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The Health Starts Here program assists you to make healthier choices. Learning to use the ANDI (Aggregate Nutrient Density Index) scoring system throughout the store to guide you on healthier choices, will help get you started.

Visit our webpage and our "Health Starts Here" area in the store, to browse our selection of books, DVDs, and recipe cards for more information.

About Whole Foods Market

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We seek out the finest natural and organic foods available, maintain the strictest quality standards in the industry, and have an unshakeable commitment to sustainable agriculture. Add to that the excitement and fun we bring to shopping for groceries, and you start to get a sense of what we're all about. Oh yeah, we're a mission-driven company too. If you are interested in learning about our business practices and what makes us tick, check out our Core Values, Quality Standards, Declaration of Interdependence, and more.

Around here, we often talk about our mission in terms of Whole Foods -- Whole People -- Whole Planet. Basically, we think these elements all play a huge role in our success.

Whole Foods -- We search for the highest quality, least processed, most flavorful and natural foods possible because we believe that food in its purest state -- unadulterated by artificial additives, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives -- is the best tasting and most nutritious food there is.

Whole People -- Our people are our company. They are passionate about healthy food and a healthy planet. They take full advantage of our decentralized, self-directed team culture and create a respectful workplace where people are treated fairly and are highly motivated to succeed.

Whole Planet -- We are committed to helping take care of the world around us, and our active support of organic farming and sustainable agriculture helps protect our planet. And while we assist our global neighbors through our Whole Planet Foundation's micro-lending operations, we also step out the back door of each of our stores to support food banks, sponsor neighborhood events and donate to local non-profit groups.

Locally Grown - Hawaii

At Whole Foods Market, we're proud to feature hundreds of products that come from small vendors in our communities. By purchasing local products, not only are you supporting your local economy, you're also supporting the earth since buying locally reduces the environmental impact and cost of transporting goods. We're glad to help these small producers and growers flourish -- in fact, many of our items come from companies or farms that started by selling to one of our stores and gradually got into all our locations!

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Our Core Values

The following list of core values reflects what is truly important to us as an organization. These are not values that change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person, but rather they are the underpinning of our company culture. Many people feel Whole Foods is an exciting company of which to be a part and a very special place to work. These core values are the primary reasons for this feeling, and they transcend our size and our growth rate. By maintaining these core values, regardless of how large a company Whole Foods becomes, we can preserve what has always been special about our company. These core values are the soul of our company.

  • Selling the highest quality natural and organic products available
  • Satisfying and delighting our customers
  • Supporting team member happiness and excellence
  • Creating wealth through profits & growth
  • Caring about our communities & our environment
  • Creating ongoing win-win partnerships with our suppliers
  • Promoting the health of our stakeholders through healthy eating education

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