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  • Hawaii State Foundation On Culture and The Arts FEBRUARY 2018 Newsletter

    The Hawai'i State Art Museum is dedicated to presenting the largest and finest collection of works by Hawai'i artists that celebrate the diverse artistic and cultural legacy of Hawai'i.
    In This Issue
    • SFCA Annual Report
    • Art Bento Applications
    • It's Your Art
    • Arts, Music, and Culture Calendar
    • Folk & Traditional Arts Grantees Recognized
    • Board of Commissioners
    • Recent and Upcoming Exhibit Visits
    • HiSAM Event Calendar
    • Holiday Schedule
    • Volunteer Opportunities
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KaimukiHawaii.com is a FREE Web site for all. Kaimuki is a thriving neighborhood located east of Manoa and Makiki, inland from Diamond Head on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. There are many resources, events and activities in Kaimuki. It is Ernest Abrams/MacBusiness Consulting (MBC) and this Web Site's mission to get the word out about Kaimuki and bring the community together... More...

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