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With Permission / Courtesy of: City and County of Honolulu Neighborhood Commission Office

Kaimuki Neighborhood Board No. 4


August 2022 Minutes





CALL TO ORDER - Vice Chair Hoe called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Quorum was established with seven (7) members present. Note - This 11-member Board requires six (6) members to establish a quorum and to take official Board action.

Board Members Present - Paul Hoe, Brian Kang, Lori Yamada, Jason DeMarco, Becky Gardner, Kelsie Aguilera, Eric McCutcheon.

Board Members Absent - Travis Saito, Steve Litschauer

Guests - Lieutenant Taro Nakamura and Sergeant Adam Lipka (Honolulu Police Department); Lorna Heller and Kathleen Pahinui (Board of Water Supply); Calvin Hara (Kaimuki Business & Professional Association); Adoree Yu (Queen Theatre); Matthew McKeever (Colliers); Carol Hoshiko (Kapiolani Community College); Stephen Yuen and Eric Crispin (3650 Waialae Avenue); Bryan Kimura (State Department of Transportation); Director Mark Wong (Mayor Rick Blangiardi's Representative); Council Chair Waters and Adam Doo (Office of Council Chair Tommy Waters); Councilmember Calvin Say; Lynn Robinson-Onderko (Senator Stanley Chang's Office); Senator Les Ihara, Jr.; Representative Jackson Sayama; Representative Bertrand Kobayashi; Cheryl Tamanaha, Tim Hosoda, Anthony Caliano, Kalani Salcedo, Sarah Chinen, Sharlene Watanabe, Jeannie Lum, Barbara DeBaryshe, Patrick Watson (Residents); and Thomas Baldwin (Neighborhood Commission Office).

ROLL CALL The Neighborhood Assistant conducted a roll call.


No residents volunteered to fill a vacancy.


Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) - No representative was present; the following report was submitted in advance:

July 2022 Statistics: There were 2 activated alarms, 55 medical calls, 1 motor vehicle crash/collision, and 1 hazardous materials incident.

Safety Tip - Back to School Fire Safety - College students living away from home should take a few minutes to make sure they are living in a fire-safe environment. Educating students on what they can do to stay safe during the school year is important and often overlooked.

Safety Tip - Kupuna Safety - Help prevent older adult deaths and injuries in your community by implementing fire and fall safety practices. Your assistance in implementing safety prevention and preparedness will ensure the safety of our esteemed elders.

Honolulu Police Department (HPD) - Lieutenant Taro Nakamura and Sergeant Adam Lipka submitted the following report:

July 2022 Statistics: There were 9 motor vehicle thefts, 41 thefts, 7 unauthorized entries into motor vehicles, and 6370 total calls for service.

Safety Tip - Back to School Safety: School safety tips were provided, highlighting bicycle safety for bicyclists and drivers.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed: Neighborhood Watch: Vice Chair Hoe inquired and Lieutenant Nakamura responded that the Neighborhood Watch in the area is coordinated by the District 7 Community Policing Team. Sergeant Lipka recommended visiting under the community programs and District 7 page.

Board of Water Supply (BWS): Lorna Heller and Kathleen Pahinui reported the following:

General Water Announcements: BWS encourages residents to continue practicing water conservation during the summer and in light of the shut down of wells near Red Hill. Tips were provided to reduce water usage by 10%. More information can be found at

Detections: BWS has detected very low levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in the DH43 groundwater monitoring well in Moanalua Valley. PAHs are a class of chemicals that occur naturally amid coal, crude oil, and gasoline, when coal, oil, gas, wood, garbage, and tobacco are burned, or when meat and other foods are cooked at high temperatures. BWS has also detected total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) in the samples tested. The monitoring well is located 1500 feet South East of the Red Hill facility. Due to the very low levels, there are no changes at BWS at this time. BWS water remains safe to drink.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:

1. Water Conservation: Gardner promoted the use of sinks in toilets (used in Japan) that conserve more water.

2. Emergencies: Resident Calvin Hara asked and Pahinui responded that the BWS actively adjusts its emergency action plan.


Monster Home: Resident Cheryl Tamanaha reported a monster home being built at the corner of Monterey Drive and Pakahi Place. The address is either 3888 Monterey Drive or 4000 Pakahi Place. She requested City action to revoke the permit. She inquired how developers can submit permits for private residences and later convert them to AirBnBs. Vice Chair Hoe referred the issue to Councilmember Say. Resident Kaleo Nakoa asked and Tamanaha responded that the building has a foundation and the floor for the second floor has been constructed so far.

Driver Safety - Schools: Resident Tim Hosoda expressed concerns with drivers during drop off and pick up at the schools, requesting that drivers be patient and avoid driving haphazardly when they have to wait through traffic. Discussion followed regarding traffic around Liholiho Elementary School and an upcoming traffic study.


Kaimuki Business and Professional Association (KBPA): Calvin Hara of KBPA reported that they are enhancing their website, and promoted an upcoming Kaimuki Community Park clean up. He discussed the graffiti at Kaimuki Community Park, and requested that DPR allow volunteers to bring their own supplies and equipment to remove graffiti. Information regarding the Kaimuki Christmas Parade on Thursday, December 1, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. will be provided in the coming months.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed: Phone Booths: Gardner discussed sweeping out old phone booths that are out of commission, outdated, and covered in graffiti. Hara responded that these are privately owned and cannot be removed by the City or State.

Honolulu Bicycling League: Neighborhood Bike Leader, Eric McCutcheon reminded the community to participate in the Honolulu Century Ride. He thanked the candidates and supporters that did not signwave by streets to promote their campaigns. McCutcheon discussed Personal Electric Vehicles (PEV) and promoted a more car-free lifestyle with tips to follow in future meetings.

Queen Theater: Adoree Yu reported that they have finished clearing out the theater, conducted a walkthrough with Chair Waters, and have planned another walkthrough with Representative Jackson Sayama. The next steps include showing the space for prospective tenants and consulting with Collier. Matthew McKeever of Colliers discussed their work with the space.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:

1. Occupancy: Vice Chair Hoe asked and McKeever clarified the spaces that remain to be filled on the site.

2. Marquee: Aquilera inquired and Yu discussed ongoing discussions with Collier for improving the marquee and safety.

3. Museum: Gardner and Yu discussed dedicating a small space to act as a tribute to Kaimuki's history.

Diamond Head Theater: No representative was present; no report was given.

Kapiolani Community College: Carol Hoshiko gave a presentation on the Culinary Institute of the Pacific (CIP) at Diamond Head and discussed construction updates. Construction is currently in Phase 2, and details regarding the construction progress were provided. Construction is projected for completion in Fall 2023. Among images displayed were exterior/interior renderings of the future CIP Restaurant, Auditorium, and Innovation Center as well as project site photos.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed: Parking: Resident Anthony Caliano asked and Hoshiko responded that she will follow up on the number of parking spots available. McCutcheon asked and Hoshiko responded that alternate transportation parking spots will be provided.

3650 Waialae Avenue (Goodwill Building): Stephen Yuen and Eric Crispin gave a presentation and provided an update on construction. The project is on schedule for completion by Fall 2023 and construction progress was discussed. A traffic signal for the intersection of Waialae Avenue and Wilhelmina Rise will be installed, with work beginning soon and anticipated to take three (3) weeks for trenching across the intersection. More information can be found at Updates to the website were provided as well.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:

1. Awnings: Aquilera inquired into the installation of awnings over the street, and Crispin and Yuen discussed the current restrictions in the current land use ordinances. They concluded that these ordinances could be changed, but that their project would be complete by the time those ordinances would take effect.

2. Waialae Avenue and Wilhelmina Rise: Chair Yamada inquired and Crispin clarified that the intersection warrants the construction of traffic signals. A rendering of the intersection post-construction was displayed.

3. Parking: Gardner asked and Yuen clarified the location of the parking entrance.

State Department of Transportation (HDOT): Bryan Kimura reported that he would take back concerns regarding the speeding on Ekaha Avenue and H1, speeding concerns from 16th Avenue to H1 on Waialae Avenue, and a request to work with the City to find measures to slow down traffic.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:

1. Ekaha Avenue: Chair Yamada provided photos to provide better context on the issues of vehicles using the H1 off ramp near Ekaha Avenue.

2. Koko Head - Harding: Vice Chair Hoe inquired and Kimura responded that he would follow up on funding to address the lanes approaching the Koko Head and Harding Avenue intersection.


Mayor Rick Blangiardi's Representative - DIT Director Mark Wong distributed a newsletter ( and reported the following:

Rent and Utility Relief: The City and County of Honolulu is extending the Rent and Utility Relief Funding with another $30 million.

TheBus: TheBus will be running free for those with a Holo card for a few days and will be adding new routes for schools.

Monterey Drive and Pakahi Place: Director Wong discussed details regarding the size of the property and construction at Monterey Drive and Pakahi Place and would follow up with DPP.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed: Monterey Drive and Pakahi Place: Resident Tamahana asked and Director Wong responded that, according to the permit, it appears that it's a single family home being extended into a two family home. He concluded that the square footage does not appear to be in violation, but he would follow up regarding the additions.

City Council Chair Tommy Waters - Council Chair Tommy Waters reported the following:

Monster Homes: Regarding the monster homes on Sierra Drive and Koko Head Avenue, Council Chair Waters reported that a date for appeals for the pulled permits has not been set at this time. He discussed legislation he helped pass in the last few years that apply to these permits. He discussed the introduction of Bill 43, a three (3) strike bill that will prevent builders with three (3) notice of violations from applying for additional permits.

Queen Theater: Council Chair Waters discussed his walkthrough of Queen Theater.

PVE: Council Chair Waters discussed his support for PVEs, and entertained laws that would encourage electric bike ownership over moped ownership to help with noise mitigation.

Catalytic Converter Theft: Council Chair Waters is considering outlawing the recycling of catalytic converters to reduce incentives for catalytic converter theft.

Waialae Offramp: Council Chair Waters reported that he would work with DTS to improve signage along Waialae Avenue.

City and County of Honolulu Vacancies: Council Chair Waters introduced a bill to audit the HR department to better understand why there are 3000 vacancies in the City and County of Honolulu.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed: Monster Homes: Aquilera expressed appreciation for Council Chair Waters's efforts regarding monster homes. Resident DeBaryshe asked and Council Chair Waters responded that he would follow up on 3712 Sierra Drive.

Councilmember Calvin Say (City Council District 5): Councilmember Say distributed a newsletter and requested feedback from the Board and community.

Governor David Ige's Representative - No representative was present; no report was provided.

Senator Stanley Chang - Lynn Robinson-Onderko of Senator Chang's Office distributed a newsletter and reported the following:

988: Hawaii has adopted the 988 crisis line, a free mental health and substance abuse call center.

Mokolii Island: Hawaii is working with Asian-Americans for Community Action to promote the proper name of Mokolii Island and removing instances of its slur name.

Interns: Their office is seeking interns at this time.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed: Feminized Professions: Gardner expressed concerns with the crisis experienced by feminized professions such as nursing and teaching, and requested the State Legislature take action to shore up these professions, fund the A+ program to allow parents to return to their professions, and enshrine reproductive rights into the Hawaii State Constitution.

Senator Les Ihara, Jr.: Senator Ihara that the State Legislature will reconvene for special sessions later in August 2022 and September 2022 to confirm judges and for the regular session in January 2023. He requested feedback from the board and community.

Representative Bert Kobayashi: Representative Kobayashi distributed a newsletter and reported the following:

2022 Primary Election: Primary election turnout was approximately 39%, down 11% from last election.

State Financing: The States saw a general revenue fund increase by the end of the fiscal year of $2.1 billion. Representative Kobayashi reported that general revenue funds for July FY23 is up $41 million. Revenues for available rooms are up 26% and room rates are up 39%.

Representative Jackson Sayama: Representative Sayama reported the following:

Catalytic Converter Theft: that the City and County's Prosecuting Attorney's Office announced three (3) arrests under the new law for catalytic converter theft.

Bioeconomy Forum: Representative Sayama discussed the 8th Annual Bioeconomy Forum held at the State Capitol on Wednesday, August 17 and Thursday August 18, 2022.

Future Legislation: Representative Sayama is looking into legislation to: finance a feasibility study of the Queen Liliuokalani Elementary School property as a potential use for teacher housing; find solutions to the workforce shortages and the State and City; find a long term revenue solution to funding the A+ program.

United States Representative Ed Case: No representative was present; no report was given.


Kaimuki Neighborhood Board No. 4 Website: Chair Yamada shared a website hosting information relevant to Kaimuki and the Neighborhood Board:


Formation of Planning and Zoning Committee and Recommendations: DeMarco discussed their efforts to reach out to the Kaimuki Library and anticipate a September 2022 committee meeting. The facility fees would be $20.00 per session.

Discussion on forming Committees to address community issues: No volunteers came forward to lead a committee.

Discussion on having live or hybrid meetings in the future: Vice Chair Hoe reported that they are currently looking for a permanent location.

Discussion of purchasing T-Shirts for the Board Members for use in the KBPA Christmas Parade or for volunteer activities that are occuring in Kaimuk , for example Tree Well care and maintenance) Chair Yamada reported that they would have to look into where the funds for this purchase would come from. DeMarco expressed support for Board shirts and wearing them when performing community service projects.

Recess: Discussion followed regarding adding an item to confirm the Recess schedule to the next agenda.

Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes:

As minutes were not available, no action was taken.


Treasurer's Report - No report was available.

Members' Attendance at Other Meetings: No report was given.

Next Meeting: The next Kaimuki Neighborhood Board No. 4 Regular Meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, July 20, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. in person and / or Zoom Application.

ADJOURNMENT - The meeting was adjourned at 8:44 p.m.

Submitted by: Thomas Baldwin, Neighborhood Assistant

Final approval by: Lori Yamada, Chair

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