Sayama noted that he is also running for House of Representatives District 20 and stated that the community can find more information about him at
• Honolulu City Council District 5: Candidate David Watase noted that he is running for Honolulu City Council District 5 and stated that the community can find more information about him at State House Speaker Emeritus Say noted that he is also running for Honolulu City Council District 5 and stated that the community can find more information about him at
• State Senate District 10: Candidate Jesus Arriola noted that he is running for State Senate District 10 and stated that the community can find more information about him at
A. Mayor Kirk Caldwell's Representative: Walea Constantinau reported the following:
• Homeless Community: The Honolulu Office of Housing (HOU) reported that due to COVID-19 and guidance from the CDC, the City (and State) suspended enforcements for almost one (1) month. While the enforcements were restarted the week of April 20th and a new program called Provisional Outdoor Screening and Triage facility (POST) for unsheltered homeless persons was launched in early April, we are still catching up. Many unsheltered persons who have refused POST and/or other shelter services are suffering from mental health illness or substance use disorder. We encourage community members to contact their state legislators and ask
them to increase funding for both mental health and substance use disorder treatment, which are under the state's administration. In early April the city partnered with the State Department of Health (DOH) to establish the Temporary Quarantine and Isolation Center at Ka aahi, which provides for homeless persons a place for COVID-19 testing, quarantine, and isolation, as well as stabilization services. We thank the community for supporting these efforts which must be further expanded.
• Ala Wai Clubhouse: Currently, the Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse is closed for large events due to the Covid-19 Virus. There is also an active capital improvement project by Department of Enterprise Services (DES) to upgrade the air conditioning system. The Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) has requested replacement of the partition and upgrades to the lighting. When large events were permitted about 75% were for ballroom dance groups. Permits are issued on a first come first served basis.
• Topgolf: Topgolf updates are issued directly by the McNaughton Group. A McNaughton Group Representative has been in contact with Board Chair Figliuzzi.
• Biki Station: The Department of Transportation Services (DTS) does not determine the sites of the bike stations. DTS only approves or denies Biki's requests as proposed by Bikeshare Hawaii on the basis of safety and other technical concerns. A Biki representative will be in attendance to respond to questions from the Board.
• Kapahulu Avenue and Mokihana Street: The DTS completed an initial investigation, which included a site inspection and a review of the traffic collision history. DTS' site inspection revealed that all pavement striping and signage are in good operational condition and their review of the traffic collision history over the last three (3) years did not show any trends, conditions, or unusual circumstances which necessitate any additional traffic control devices on Kapahulu Avenue and Mokihana Street at this time. Due to the development related to COVID-19 and the statewide "Stay-at-Home, Work-from-Home" order, the DTS is unable to obtain accurate traffic and pedestrian volumes at this time and the traffic study is pending.
Persons exited the meeting at 7:55 p.m.; 13 members present.
Questions, comments, and concerns followed:
1. Speaker Time Limits: West recommended that the three (3) minute time limit not be imposed on those providing reports, and that their time could be extended at the Chair's discretion. L.Wong asked that the speakers use the microphones in a way that their comments can be audible to all present.
Kealoha-Lindsey exited the meeting at 7:58 p.m.; 12 members present. Persons returned to the meeting at 7:58 p.m.; 13 members present.
2. Kapiolani Park Disability Parking: L.Wong noted that there is only one disability parking stall between the Dillingham Fountain and the Bandstand in Kapiolani Regional Park, and half the parking lot on Paki and Monsarrat Avenues has been restricted to the City's Open Market use. She asked how many disability parking stalls are required for Kapiolani Regional Park and where they are required to be located. Constantinau responded that parking stalls are temporarily blocked off for the days and times of the City's street market.
3. Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse: Persons asked if the lighting in the Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse meeting facility could be improved for the Board's meetings.
4. Winam Avenue and Mo‘oheau Avenue Intersection: Matson reiterated the ongoing traffic obstruction issue at the Winam Avenue and Mo‘oheau Avenue intersection, and asked to whom the Board could initiate the request to meet and show them the problem, and resolve the continuing concerns. Constantinau responded that the Department of Transportation Services (DTS) Traffic Engineering Section will be investigating the situation based on the questions asked, but has been delayed due to COVID-19 affecting their scheduling.
5. Topgolf: Welch asked if Constantinau could provide a monthly report from the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) on the status of the proposed Topgolf project. Constantinau noted that the reporting responsibility presently may be with the developer, McNaughton Group, and she will follow up for clarification and the monthly reports.
6. Zoo Tree Inventory: Welch requested that DES additionally provide a tree inventory and assessment of the trees within and surrounding the Honolulu Zoo. Matson noted that the DPR Urban Forestry Division's Certified Arborists should be consulted on the tree inventory and tree assessments within the Kapiolani Park registered historic landscape that includes the Zoo enclave.
7. Report Updates: Figliuzzi asked for report updates on the Dillingham Fountain, showers at Kaimana Beach Park, and the Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial.
Kealoha-Lindsey returned to the meeting at 8:00 p.m.; 14 members present.
B. Councilmember Ann Kobayashi: Councilmember Kobayashi was present and provided the following report:
• Ala Wai Canal Flood Risk Management Project: The Ala Wai Flood Risk Management Project is moving forward and the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Oceanit consultants are working together to create a plan that follows some suggestions provided by Watase to eliminate detention basins in Palolo, Manoa and Makiki. However, remaining concerns include walls around the Ala Wai Canal and an unsightly water pump facility proposed to be constructed near the Ala Wai canoe launching site, and community meetings will be scheduled for further public input.
Persons exited the meeting at 8:02 p.m.; 13 members present.
Questions, comments, and concerns followed:
1. Ala Moana Park Project: Matson asked for an update on the City's Ala Moana Park improvement project, noting that this has been as much of a mystery to the community as the city's Thomas Square and Sherwood Forest projects. Councilmember Kobayashi responded that the City Council is attempting to follow this closely and an update will be forthcoming.
Persons returned to the meeting at 8:05 p.m.; 14 members present.
C. Councilmember Tommy Waters: Councilmember Waters was present and provided the following report:
• Request for Investigation and Service Report (RISR): Relating to the Dillingham Fountain, Kaimana Beach showers, and the Waikiki War Memorial and Natatorium, Councilmember Waters has submitted RISR #2020- 1672 to the Managing Director's office for an investigation and report, and suggested that the Board call them for updates on the RISR to hasten the process.
• City Council 2020 Ballot Resolutions: Councilmember Waters noted his efforts to create a Youth Commission to advise on public interest issues affecting their future, and reported that this Resolution was adopted by the City Council on July 8, 2020 and the question will be included on the 2020 Ballot. He added that the Ethics Commission's functions have been restricted by another city department withholding funds from the Commission and his Resolution to lift this restriction was also adopted by the City Council on July 8, 2020, and this question will be on the 2020 Ballot and deserves support.
• Monster Homes Bill 42: Councilmember Waters noted many complaints are received about monster homes continuing to be built because they applied for permits before monster home restrictions were implemented. He added that a resident was able to sue a neighbor due to property deed covenants precluding more than one house on the lot, and City Council Bill 42 requires an owner's affidavit before DPP permitting that all restrictive property covenants are being followed.
• Crosswalk Bill 47: City Council Bill 47 requires the city to present any proposal to remove a crosswalk to the applicable Neighborhood Board for review and comment.
• Ala Moana Park Improvement Project: Councilmember Waters and Councilmember Kobayashi have scheduled a meeting with city departments and community representatives at Ala Moana Park on July 10, 2020 to review the city's Magic Island tree plan and planting update.
• Tour Helicopters: Councilmember Waters intends to continue to pursue tour helicopter and military aircraft noise issues affecting Honolulu's communities.
• Honolulu Zoo: Councilmember Waters will be meeting with Department of Enterprise Services (DES) representatives at the Honolulu Zoo on July 22, 2020 to discuss their development plan, and will include community representatives at a following meeting.
Questions, comments, and concerns followed:
1. Transient Encampments Enforcement: Matson commented that more information is needed by the Diamond Head communities regarding the transient encampments and related serious crimes in the area, and noted two recent stabbings and that the community continues to require protection.
2. Tour Helicopters: Matson stated that the Governor and Health Director should understand that the forthcoming opening of the economy to trans-Pacific tourists will also reactivate tour helicopters with their pilot-to-passenger shoulder-to-shoulder seating, and these small aircraft with fuselages serving as potential COVID-19 petri dishes need to be curtailed on the ground to avoid a worse pandemic.
3. Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) Permits: Relating to Bill 42, West asked why a separate document must be signed that confirms the law is being followed when the building permits also follow the law to meet the building codes. Councilmember Waters explained that the property covenants within property deeds are private contracts between property owners, and may differ from building codes that allow, for example, two houses on one lot, and therefore DPP must also consider deed restrictions instead of solely approving permits automatically under a ministerial permitting system.
4. Sidewalk Removal: Kealoha-Lindsey asked about the removal of sidewalks that have been in place for a long
time, and stated that this creates safety concerns for residents and drivers. Councilmember Waters noted that this should be referred to the Mayor's Representative as it is a City and County of Honolulu Complete Streets concern.
5. Appreciation: Vice Chair Welch thanked Councilmember Waters and Councilmember Kobayashi for regularly attending the Neighborhood Board meetings and following up on the community's issues and concerns with their dedicated staff.
6. Kaimana Beach Park: L.Wong reported that completion of the Kaimana Beach showers project is being delayed until August 2021 because it will take that long for the city to get its own permits, and asked for assistance via Councilmember Waters. Councilmember Waters agreed, and Mayor's Representative Constantinau offered to report back on the matter.


A. U.S. Senator Brian Schatz: No representative present and no report was provided.
B. U.S. Congressman Ed Case: No representative present and no report was provided.
C. Governor's Representative: No representative present and no report was provided.
D. State Senator Les Ihara: No representative present and no report was provided.
E. State Senator Stanley Chang: Senator Chang's Legislative Aide Mike Brady reported on the following:
• Legislative Session: Friday, July 10, 2020 will be the end of the COVID-19 legislative session. Many active bills did not pass because of the March recess, and the community is encouraged to submit any legislation desired to be reviewed for the 2021 session.
• Webinars: Senator Chang's weekly webinars regarding housing and fixing the housing crisis in Hawaii have included Professor David Callies from the UH Richardson School of Law and the State Auditor.
F. State Representative Bert Kobayashi: No representative present and no report was provided.
G. State Representative Scott Nishimoto: Representative Nishimoto's Legislative Aide Emma Bulgan reported on the following:
• Diamond Head Capital Improvement Project (CIP): The Diamond Head State Monument CIP approved for improvements to the exterior of the Monument includes the Kapahulu Tunnel, Battery Harlow and the exterior parking area.
• Ala Wai Canal Projects: The Ala Wai Canal dredging project is proceeding on schedule and will be completed in early 2021, and the Ala Wai Canal wall restoration project will be completed by the end of this year.
Questions and comments followed:
1. Diamond Head State Monument CIP Funding: Kealoha-Lindsey requested a copy of the cost breakdown the improvements related to the $750,000 CIP for the Diamond Head State Monument.
H. House Speaker Emeritus Calvin Say: House Speaker Emeritus Say reported on the following:
• Wa‘ahila State Recreation Area Project Update: Due to a staffing shortage DLNR temporarily closed the recreation area and parking lot to secure the park. The staffing shortage has been resolved and the parking lot and recreation area are now open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. In addition, the Wa‘ahila State Recreation Area park improvements project will begin in early 2021, including repairing the existing pathways and resurfacing the parking lot.


A. Chairman's Report: No report was given.
B. Treasurer's Report: Chair Peralto reported on behalf of Treasurer L.Wong that there was a remaining balance of $140.12 in June 2020 for the end of the term.
C. Secretary's Report: Secretary Matson noted that she just recently received the July 18 Draft Meeting Minutes from the NCO, and review is underway for distribution to the Board members with the July 2019 and October 2019 draft minutes amendments for approval by the Board at the August 2020 meeting. Mrozewski asked why the 2019
minutes are being amended, and Matson responded that according to the audio recording of the July 2019 meeting, numerous speaker identifications and other substantive information was missing in the posted draft July 2019 meeting minutes; and according to the October 2019 meeting video there was a notable absence of substantive information in the posted October 2019 meeting minutes. She noted that the subject minutes had not been approved by the Board, and Mrozewski thanked Matson for her efforts.
Hearing no objections, Chair Peralto postponed approval of the July 2019, October 2019 and June 2020 meeting minutes until the August 2020 Board meeting.

A. Planning & Zoning: Committee Chair Matson reported the following:
• Primary Urban Center Development Plan: The Department of Planning and Permitting's Primary Urban Center Development Plan Update is still pending and will be released within the next month or two for public comments, and interested Board members are encouraged to participate in this review.
• Biki Storage and Docking Relocation - Discussion continues with Biki about the community's concerns and complaints relating to the sudden appearance of the Biki storage and docking infrastructure moved from KCC to the new rock wall fronting Leahi Beach Park along Diamond Head Road, including road and pedestrian safety concerns relating to the relocation. The location of Biki stations within or around the Diamond Head Special District Core Area is a planning issue and the Department of Transportation Services (DTS) has never presented Biki plans to the community at the Board's meetings, and Biki has been requested to follow the broader public safety and environmental concerns of the community and not simply the fiscal needs of their commercial enterprise.
B. Parks, Recreation & Environment: Committee Chair Welch reported the following:
• Honolulu Zoo: The proposed Honolulu Zoo development plan is being evaluated, and Councilmember Waters will be conducting a site visit with community representatives in the near future to determine potential impacts. A tree inventory is needed as an accounting of any observed or planned tree loss.
• Topgolf: There is a continuing need to garner additional information on the Topgolf project from the Department
of Enterprise Services (DES), and the Topgolf issues are jointly Planning and Zoning Committee concerns.
C. Traffic & Transportation: Committee Chair Mrozewski reported the following:
• O‘ahu Metropolitan Planning (OMPO): There have been no OMPO citizens advisory committee meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but there have been regular planning meetings and technical meetings, and the meeting agendas and minutes are available on the OMPO web site.
• Winam Avenue and Mo‘oheau Avenue Intersection: The Winam Avenue parking and traffic obstruction problem remains as an issue to be resolved.
D. Kapahulu Special Improvement District: Committee Chair Figliuzzi noted the need to create a Board social media page to better inform the community and for the community to interact with the Board, and he will provide more information at the August 2020 Board meeting

A. Sub-District 1 - St. Louis Heights: Sub-District 1 Chair Allen had no report in addition to the park hours issue discussed earlier in the meeting under Continuing Community Concerns.
B. Sub-District 2 - Kapahulu: No report was available.
C. Sub-District 3 - Diamond Head: Sub-District Chair Wong had no report in addition to the Kaimana Beach showers, Dillingham Fountain and Natatorium issues discussed earlier in the meeting under Continuing Community Concerns.
The next regular Board meeting will be at Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse on Thursday, August 13, 2020,
beginning at 6:00 PM.

Chair Peralto adjourned the meeting at 8:34 p.m.

Submitted by: Chris Naylon, Public Relations Assistant

Reviewed by: Jackson Coley, Public Relations Assistant

Reviewed per the O'lelo Meeting Video by: Michelle Matson, Board Secretary

Finalized by: Keolu Peralto, Board Chair

‘Olelo NB #5 July 9 2020 Meeting Video: 

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