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With Permission / Courtesy of: City and County of Honolulu Neighborhood Commission Office



March 2023 Minutes





6:00 P.M.

Video recordings of Regular Meetings may be found at:

CALL TO ORDER - Vice Chair Welch called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m. Quorum was established with five (5) members present at the Ala Wai Club House and five (5) members present via Webex Application, total of 10 members. Note - This 15-member Board requires eight (8) members to establish a quorum and to take official Board action. Board members must be in-person or have video access.

Board Members Present: Julia Allen, Rafia Hasina, Margaret Murchie, Bertram Narita, Bruce Wong (joined at 6:35 p.m.), John Beutel, Wendell Murakawa, Winston Welch, Michelle Matson (joined at 6:25 p.m.), Linda Wong (joined at 6:27 p.m.), Don Persons (joined by phone), Arleen Velasco, and Laura St. Denis.

Board Members Absent: Dylan Whitsell and George West.

Guests: Captain Asato (Honolulu Fire Department); Sergeant Nagasawa, Officer Nakamura, Lieutenant Nakamura, Lieutenant Komoda, and Sergeant Okano (Honolulu Police Department); Anton Krucky (Department of Community Services); Kathleen Pahinui (Board of Water Supply); Carol Hoshiko (Kapiolani Community College); Claudia Rapkoch (State Energy Office); Amanda Zepeda (Council Chair Tommy Waters' office); Janel Denny and Judy Hernandez (Councilmember Calvin Say's office); Representative Jackson Sayama; Theresa Ng (Senator Stanley Chang's office); Daisy Murai, Stanton Ching, Laura Ruby, Lynn, Melvia Kawashima, Noela, Dylan Thomas, Nancy Thomas, Lynette Low, Kim Mabe, Cu Young Lee-Thomas, Todd Boulanger, Keolu Peralto, Lee, Renee Espiau, Ryan Chang (Residents); Jackson Coley (Neighborhood Commission Office). Names not provided are not included.


Honolulu Fire Department (HFD): [6:05 p.m. (01)] Captain Asato reported the February 2023 statistics: 2 cooking fires, 8 activated alarms (no fires), 63 medical emergencies, 1 vehicle collision with a pedestrian, 11 vehicle crashes/collisions, and 1 mountain rescue. Smoke-alarm safety tips were provided.

Questions, comments, and concerns: Welch asked and Captain Asato confirmed that HPD still offers blood pressure checks during daytime hours.

Honolulu Police Department District 6: [6:08 p.m. (04)] Sergeant Nagasawa reported the February 2023 statistics: 4 robberies, 12 burglaries, 123 thefts, 26 unauthorized entries into motor vehicles (UEMVs), 29 assaults, 1 sex crime, 8 bikes/skateboards on sidewalks, 25 speeding citations, 1,911 parking citations, 88 park-closure citations, 1 park-closure arrest, and 3,118 total calls for service.

Questions, comments, and concerns: St. Denis asked what to do when vehicles cut off pedestrians. Officer Nakamura recommended calling HPD and providing the vehicle's license plate for citation. Welch asked and Sergeant Nagasawa responded that UEMVs do not clarify if vehicles were locked or unlocked. Welch asked about ticketing under the new vehicle-noise ordinance and Officer Nakamura responded they have cited vehicles for loud mufflers and stereos, one (1) ticket in the last month.

Honolulu Police Department District 7: [6:13 p.m. (09)] Lieutenant Nakamura reported the February 2023 statistics: 8 motor vehicle thefts, 5 burglaries, 17 thefts, 9 UEMVs and 6,138 total calls for service. Lieutenant Nakamura stated he has not heard of any new vehicle-noise ordinance.

Questions, comments, and concerns: Murakawa asked and Lieutenant Nakamura responded that driver licensing is performed by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) not HPD. St. Denis voiced concerns with no handicap parking on Leahi Avenue, Lieutenant Nakamura recommended contacting the Department of Parks and Recreations (DPR). Resident Daisy Murai voiced concerns with recent scams and Lieutenant Nakamura reminded attendees not to give out information over the phone. Resident Stanton Ching asked why crime statistics decreased. Lieutenant Nakamura responded it may be a temporary decrease from chronic criminals being incarcerated.


Mayor Rick Blangiardi's Office: [6:22 p.m. (18)] Anton Krucky, Department of Community Services (DCS) Director, reported: The Mayor's newsletter available at Questions for Makalei Beach were referred to DPR for action. The obscured speed sign near Makalei Beach has been scheduled for clearing. Dead Naupaka plants on Diamond Head Road are maintained by the Diamond Head Citizens Advisory Committee (DHCAC), the irrigation system is owned by Diamond Head State Monument Foundation (DHSMF). Department of Transportation Services (DTS) will not be reinstalling parking stalls on Leahi Avenue. Parking is not allowed by ordinance on the mauka side and is intended for pedestrians. Tree removal is under DPR. The Department of Facility Maintenance (DFM) has rescheduled Leahi Avenue for street sweeping. DTS will not consider removing busses from Hotel Street and turning Hotel Street into a walking mall. Hotel Street's bus operations are necessary for the public transit system. Department of Environmental Services (ENV) reported that sewer applications are submitted to Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP), plans are then checked and are good for two (2) years if approved. Driver license renewal is under DMV, appointments are recommended.

Michelle Matson joined the meeting at 6:25 p.m. 11 members present.

Linda Wong joined the meeting at 6:27 p.m. 12 members present.

Questions, comments, and concerns: St. Denis asked which ordinance prevents parking on Leahi Avenue and stated there used to be parking, Director Krucky agreed to investigate. St. Denis noted a handicapped gardener was ticketed and Director Krucky suggested contacting HPD. St. Denis noted increasing demand for food bank services. Resident Noela voiced concerns with strong winds and asked if the City will inspect light signals at large intersection for stability. Resident Noela also asked about the tree integrity on Paki Avenue.

Bruce Wong joined the meeting at 6:35 p.m. 13 members present.

Matson stated she is part of the DHCAC and the DHSMF and that the dead naupaka was due to State Parks turning off the irrigation and they will remediate the area. Matson recommended contacting the Department of Urban Forestry (DUF) for tree removal. Beutel noted Matson's speaking time was up and Matson stated she was delivering a report. Matson asked and Director Krucky clarified the DCS helped fund a University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization (UHERO) study. Welch asked if the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) could relocate the staging area for Ala Wai Canal Dredging to the Ala Wai Golf Course spare parking lot.

Board of Water Supply (BWS): [6:42 p.m. (38)] Kathleen Pahinui, BWS, reported no main breaks in February 2023. World Water Day is Wednesday, March 22, 2023. BWS is finalizing the contract for the Diamond Head fencing. Regarding fire-retardant-foams, BWS is unsure what the Airport uses, however there are different types of fire-foams. Pahinui provided follow-up numbers to contact the Airport; 808-838-8602; 808-838-8607; or 808-836-6533.

Questions, comments, and concerns: Velasco asked about Red Hill, Pahinui responded that the nearby wells are still turned off. BWS has not found any contaminants in their water. Matson asked about a rumor and Pahinui confirmed it was just a rumor. Matson asked and Pahinui responded that all Diamond Head reservoirs are in use.

Kapiolani Community College (KCC): [6:50 p.m. (46)] Carol Hoshiko, KCC, provided a slideshow about the ongoing work on the Culinary Institute of the Pacific. A townhall is scheduled for Thursday, April 6, 2023.

Questions, comments, and concerns: Matson asked about trees and Hoshiko responded there will be trees.

Governor's Representative: [6:54 p.m. (50)] Claudia Rapkoch, State Energy Office, reported: Governor Green's newsletter is available online at Fire-foam released at the Airport will not threaten drinking water, ocean impacts are under investigation. Property taxes are under the City, not State, the City Council has put forward proposals for change. Gordon Pang contacted Welch to follow-up regarding the environment and view planes. Governor Green supports affordable housing, 201H is a tool that can be used for affordable housing. Governor Green opposes Red Hill and potential threats to Hawaii's drinking water.

Questions, comments, and concerns: Matson voiced concerns regarding 201H and requested a meeting with Governor Green to discuss. Velasco also voiced concerns with 201H and Rapkoch agreed to refer comments. St. Denis advocated for maintaining food banks and food stamps. Welch noted Gordon Pang contacted him on behalf of Hawaii Housing Finance & Development Corporation (HHFDC) regarding environment. Welch advocated for building housing carefully and Rapkoch agreed to refer concerns.


Hinano Street Small Cell Tower: Residents Dylan Thomas, Nancy Thomas, and Lynette Low voiced concerns and opposition with the small cell tower being installed on Hinano Street. The tower is slated for installation on top of an existing street light. Residents voiced health concerns with 5G. The residents noted they circulated a petition in their neighborhood and received signatures, they asked who to submit the petition to. Jackson Coley, Neighborhood Commission Office (NCO), recommended emailing the petition to the Board members and noted a petition is not necessary for the Board to take action. Residents voiced concerns with not receiving notification of this project. Matson noted the Board received a presentation about this project at a previous meeting. Welch recommended contacting the City Council members. The residents voiced concerns with only seven (7) homes being notified. The residents stated they contacted Councilmembers and were told to bring a petition to the Board.

Kuilei Place: Resident Ruby voiced concerns regarding Kuilei Place. Resident Ruby stated members of the McCully- Mo ili ili Neighborhood Board No. 8 have stated they will not return to the Board due to this topic.

Draft Resolution/Apology: L. Wong apologized for accidentally sending an unpassed draft resolution from the Board with her personal testimony last month. Matson voiced support for L. Wong.

Genki Ball Project: Resident Noela reported the Genki Ball project in the Ala Wai is going well.


Mo ili ili "Kuilei" Tower Development: [7:36 p.m. (1:32)] Matson provided a draft resolution opposing the Kuilei Place project. Matson stated it supports a similar resolution from the McCully-Mo ili ili Neighborhood Board No. 8. Matson voiced concerns with Kuilei Place and 201H. Matson advocated for adopting the resolution.

L. Wong moved and Velasco seconded the Main Motion to adopt the resolution. [7:44 p.m. (1:40)]

Discussion: Matson noted an error in the second to last paragraph. Welch and Matson suggested multiple ways to correct the error. Matson suggested deferring it to later so she could fix the error.

Matson moved and L. Wong seconded the Motion to postpone the resolution until finalization of the second-to-last paragraph. [7:50 p.m. (1:46)] The motion to postpone WAS ADOPTED by UNANIMOUS CONSENT; 13-0-0: (AYE: Allen, Hasina, Murchie, Narita, B. Wong, Beutel, Welch, Murakawa, Matson, Persons, St. Denis, L. Wong and Velasco; NAY: None; ABSTAIN: None). [7:50 p.m. (1:46)]

Ala Wai Boulevard Bike Lanes: [7:51 p.m. (1:47)] Murchie voiced opposition to Complete Streets Ala Wai due to the potential impact to traffic. Both Murchie and L. Wong voiced concerns with another project to remove a vehicle lane on Kuhio Avenue. L. Wong voiced opposition. Resident Murai voiced opposition and suggested removing curbing to make space for a bike lane. Beutel voiced support for Complete Streets Ala Wai and stated the Board received testimony from 17 people supporting the project. Beutel stated he saw no written testimony in opposition. Murchie voiced concerns with parking being removed and modified and stated that residents have voiced opposition to the project. Resident Todd Boulanger voiced support for the project and voiced concerns with current conditions for bikers along Ala Wai Boulevard. Matson voiced opposition to the project and stated there are alternative routes for bikers. Matson advocated for maintaining Ala Wai Boulevard for drivers to the Honolulu urban center.

Mo ili ili "Kuilei" Tower Development: [8:08 p.m. (2:04)] The Board returned to this item, however Matson found additional edits and the topic was postponed again to later in the meeting by unanimous consent.


Council Chair Tommy Waters: [8:13 p.m. (2:09)] Amanda Zepeda reported: The Council formed a budget brochure and is currently in budget briefings. A bike-path data program is available at The Councilmember's office did sign-waving for pedestrian safety. The walkway behind Waikiki Aquarium is owned by University of Hawaii. The Department of Customer Services (CSD) will reissue misprinted driver licenses. The small cell tower on Hinano Street is a conditional use permit (CUP) minor so public hearings and Council approval are not required. Councilmember's office has noted excessive parade applications in Waikiki.

Questions, comments, and concerns: Resident Lynn asked about the settlement for the Kealoha Corruption lawsuit and if there are plans to increase oversight on City offices. Janel Denny, Councilmember Say's office, responded that the settlement will be on the next full Council agenda. No information regarding oversight for City offices. Resident Murai asked if there will be more cell towers aside from Hinano Street. Resident Murai asked about Waikiki Shell improvements. Zepeda was unsure and agreed to refer. B. Wong asked about changing the system that determines property taxes in order to benefit current homeowners, Zepeda agreed to refer comments.

Councilmember Calvin Say: [8:30 p.m. (2:26)] Judy Hernandez and Janel Deny provided a newsletter at

Questions, comments, and concerns: Matson requested a response to concerns she voiced at the McCully-Mo ili ili Neighborhood Board No. 8 meeting. Hernandez responded the office is working on it. Matson asked Zepeda about moving the Board area into the Sustainable Communities Plan (SCP), Zepeda responded she was unsure if any progress was made.

Representative Bertrand Kobayashi: [8:32 p.m. (2:28)] No representative, newsletter was provided to Board.

Representative Jackson Sayama: [8:32 p.m. (2:28)] Representative Sayama was open to questions. No questions.

Senator Stanley Chang: [8:33 p.m. (2:29)] Theresa Ng reported that all bills have crossed between the State House and Senate. There are openings on the youth commission.

Senator Les Ihara, Jr.: [8:35 p.m. (2:31)] No representative, no report.

The Board returned to BOARD BUSINESS: Mo ili ili "Kuilei" Tower Development:


Mo ili ili "Kuilei" Tower Development: [8:35 p.m. (2:31)] Matson provided an amended resolution.

Velasco moved and Allen seconded the Motion to adopt the amended resolution. [8:37 p.m. (2:33)]

Discussion: Beutel expressed gratitude for L. Wong apologizing for distributing a draft copy of the resolution. Beutel voiced support for the resolution.

The motion WAS ADOPTED by UNANIMOUS VOTE; 13-0-0: (AYE: Allen, Hasina, Murchie, Narita, B. Wong, Beutel, Welch, Murakawa, Matson, Persons, St. Denis, L. Wong and Velasco; NAY: None; ABSTAIN: None). [8:38 p.m. (2:34)]


Regular Meeting Minutes for Thursday, February 9, 2023:

Matson moved and L. Wong seconded the Motion to Postpone adopting the Minutes to the next meeting. [8:41 p.m. (2:37)]

Discussion: Beutel voiced opposition to the motion and advocated for adopting the minutes.

The Motion FAILED LACKING QUORUM VOTE; 7-6-0: (AYE: Murchie, Welch, Velasco, Matson, Persons, St. Denis, and L. Wong; NAY: Allen, Hasina, Narita, B. Wong, Beutel, and Murakawa; ABSTAIN: None). [8:42 p.m. (2:38)]

Beutel moved and Narita seconded the Motion to Adopt the Minutes as presented. [8:44 p.m. (2:40)]

Due to Facility closure Welch ended the meeting before the vote. All further Agenda Items were deferred and the meeting was adjourned.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Submitted by Jackson Coley, Senior Clerk

Reviewed by: Naomi Hanohano, Community Relations Specialist

Reviewed by: J. David Beutel, Secretary, Neighborhood Board No. 5

Final approval by:

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