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OCT. 28, 6pm (Pacific) 3pm (Hawaii)

Spooky stories to chill and delight, Tales told to give you a fright

I'M THRILLED TO BE TELLING with these friends!

Ingrid Nixon - Alaska Park Ranger & exquisite story crafter! SCEP show 10/19

Adam Booth (W. Virginia) smoothe, brilliant use of frame, SCEP show Nov. 2

EthNohTec- nobody tells in tandem like these two pros. In Hawaii many times,

Jeff Gere will share a tale NOT HEARD in other public shows this season.

SiX FEET APART is the producer- they do short interviews after each story too

TICKETS Eventbrite ($10 to $25)- COME IF YOU DARE!


OCT. 29 noon-1pm (Hawaii, 3pm Pacific, 6pm East)

When I ran the Talk Story Festival, Lopaka Kapanui rocked those Friday night Spooky Shows. Hawaiian, native speaker, hula kumu (teacher), he literally sees smells talks to & about spirits. He's done waking ghost tours for 20 years.

He's the only one I recommend & go on. Lopaka is the ‘real thing'. Yep. (FREE!)


The University of Hawaii Outreach College SCEP program has been running virtual shows (30-40 minutes) since covid hit, and they offer a wonderful Fall Storytelling line-up. Here are Dates & Names: all start at 10am Hawaii time...

Registration Links at ,

or ‘subscribe' to their youtube channel, SCEP Live Online to get these shows.

Oct. 19- Ingrid Nixon (Alaska, Park Ranger, new star in American storytellers.)

Oct. 20- Nyla Fujii (local, celebrated teller, actress, voice-over & librarian)

Oct. 21- Janine Oshiro (local new voice, awarded author & massage therapist!)

Oct. 26- Nuala Hayes (Chair Irish Stllrs, living legend, actress, all things Irish.)

Oct. 27- Lilli Pang (El Salvadorian/ Australian, bilingual energy rhythm & joyful!)

Oct. 28- Dovie Thomason (Native American (Lakota & Apache) one of the

original storytelling stars in USA)

Oct. 31, 7pm Hii time - HALLOWEEN

Alton Chung (local youth in Hawaii with national profile, active in NSN.)

'TITA' Kathy Collins (Maui's favorite MC, radio DJ, actress, comedian)

Jeff Gere (old voice has done stuff, tells his ‘new spooky', ‘Testing God'

Nov. 1- Adam Booth (W. Virginia. all major festivals, elegant clever profound),

Nov. 2- Giovanna Conforto (director, Italian Story Center, international reach.)

Nov. 3- Joe Miller (local, stories from 40 years of teaching, gardening, & sailing)

This is part of the Hawaii Book & Music Festival (all October)



Nov. 5 (Friday) $10, 6-7pm

Oahu Fringe is BACK with two beautiful Chinatown venues: Next Door and Downtown Art Center (DAC, 2nd floor of Chinatown Gateway Plaza, 1041 Nu'uanu Unit B, above City office & art gallery, across & above from Hanks.)

Jeff Gere tells twisting, Inspiring, and just weird tales that have not been told before, tales that will go home with you. Jeff's been saving these up for this intimate occasion.

*Please note: This event will be livestreamed too, for DAC is limited to a super intimate audience (10 in the room including performer & crew) It also will have a FRINGE@HOME option via FacebookLive so we can share with a wider audience. Early arrivals at DAC will be able to have a beverage and relax until their ticketed showtime (mex 10 people). There will be 30 minutes between performances for cleaning.

This venue requires proof of vaccination (physical card or photo) or negative COVID-19 test taken within 48 hours, and ID to enter. City & County of Honolulu safety regulations and social distancing guidelines will be observed. Please wear masks at all times.



Nov. 10 to 27 @ DAC (Downtown Arts Center, in The Inner Vault Room)

Jeff exhibits 33 images in the windowless inner vault room of the DAC.

View them anytime Wed- Sunday (hours 11-6pm)

'Show & Tell' Session on Saturdays 11/13 & 20, 11- 1pm

by appointment only, write to to reserve a time

Jeff talks ‘collage', the story of the images, the waking dreamtime process, surreal art, etc.) Limited group sizes, covid appropriate, only with the vax.

Jeff is a celebrated storyteller, BA in painting & Art History (lived in Florence, Italy; performance series interpreting exhibits at The Contemporary Museum) He's done colleges quietly for decades & has LOTS to say! He's delighted to meet you in this intimate sharing. Make a date! This talk story conversation will take 25-30 minutes with plenty of sharing, questions, & comments. It's best to view the images before the Show & Tell session. Yep!

Past Events


JEFF's FRINGE: 'Haunted Hawaii"


9pm (Central), 4pm (Hawaii)

My name was drawn from the hat to get this showcase- it's a powerful hour of true supernatural tales: 3 about people meeting Pele, our volcano goddess; and two longer, darker tales. I'm thrilled with the stories & my performances (now I go to ALL my shows & I'm not easily impressed!) Also, the video effects (colorings, visual aides- maps & Hawaiian implements) & cool graphics (amazing what a flashlight behind an aloha shirt can create! Oh, eerie music!)

Take a look at this rough sketch! I'll share a ‘details' write-up later.

Haunted Hawaii TRANSITIONS (fabric textures, titles, & music, 5 min.)

PLEASE make efforts to SEE THIS SHOW! ($!0)

If you can't join live, register anyhow & watch the recording later.

Registration for Haunted ( scroll to bottom of page):

All $38 members/ $48 public, Just for a Fringe show $10 …

There's much more too (spooky shows & a workshop)

Go to for schedule/registration


Join the ‘LATE NIGHT LOUNGE' Zoom Social Session RIGHT AFTER,

5pm Hawaii (8pm Pacific, 11pm East etc)

The 'Late Night Lounge' opens for greetings & gabbings…. with you?

LINK given at end of this Premier Showing to those who register!

… or write to ask Jeff for the link.


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Jeff Gere is a storytelling activist! He is the Drama Specialist in the Parks Department, talks to thousands of Summer Fun children each summer (new CD: Silly 'N Spooky: Tales of Kids in Hawaii). Jeff directs and hosts the TALK STORY FESTIVAL (Hawaii's largest and oldest storytelling celebration- 3 FREE nights each October).

Jeff hosts/produces TALK STORY RADIO (1/2 hour weekly storytelling show featuring the tales & tellers of Hawaii & the Pacific Rim)(KIPO 89.3FM Mon 5:30, KTUH 90.3 FM Thurs 7pm). Born on Halloween, he specializes in true supernatural tales/ oral histories of Hawaii (3 Haunted Hawaii CDs).

Jeff Gere is a master storyteller. He blends talents as painter, puppeteer, mime, teacher, and director into a performance style, which has electrified audiences of every age throughout Hawaii and the mainland for two decades. Jeff's physical energy, wide range of voices, morphing elastic face and clear characterizations make his performances unforgettable events. Jeff becomes his stories!

Gere earned a BA in Painting and Art History, spending his junior year in Florence, Italy, and an MA in Inter-relating the Arts (a multi-disciplinary program requiring 4 to 6 original shows a week for 2 years). He returned to Italy in 1979 to caretake a 600-year-old Tuscan villa. He created, produced, directed and acted in Dream Theatre, exploring social issues through experimental puppet, mask and mime pieces. This troupe of seven toured Italy extensively and toured to 13 German cities (6/82).

In 1982, Gere came to Hawaii to study Asian Mask Theatre. He's since established himself as one of its most popular storytellers and puppeteers. He's taught and performed in literally every venue conceivable (all Hawaii's museums, most private & public schools, all ages, audience sizes, & income levels; bars, prisons, homeless shelters, conferences, conventions, beaches, graveyards, retreat & community centers, & state-wide solo and group tours, many of which he produced).

In 1987, Gere was hired as the Drama Specialist, Parks Department, City & County of Honolulu. In 1989, he created the Talk Story Festival, Hawaii's largest & oldest storytelling celebration. It attracts some 3,000 listeners to its broad, diverse offering of local talent and receives excellent publicity. He founded a non-profit and found corporate sponsorship (Bank of Hawaii, Aloha Airlines, LavaNet).

His original programs, often commissioned, include The Arabian Nights (2 musicians & bellydancer; 10 tales over 18 months (03-04) & Hong Kong 6/05), Yo Pharaoh ( 2 musicians & dancer), and Van Gogh's Ghost. He performed in the Vancouver Story Fest. (Arabian Nights 11/04), Turkey (Karagoz Shadow Puppet Fest. 11/04) Thailand Story-In-English Camps (4/03) for kids and teachers. He's taught at the National Storytelling Conferences ('04, '99, '93). Jeff was featured at the Boulder City Folk Festival (9/02 and 03), the Flying Leap Storytelling Festival (Calif. 99), and the National Invitational Storytelling Championship (Idaho 97). In '92 he toured American Samoa, Guam and Saipan and represented Hawaii at the Universal Expo in Sevilla, Spain. He toured the West Coast annually (93-02). He created, directed, & performed "Art Off The Wall", a collaborative interdisciplinary performance series interpreting art exhibits at Honolulu's Contemporary Museum (97-00, funded by the Hawaii Community Foundation) and its Teacher Training Course (00- 04, Maui Arts & Culture Center). Gere also developed a "Tell Well" Storytelling System (Univ. Hawaii 90-97).

Jeff has produced 4 CDs, Haunted Hawaii vols. 1, 2, & 3, retelling true supernatural tales, and Rank Devil Mountain, folk tales of fire with 3 musicians. His children's video of original stories, Silly 'N Spooky, won Honors from the National Parent's Choice Awards (96). He had 2 stories appear in Chicken Soup for the Soul of Hawaii (03). He's in Storytellers: a Biographical Directory of 120 English-Speaking Tellers Worldwide (98). New York Cablevision leased 5 spooky stories for their subscription WEB series (98). He's done extensive radio & TV projects in every capacity, including co-producing and performing in "The Storytellers" series (KITV 4, ABC affiliate, 95-97). He's featured in the Places of Mystery Series (Travel Channel, 8/00) and Haunted History Series (History Channel, 10/00). He was awarded Outstanding TV Performance Arts Series (00) on Olelo Community TV, where he's created monthly programming since '90. He starts Talk Story Radio in spring, '05 (Hawaii Public Radio).

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